NPC related adjustment & Optimization in Aion 4.9

Dear Aion player:
4.9 the abyss storm "will be formally launched on September 23, the new version of the storm initiation, Lord of the abyss, advanced metamorphosis, burnish is optimized, return to buy Aion Kinah the brigade and artifact was born as the main line lead us appreciate Bisi storm changes, feel base battle and passion fortress warfare pvpve blood warpath.
The new version of the "abyss of the storm," detailed update document is as follows, please refer to. (part of the update is not updated in the final official version)
The upper 1 Bisi underground fortress, moved to the lower part, and reopened as a secret warehouse
- no need to consider the status of the fortress occupied, can not occupy and occupation of race and other conditions, as long as the role of more than 40 can be entered at the specified date
- each secret warehouse begins at 9 a.m. on a specified date, which lasts for 1 days.
2 the distribution of the monster and the contents of the reward of the treasure box have been changed
The 3 part of the battlefield type of copy of the admission time will be changed
The upper 4 Bisi will not continue to use the special copy of the Legion
5 fixes the character of the guardian tower, warriors in the text of the tower of the players occasionally can not reach the normal rise in the air flow problem
6 repair jormungandr bridge finally BOSS can kill many problems
7 in the upper central Fortress - Bisi Ailai Xiuqika as the center of all the monster's level, battle mode configuration changes
8 mu CD Bruner profit time from once a day to change once a week
Fortress war
1 the fortified effect of the race in the fortress war is greatly enhanced by the less than the number of the fort.
2. Bisi upper region of the "ancient city Lou Aion Gold, Astor Leah fortress" will be destroyed the deep 'Divine Fortress' is sealed, so the fortress warfare will not happen again
3 adjust the upper Bisi croatan La Milan Fort De Chi Chase award success Leader Award
NPC related adjustment & Optimization

1 new BOSS will appear in the upper Bisi blame
- on the stage between 11 a.m. and 1 a.m..
2 of the upper Fort located around the Bisi crystal sword operation, there will be a guardian spirit monster appears
3, on the lower part of the large invasion Bisi monster, will debut in different ways
- the monster in the top of the one or two, three or four, 10 points, 6 points in the evening
- the lower part of the monster will appear in the specific area of the specified date in the evening between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.
4 originally appeared in the upper part of the deep Bisi, BOSS will debut in the lower part of the blame,
The entity level 5 and lower fort and related entities Bisi will become 50
6 in the upper can increase the exchange Bisi gold medal NPC
A 7 increase in the instant mobile stone moved to the area to Yisixiaer Inferno
The 8 is located in the upper part of the production operation Bisi NPC will move to the lower part of the ancient Bisi


Seekers Contest

(NA) Presenting the Cartographers and Seekers Contest Cheap FFXIV Gil ! It's time to put your treasure hunting to the test!Hey Final FINAL FANTASY XIV, how about you announce the winners of the Ishgard contest first, because there's NO information on it anymore.  But their will only be one winner just like the haircut contest......  Bahhh only NA, why no worldwide? Due to regional laws and what not, its why China dosnt have the GS. "To be eligible to receive a prize, each Contest Winner must follow the instructions contained Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils in the Notification Package and respond with the information or documents requested prior to the date specified in the Notification Package. Such requested information may be necessary for purposes of filing a 1099 form with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service"-
SE wants you to report your "winnings" of a virtual item to the IRS. , Which is kind of odd after repeatedly claiming it has no value.Thought this was great then read the T&C's.... Only US/Canada. Probz should put that in the initial description so the rest of us dnt get our hopes up . We're going live with DUTY COMMENCED, the Community Team's live show, in 15 minutes! We'll be talking Patch 3.1, lore, showing videos and screens and doing giveaways! Join us on Twitch! 
Finally some more 3.1 news. I wish I could but I am working! frown emoticon Poo!  I'm seriously bored with the game, I do 2 pvps and log out. Not being able to DF the newer content for extreme modes killed the game for me. I've cancelled my subscription today ??. The new hard content SHOULDNT be in dungeon finder. Hence why it's difficult and shouldn't be cleared with ease or luck. You just wanna be carried. Move on, nobody cares if somebody unsubscribes. The game is doing just fine without you. Also, the newest extreme/raid content has never been DF. Like, ever.  Should never DF hard content. Just unsubscribe if you can't appreciate the challenge and *gasp* having to actually interact with people..  Agreed with what all people said about the DF hard content. 99% of the time you would end up with people whoo can't do it anyway. 


Shugo Emporer's Vault

 I heard this is the update that ragnakar gets banned. Changes -
Routine server updates and modifications.
Shugo Emporer's Vault will return cheap Aion Kinah.
Double GP reduction issue will be resolved. I would love if u guys could make proc rate for crafting items better next patch. Im here since 2.5, and this never gets better. The mechanic makes almost impossible for us to craft a mystic weapon without spending Billions. Is it fair to be that expensive? Yes coz if not everyone would craft it, but pls this is almost insane. The number of fails u get even trying to proc on manastones is ridiculus. 1/10?! Com'n guys make it better next path 1/5 would be good enough. I just hope that this time around the loot will be class based, last time I ended up with the melee wings on my casters and the caster wings on my melee...

Ideally, it would be to balance the groups in server instances. The scheme seems pretty simple on the base. We all know that a group needs a healer (dps or not, he must be able to adapt) Aion Gold. But when facing 6 army star of the opposite faction with cleric, and we rank 6 without cleric ... I let you imagine the morale. Finally it looks like a random draw for the usually easy victory in a faction, a premade, almost obligatory making it the afk.

For gold spammers, it would create a channel specially dedicated to friends listed only. It is impossible to see messages from friends in this brouhaha. Exemple: Today, Engulfed Ophidan Bridge. Hope GM's will destroy augmenting of ap sets and just change it to conditioning... any idea how much longer until servers are back up? The scheduled maintenance is due to be half an hour longer than is usual today. Try again in thirty minutes. For this weekend only, Special Courier Passes are in the store. Use the passes to move equipment via mail. We needed abyss couriers, considering the chances to get them from lock boxes is retarded.. In what way is couriers pay to win? In fact tell me what other way you can get those couriers without paying NCcoin? didnt we have one like...2 weeks ago? Cheesecake and her Husband are ready for their next convention with their Aion cosplay!


ffxiv Facebook comment choices

I hope you guys put in the runner ups too. all of them look like people who draw manga did them all... I'm irked mostly because the female style just looks like a recycled Lightning hairstyle coupled with a flower band FFXIV Gil. However, I didn't enter so I suppose I shouldn't have qualms. I'll stick with my bob. Man... I was really hoping for a man hairstyle... Like..... Seriously the only people i see likeing the new male hairstyle is teenage girls... Thanks one direction and other boy bands... The number 8 female was perfect frown emoticon.  i don't mean the be rude but those hairstyles... urgh, there was soo many better ones. i dont need that male hair implemented thank you very much. This is an invitation to join the open fantasy themed text adventure group! Here your own adventure is created using your comments. But we can't start without members so why not join in? The address  Alternatively, you can join another fantasy text adventure group made especially to combat against Tumblr. The actions of your Facebook comment choices will directly affect the Tumblr story and vice versa in one great adventure. However, this group is requires my confirmation to join to deter cheaters so if you wish to join just tell me and I will add you. So...do you wish to join us adventurer?

Pretty upset the braided hairstyle wasnt counted as a win, even though it had more votes. They stated in the contest rules that only the last vote cast by each person would be counted. I have not seen one person be happy with the decisions yet lol. The male hair style is a massive disappointment. Utterly bland and uninspired. It looks like a default npc style Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil . Sigh...oh well guess it's not taking anything away from the game, but still would have been nice to get something unique. Lmao pretty much what I said that style is already in the fucking game same as the females... What a pointless contest.

It seems to me that the female Au Ra would have a clipping issue since their horns are quite close to their head. That flower would clip with them. I like this hair style much more. The issue I have if they only implement one is that EVERYONE is going to want to use it (Of course those who dislike it wont). Least if they add the 1st runner up to we'll have some variety.


complaint about aion developer

the developers in Japan are never going to see this comment posted on the English fan page. The developers in Japan very much see what English people write probably not on a Facebook page but on reddit and their forums very much so.  Given what is on Reddit and their primary forums I don't think they care. These are simple things that could implement Aion Kinah buuuuut they won't. It felt good to rant though. Just sounds like you are too lazy to live with those things.

^It's not laziness it's streamlining features and sensible adjustments that would make otherwise simple tasks less tedious. Most people, somewhere around 98%, would rather spend more time enjoying a game versus fighting with clunky mechanics, unnecessary limitations, and annoying distractions - Gil spammers. There is a universal benefit to all of these changes so if they ever go into effect, while you are generally what I view as an asshat in real life - and more than likely the game - you can spend more time being an asshat enjoying a game in real life and being an asshat in game. You are welcome. Now in the future, shut up when grown folks are talking. Yeah all i heard was "I'm too fuckin lazy"

please scroll up and see the reply to Martin because it also applies to you.  They need to add an armory chest for crafter/gatherer, would help make some space the c doesn't prove nothing imo, most female characters are boys anyway. The Gender Distribution doesn't pretend to prove anything beyond the Gender Distribution of created characters buy Aion Gold.Sometimes a window is just a window. I thought it was going off of accounts, not characters.

Thus the term MMORPG = Many Man Online Role Play as Girl. It doesn't prove "anything" if the only thing you're looking to prove is the real-life genders of the players. It actually says a lot about what in-game gender is preferred by players in different regions. I found it pretty interesting how different it was between the US and EU. Even if we make the (false) assumption that only men play this game, the graph still tells you that more men in the US play as male characters than female ones, and it's the opposite in Europe.


Escape Reality, Live the Fantasy

If you don't enjoy the game, don't play the game. The most important part of it is the story. If you don't like that, stop subbing and play something else. You can skip most if not all the cutscenes, and I agree with Cass Frederickson if you don't enjoy it don't play it. I payed for it so i will either like the game or get my enjoyment from from tormenting the people that wrote it. duty finder says 11 min it has been 45 just one more thing that sucks about this game  FFXIV gil .

I want a tote bag in every color x2 now! I saw cactar lottery and for a second thought we were getting a gold saucer update. You need to be shipping your online store stuff to australia. Cause i would live to buy it. When are we getting info on the upcoming Patch. I'm eager to continue the main story.  Wow! Those soundtracks are EXPENSIVE! They are Bluray discs buy FFXIV gil 

 FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Benchmark
Score: 7777 Extremely High
1920x1080 High (Laptop) DirectX9 Full Screen
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

A new Developers’ Blog entry was posted! Read “Escape Reality, Live the Fantasy" to explore a special part of the in-game event, The Rising! Where's Koji's desk or is it to full of lore books? The Rising event was amazing...thank you!  Lol let me get that SMN horn! Hey. BLM needs a few fixes. Crafting needs to be fixed.

But nevermind that. Here's some asshole sitting at a desk. Vocal minority are the loudest, and the most annoying:( Yea, if the majority of crafters and BLM mains say something's broken, just ignore them because they're a minority. Yes, they should spend every waking moment laboring over this game. I play BLM as my main and the only thing I'd like to see is maybe 3 seconds added to the fire and ice buff duration. I simply love how the blm plays. Git Gud wink表情符 instead of pure Fix this and that you idiots, how about you write them some proper constructed feedback that they can actually use?


Why are Madrid fans so hostile

 Alaba is a beast if anything they should be equal I don't think either one is better than the other. But jordi won a lot of silver last season if he gets a lower rating it's stupid. Stfu Marcelo is better than Alba. Just because MSN carried barca doesn't mean all the players are great.

For example dani alves made some defensive mistakes FIFA 16 coins that cost barca some matches and pique made some mistakes in the first half of the season. dear Brian Ramirez dani alves is best right back and you complaing about barca defence we are having most number of clean sheets and also less goals conceeded than your so called best dfnders now say and jordi alba you watch barca games first i agree marcello is pure talent but alba is alba.

I'm judging Alba by his past season FIFA 16 PC Coins . And you can't deny that his season was way better than Marcelo's season and better also than Alaba's season. Lol Alaba is a far superior in every aspect save for maybe pace. Positioning, vision, tackling, crossin, passing all outclass alba who is basically just there to use his acceleration. Terry sucks. He needs to go to the mls with his buddy Lame pard. I'm not complaining about barca's defense if you weren't such an ignorant fan you would agree that alves made some mistakes like in the malaga game and pique's mistake vs sevilla which cost them two points and his handball against real madrid. Why are Madrid fans so hostile? It's a shame really I'm cule and there's some players I like a lot from Madrid's rosters. Marcelo is quality when it comes to attacking but Lacks defending and pace. Nevertheless any team would love him in their team. I prefer Alba but it's only my personal preference.

You clearly don't watch football mate . Terry had an incredible season and played every single second. And Alaba > Alba any day.  Fifa ratings are based on real life mate not how much you like them in fifa. Terry was easily one of the best defenders last year, alba didn't contribute as much to Barca as Alaba did Bayern. apparently,Alaba is better than Alba,wake up,Barce fans. Alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba Alaba Alaba alaba Alba alba.