unacceptable for paying customers

I see in the account the option add ps4 lincense. The free upgrade period ended March 31, 2015, so you'll have to buy it. The free upgrade period ended March 31, 2015, so you'll have to buy it buy FFXIV Gil. Have only tried keyboard but I'm sure mouse can as well! the HUD UI will shift from controller to PC settings. cool. gonna give it a shot. i respect giving the option to use controller, but, in my opinion, mmo's need mouse/controller. Also, if you're interested we have a PS4 exclusive FC on Marlboro with 155 members.  i'll look into it once it's done downloading. thanks! I run a Paladin so I can definitely use a controller to my leisure. But once I make an Astrologian I'll go mouse and keyboard.

I preordered the the very first day we could. As of today, I have never been charged and the game never shipped. In fact, my SE Store account no longer shows my order. I emailed and was told my order was buy FFXIV Gil cancelled because my billing info was wrong. That is BS! I have spent hundreds on your merchandise thru the store! Why was I not notified to fix the supposed billing error? My physical copy is still in the mail..

You do have to work on customer service! Been trying for 2 days to get a chat/phone call in. I have to work so I can't wait 24/7. This is unacceptable for paying customers. All sorted thanks for the guide.  No codes here yet either, though we pre ordered month ago and have had early access.


Omg Scholar

I don't mind waiting in Queue to get on the game, but boot me off, and then push my spot 30 ppl back? that's kinda rough for a welcome back to the game... If u wanna bitch bout server lag why u get early access buy FFXIV Gil in 1st place ? If u bitch bout support why u even play this game still ^^' if u dont like something dont do it its not like someone force u to play it or buy it ^^' or even pay mothly fee smile.so small advice grow up o/. Keep getting, " The lobby server connection has encountered an error" 2002. What is the problem???? I dont care what ppl gonna say expansion is great even tho its laggy its not as bad as in 2.0 huge improvement and not many companys does that, so thanks SEnix for one of the best games ive played in my entire life.

Is this where we start buy FFXIV Gil talking about reimbursement or not yet? Because that's my favorite part. Nice, i really cant wait to play this.. Have to wait for 2days. That almost looks as cool as the original Rain of Death. Not quite, though. First I lose a whole day cause of shitty maintenance now I can't log on. Paying $15 a month for this. That picture is your lvl 3 LB. Omg..Scholar has its own ;-; omg and bards is something cool! Any plans to make less human looking races in the future? Seems like they're all just slightly different body types with attachments. Never played the game before, what is the best starting class that's good for me and helpful to other team mates so I can do good in dungeons. Only type of dungeon game i have played is NeverWinter.

Gee sure wish i could log in to play the beta. Haha not like I've been trying all day ^.^ thanks square enix for fucking over paid members. You should have been prepared for this and added more room with the patch...


DFO Ranked PvP

I believe at this time, we are still on the 'Fair Arena' PvP Season. I don't expect us to have Ranked PvP until we get whatever Arena Season this patch is in.. Dean, I don't know what gave you the impression that I actually enjoy League cheap DFO Gold. I don't. But you cannot deny the fact that League has the most popular streaming community right now. Hundreds of thousands of people watch it every day. I only brought up the comparison because of this, and if we want to even be able to HOPE to match this, we need our own system of Ranked PVP, which already DOES exist in other versions. Having a decent streaming community will do nothing but help this game succeed.

Plus, this game just has an awesome Ranked PVP system. I much prefer queueing up for a battle than having to try to find a room in Practice Arena currently.

Ranked Pvp will happen in time. Everything has its time and place. Just wait. Can't wait for ranked to come along, so excited to fight my way to get my ex-Fair arena weapons back (Gonna take a long time though...haha).  still they are focusing to much one group of people, even pve servers starting to get empty people are losing interest, pvp was huge when nexon was running before, i knew tons of people that barely did pve, they enjoyed facing people instead beating on monsters. Just to be sure, to get the $5...both need to be fulfilled? As in need a character to be level 85 buy DFO gold and the shares be more than 10,000, or is it you can get $5 for each event completed?  It's a set of one.
For more strategies of Dungeon Fighter Online, just keep an eye on my update!
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new dragoon armor in FFXIV Heavensward

I can not wait to get the new dragoon armor. And my first Tank any tips? War looks like it's casting Barrier from ff7. Pretty particle effects are nice but how they function is more important . someone's doing kamehameha cheap FFXIV Gil. Are we able to use our codes for early access yet ? When i type in into validate on mog station it isn't working ?\ Does anyone know what classes youll need for the new jobs? Im really interested in the dark knight. Will dragoons still die as much as in realm reborn xD.

 None. You'll be able to just grab the class and level it up. We need some primals on savage mode. I would kill for Titan savage. Does the Square Enix Customer Support Center even exist? It's been 17 days and i still havent gotten a human response. Look I get the Kamehameha Skill for my monk lolLook buy FFXIV Gil . I get the Kamehameha Skill for my monk lol.

Still nothing that looks nearly as good as 1.2x's Chaos Thrust or Rain of Death... Where is Bard?? I wanna know what Bard's new LB is!   I dont want it to be damage, that would be silly. Either a party-wide buff or enemy debuff would be nice though.

I am kind of hoping for something similar to what Jantel did in the last bard job quest. Almost doubles HP and MP. Just wait 11 days and use it to see what it does. I like the idea of a limit break buff, like a massive heal over time and stat boost. Already confirmed they are changing Bards limit break to a dps type. Hey guys! I will be willing to overnight with ANYONE who can play this game "YOU IDIOT ! " and GET 150 POINTS!!! That will be a wonderful night! 


DFO quest guide

Anthony Anthonito Jefferson the mileage was reset, they said it.

Richard Schultz I'm not whining. I'm just wondering what happened and when we can play.  Look like Neople fixing lost items, rerolling things, we come back tomorrow and its beautiful outside and enjoy while it lasts DFO gold  ...  it's taking a bit longer than I expected... Making sure all your updates are working is important, I look forward to playing again once everything is stabilized.

 I hope we will got something in return tongue emoticon.  It's not going to be opened to all  cheap dfo gold levels. Lower levels have increased drop rates, and equipment drops are no longer random, as they're boxes in which you choose what you want. Kevin It's to prevent a large amount of bots from overloading the AH with bloated prices.

If you can't even deal with something as trivial as that, then nobody even\ wants you here in the first place.  equips for pre-30s drop like flies though, theres even a whole quest chain that gets you geared up. Furthermore it only takes 2-3 days to get to lvl 30 anyways if u follow the quests o_O. One, noob doesn't fit here. Two, yeah 2-3 days probably not much for you however, for someone who works 6 days a week. Good luck. No actually I don't. I don't have time like that. Like I said, I work 6 days a week,  It... doesn't take that long to hit level 30, though. If you have at least an hour of free time to play a game, that'd be in two days at the very least.

If you really can't dedicate the time for DFO because of work, then I'd say this game isn't for you. Level 30 is a small goal ,if you can't handle that you won't enjoy it for very long.


FFXIV itself is not hard but quite juice

FFXIV is hard to play, your maps are almost uselss cheap FFXIV Gil, your instructions make no sense, there is no chat to even ask people anything. you say to just put a new weapon in your hand and play a differnet class, but i just wasted a ton on a weapon my level that it would not let me equipt then when i sold it back, after paying over 500 for it, it refunds 11.. getting real sick of just running in circles.. the graphics are great. i played ff11 for a couple years, 10 years of wow, i played RIFT which it looks like you bought your engine from. i did not like rift, maybe my love for ff11 is not enough to get past this? im in my 14 day trial and ready to go back to wow, and wow sucks to high heaven now.

FFXIV itself is not hard, just your idea of instructions and stupid things like, go to an area, open up this tab, not that tab, then hit inijutive. and every couple seconds we will pop open an instruction window in the middle of battle stupid.. the writers have failed buy FFXIV Gil. Actually it's called the learning curve you experience in every new game.. In order to equip a weapon you must first unlock the class why joining the corresponding guild. Then you will be given class quests to assist you in learning the class and unlocking new abilities. As far as maps goes, you can zoom in and out on the map for more or less detail. Also, a lot of stuff on the map ate actual links to other maps and features. For instance, clicking the name of an a joining area will open that areas map. Also, clicking a lodestone on the map will prompt the teleport screen instead of having to navigate menus and search for the right place by name. Hope that helps a little. Welcome to the best MMO ever made!

Didn't your parents teach you to overcome obstacles and adapt to your environment?  i see why they removed chat. after blocking the guy that just started to shave for calling me a child, im a senior citizen. no chat lol. ohh you must mean the 2 week free trial lol the chat is disabled for 1 reason and the weapons actualy have a level requirement on them if you look also buying weapons and armor to level up is pointless because you end up replaceing them in no time. you are just playing the game completely wrong. if you played 10 years of wow you should know weapons have the required level on them and you never ever buy weapons whilst leveling up which is what it is like in ff14.

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heavensward has been available on PS3

I admit i did a double take earlier but nope.  heavensward has been available on PS3 since launch. Check it my friend plays on the ps3 and she can pre order it. future andwahs future glamwah. Better brace myself for every single female character wearing that blasted dancer attire... Today I showed it to guys Karim & Ko they had a good time cheap FFXIV Gil seeing those... xD parece roupinha de dancerrrrrrrr!!! Ugh stop with the cute outfits I haven't had money to buy a card for months. I miss it.  Literally everybody will have it glamoured.  I want it. But I'll wait for it buy FFXIV Gil. .i think something's lost in translation if anybody thinks that's a swimsuit... Women should get a hat with a veil option too! PSN CE download, got it, thanks! you dont get these from the psn Collectors edition off heavensward. Well, friend of mine will be pleased. Male veil looks like part of the blue mage AF from "back home".

I hope this isnt some ilv999 item i'll have tô work like hell to get. no it will be some ilvl1 item that you will have to work like hell to get the gil to buy it off the marketboards because crafters are stinggy to sell it at reasonable prices, to get. here come the glams. I don't think I could bring myself to use this stuff, it's just too camp. The dress is so cute though. I guess, but I'll keep playing male. rofl.

I guess, but I'll keep playing male. rofl. Yeah but it really all looks better on the females. It may be a matter of opinion, but opinion presents contrast to that end. I just want something else by now. What? Looks amazing on the male characters! You kidding!? I'd love for my female character to be able to wear the male version too! (also, hoping that the skirt part of the female one is part of the top so that we can have varied legwear options)

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