I was looking forward to Blade and Soul

Well I was looking forward to this, until my account got falsely flagged as a seller and banned. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty, thanks for the kick in the dick there NCSoft. I hope your support team doesn't take a week to figure out they fucked up and fix it.

 People complaining about bots, Blade and Soul Gold only way the game is bot free is if it goes buy to play, but then broke people would cry be cause it's buy to play, just be grateful it came out and don't be a cry baby. Black desert is buy to play and do you see any gold spammers or bots? i don't think so. Hey about the Valentine's event, why the quests stoped to give White Roses already? The event is supossed to finish tomorrow, even the Sets on the cash shop still there, Blade and Soul Buy Gold just the quests stoped to give the item...

 Yes the bots suck. Before you go in dungeon make a full party so they can't join yours. I make sure I have a full party before I go in and so far no bots have been added to my group yet.  WHy the hell did the trasnformation process change to needing soulstone????? Not like it's not expensive enough to transform now need soulstone for that and breakthrough!!! THat's fucked up! change it back or make more money drop from everything killed. Are you trying to screw up the game?? Things are already uneven as far as coin drop and resources needed to play. Stop being unrealistic and trying to force pwople to spend real money to play at an even lvl.

 Every regional version works like that after you get to a certain point, NA won´t be the exeption as they are just following steps and screwing up by allowing bots to take over, I believe by now Soulstone prices have been taken over by bots.. just like any other version.


Warlock a new class coming to Blade & Soul

The forums wont let me post there ether thus Y I came here!! This week we’re focusing on the Warlock, a new class coming to Blade & Soul on March 2. Just wait.. once it's out and people can't figure out how to PvP against it they will cry for nerf and your warlock class.. just once wish there was a game that didn't nerf every class people 'think' are OP. Yea all classes can be defeated if you know ur things. Blade and Soul Gold

Actually I think every class is OP. But it's easier to complain about something instead of asking if u are doing something wrong. Most ppl here loses in pvp and complains cuz they dont even bother to use counters, lol.

 I was honestly upset they nerfed summoner.. my car had 18k hp and was there for me to stand behind while I dps'd so I was honestly easy to kill if someone bothered to attack me instead of cat for once. That's exactly why they NEEDED to nerf Summoner. The cat was too strong and can kill anyone Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

The classes are slowly getting balanced, so youll just have to wait. I'm a better BM on CN than NA. Why? Because NA isnt balanced lol. Yes but that doesn't mean ncsoft won't nerf it again in na because of complaints. NA wont get nerfs just because peoplee cry about it. We're really only getting patches that Korea has recieved... And Lock has won Championships... straight shitting on FM in the finals.... Balance patches wont be coming.... Jump on the OP train or grab a box of tissues, because this class is as stupid as it gets in pvp....

Thx ncsoft for your new class; now, I'll have to start the game again with this class if I really want to win at least several duels...Btw for those who dont know you can sell around 8g on the currency exchange, get around 500 hongmoon coins and buy character slots. So stop crying about slots.  Please add a system to kick / vote kick players in party not just the offline one. Too many assholes just leeching and just wait for dungeon clear.


Blade Master is kinda underpowered at this point

I didn't knew about that, thanks! I will try that later. Would you look at that, all of a sudden it's '' OMG BEST GAME 4EVER'', While last week it was,''OMG tease and shitty people with no date realease everyyythiinG''.. hahahahaha you people are funny to watch xD.

People are so bipolar, I love this game either way even if it came like years late Blade and Soul Gold .  It's a great game. I've been saying it for a while. People always want to complain no matter what. Doshi Aethers Its not anime enough for you i guess. low level hunters, please don't forget does, lvl 45 hanging out on Jadestone just waiting for any lvl 10-20 fool to use one of the many PvP costumes.

i don't want role tank dps and healer all mmo have it its is boring i watching many Anime and i dont see role in any. All these people are scared of warlock yet only one guy made it to the championship he just happen to win. I'm 100% a lot of people are going to be super disappointed. I want the Warlock because it`s my favorite class cheap Blade & Soul Gold . I will play with him even if the class become the worst class in the game... but yeah, it`s really funny to see people crying about the class.

All the more reason a lot of people are going to be disappointed..  I'm playing it for visuals etc why i wanna main it not cause it was OP nor cause right now its one of the worse pvp classes. And that's a great reason. I main summomer cause they are cute as hell and I love cats. I main lbm for now waiting for warlock just cause well..

BM is kinda underpowered at this point. I don't think so. To me blade and soul has been the most balance game I've played so far. But I think what people are seeing as op are the difficulty of the classes and its learning curve. Cause yes other classes are easier to learn then others but that doesn't make them op.


Korean game - Blade and Soul

It's not that I don't know about the content being not new, I'm Korean and I've known about this game and its contents for a long time as I can read and experience them myself straight from original versions tongue emoticon You're the one not knowing what I'm talking about here. We're talking about them rushing to bring the contents before handling their own servers better. You may not experience the lag like many others do but Blade and Soul Gold don't tell me you haven't experienced any server crashes. If you haven't, then you're just lucky that you weren't online to play when those crashes happen.

It's not new for MMO to have their server crash once in awhile but it's only been a month and there have been numerous cases of this for NA/EU servers since the headstart/launch. But rather than trying to come up with solutions for constant crashes or many bugs that exist, they're releasing content updates TWICE in just 2 months, and for the 2nd update which is supposed to be for lv 50 content but no we're getting them in weird mixed order now.

Anyone who's played MMOs for a long time knows that rushing contents too fast isn't that great. I'm not saying they need to come at like a year later, Buy Blade and Soul Gold but just not 2 updates in just 2 months when they can spend the time in between contents to fix some bugs and do better management.

I don't have any complains about the game or the developers, but instead have some for the management that's handling it for our regions. So go on your way if you don't know what the point of the argument is here.


Blade and Soul gender balance

Amy Longfield Actually, they are there for the male gaze. It makes the male player feel desired. Those aren't really people, they are objects. Sun Albiach Pretty sure he saw exactly what was in front of his eyes. A feminazi, then he called it out.

What bothers me most is that Blade and Soul Gold the male costume is just a recolor of the White Rosette. XD
I was hoping they'd have something sexy like the nurse dress for men that Korea has.

And yeah, sadly, this game just like Tera has extreme favoritism towards female characters(in a way, it's favor towards their male players since it's always sexy clothing and not really stuff real females would want to wear xD).

Something I noticed actually, is that games like this and Tera, which have this really greedy "sex sells"-feel end up as the most sexist games, while games which have less sexism and more gender equality/balance like FFXIV and Guild Wars 2 seem a LOT less greedy(less manipulative marketing for example) Blade and Soul Gold . I don't know if this is just coincidence or not.

Guys are you seriously trying to reason with a feminazi? C'mon don't feed the troll please.... It's called fantasy for a reason. It was created by men who enjoy such things for men who enjoy such things. If it aint your demographic, then find some entertainment that's tailor made for you. You don't see us bitching about the unrealistic depictions of men in female geared fantasies.Stewart Butler There is never an excuse for sexism. If you aren't trying to "bitch about" unrealistic depictions of men, you should. Actually, I do complain about it too. You know, despite the (inaccurate) common belief, feminism helps men too.


Blade and Soul Crafting is unbalanced

I was playing the game for a while now, got to LV28, love the game and the design of it the only thing that is rubbing me the wrong way is that the wardrobe/ outfits locker is only for premium players (( pay cash )), I mean OK i get extra inventory or bank space, multiple char slots or special outfits but COME ON Blade and Soul Gold, I want to put the old uniforms I have in safe keeping, not hold space in my bank for no reason
That and the crafting is unbalanced, 3 out of 6 professions actually matter and you have to keep bugging other people or make a alt to get a profession to work.I played a bunch of MMO's and the crafting in this game is just flat out weird.

So yea in short Crafting is unbalanced and Wardrobe space should be for all.While still selling swimsuits or school uniform outfits for cash,,,, HELL weapon skins to cheap Blade & Soul Gold make a axe look like a giant loli pop.

 All crafts matter, because without them you won't be able to craft better stuff from the clan.  I really don't want to bitch about it but I have to, for the last 4 days I have being unable to start the game, can you guys please fix this game?, I mean, I really like the game, I want it to succeed, but I can't play.

 Hey guys, the game needs attention. The bug report forum is filling up fast. This does not bode well for the game. The game is good and shows great promise, but without the support it is pointless. Please give the bug report forum attention then fix the game problems, or it is a waste of everyone's time.


Soul Warden in BnS

If you want EXP, look what takes the less time possible with the best EXP possible.  The time is too high for the crafted product. Do you know what a viridian pickaxe is? Every forum I visited so far says "go for Merry Potters/ Soul Warden". Essentially 5 out of the 7 guilds are 95% useless end game.

Neat. I'd still like to be able to Blade and Soul Gold use faction chat without having to block 50 gold spammers in the first 20 minutes, then not having any way to block more because those 50 are still active. The Jiwan server is infested with those bastards, cheap Blade & Soul Gold making it impossible to chat with the community. I'm sure every server is like that.

Empty your list and start over every 2 days. Otherwise join a guild and forget faction chat. Giovanni D. Martello my list is completely filled within an hour of playing, and when i empty my list i discover that the majority of the bots i blocked are still there, so there's really no point. And i did, basically all i can use is my clan chat. But what's the point of having a faction chat if it's so overrun with spammers that you can't use it? It's a big issue, and i'd like to be able to interact with the community.

 I don't have a problem with them on Jiwan. Usually I have to block a good 10-15 but after that I'm good. It might depend on the time of day, i dunno. I'm normally on during high traffic hours. I haven't even attempted it since last week and got fed up with it after filling my block list in 20 minutes. I just turned off faction chat.


Blade and Soul animation

What did you guys do on last maintenance? I noticed after that, been so laggy and lot dc... I can't skill and my jump animation keeps repeating, next thing I see my char is dead. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Ughh so many deaths after that maintenance.

 Are there known crashing issues with the new Nvidia update? My games been crashing way more than usual. (Running a Gefore 980, doesn't seem to be an issue on the hardware end) . use the old known better. the new one always make nvidia stop responding.I'm running 980Ti and rolled back driver to 361.43. Not helping, still crashes after 10-15 minutes.. I have the same issue since yesterday when I updated the game... Great weekend again.

Is the game currently down or is my game corrupt? it's stuck on the loading part where the camera is moving around right after i've put my pin code in. Can anyone help me? My marketplace does not seem to work, it says "It's temporarily unavailable, please come back later." I've tried all known ways to fix it, but none has...

 Try relogging BNS Gold. I had to do that once. (I also had to reload market after restart to get it to work). I'm sorry but.... Am I a dumb ass and missing something...
Or why hell do I have to verify my IP and E-mail EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to play the game, Ok I get it There is a 6 digit code for security, but not even Tera Online was such a pain to start the game as this