We want RS in 2011 actually. We dont want Classic Runescape that was the start of RS, in 99.

Why should i? Fix up on your game first then come and message me through Facebook when everything is fixed then i will think about playing your game. I want old Rs rs3 sucks. U will probly lose a 5 yr member very very soon. ey Phil today i took on the demon flash mob boss by buy runescape accounts my self and i had to run to bank 3x but i got his health to 75k, just one more bank run and i would of killed him.. he was at seers' village by the yew trees, i need one more or even 2 more ppl and yea it was fun as hell!!! ty guyz for making that boss in the future i think i might be the one that first solo him and killed him. Runescape accounts selling ty

runescape was so much better befor eoc i dnt mind the new system but its taking me 12 hrs to figure all of it out. i also heard 20k ppl quit rs and its bs i lost alot of friends in my clan that will never play again....u guys should think about that...... I'm liking this RS3. A black screen with a loading % on the top left is way better than EOC! HTML5 is still in beta.. this is Java NIS. Quit for the second time... That in itself makes me think you're Runescape accounts for sale probably not going to.

I have played RS for around 8 years now and after seeing today's update RS3....I am quitting!!!!! It is NOT the type of game I want to play....put it back you morons, you have ruined it for most all of us!! Why DOES HTML5 HAVE TO RUN OFF OF JAVA?!?!?!? THE POINT OF HTML5 IS TO GET BETTER LOOKING AND BETTER PERFORMANCE BY ELIMINATING JAVA!!!


Monsters Can't Escape Me Anywhere

Name: Monsters Can't Escape Me Anywhere
Description: Defeat one monster in the dungeon that is assigned to you as a slayer assignment. sell runescape accounts
Levels required to complete: N/A
Other content required (if known): N/A

That's all the random things I can think of so far.

asy task
Name: Tier up
Description: Upgrade any tier of your ring to tier 2 (or 5?)
Levels required to complete: N/A
Other content required (if known): Tokens rs accounts for sale
Elite task
Name: Many eyes
Description: Kill a Soulgazer
Levels required to complete: 99 slayer and 59 Dungeon
Other content required (if known): X
Hard task (or medium?)
Name: Implings attack
Description: catch any impling in Al Kharid resource dungeon
Levels required to complete: 75 Dungeoneering. Hunter pevel


I used 18 minutes to complete runescape Bacon Quest

Excuse me, I'll prepare a concerto for you on the world's smallest violin. Or would you prefer the entire tiny orchestra? It's not supposed to be the best familiar in the game, it comes from a level 14 quest. And the items are so easy to get. lol... And it's gold charm summon.  It's not only the beast of burden that suck's. All of them has a 18 minute timer, even those at level 44 and 84. They had a great opportunity to fill the gap for a BoB with 24 inventory space at level ~80-84, yet they fail us with a DIY bad copy of a tortoise. The War pig and Prayer restoration pigs are as bad as the BoB one. Look on the forums, I'm not the only one "wanting an orchestra". Plus, you need level 44/84 construction, crafting and summoning to access to buy runescape accounts the "better" version of the pigs.  84 construction and crafting for crap upgrades that aren't even worth it. This "upgradable" content is dead on release.  jagex i beg for some bacon!

being 99 summoning, i don't care about tortoises in general, but the prayer restoration pig interests me even with my power. i can summon ghasts but i don't because it's robbery, it's very nice to have a realistic alternative! For all those asking, requirements are: Member, 14 summoning, Runescape accounts sell crafting, construction. the only thing I needed in RS; BACON!  Wow runescape really grasping at straws after destroying the game huh. That expression on the pig's face, haha  There should be a Runescape Updates NUKE !   This isn't relevant... But... Fire Giants... They're not aggressive any more?!?!?!?!

I won't be doing the quest anytime soon, but when I do. I shall make pork of it! I'll have a bacon of a time


the campfire is okay for me

Nevermind, seems I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, this indeed is the forum. and I've found the answer thread -_-

Hello on which forum can we find the topic with the answers to this latest around the campfire?

You finally tell us where we can find the answers to this Q&A. yay. I believe this would do much better as a video though sell runescape accounts, like the live ones you've done. but if doesn't need to be live.

First on page 7! lucky number!

I was wondering about new website features, most of which are forum related

1.) When you click on the forum button on the homepage it displays a preset list of forum categories. Will we be able to customize it to what forum topics we want displayed? Examples being future updates buy runescape accounts, new content suggestions, ect?

2.) Will we be able to organize or edit our forum profile? I would want to be able to find my threads easier to bump them, and for forumers visiting my profile to see what other threads I might have made/ commented on. There are topics that are locked, but I can't remove them from my profile. Could these be deleted in the future?

CodeMasters has been known to produce quite sell rs accounts   a few flops over the last decade including Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, Bodycount, Jericho. Perhaps you can turn this company around like Flashpoint or Treasure Island Dizzy. All you have to do is end the Squeal of Fortune, and get the team focused on patching known flaws in coding errors leading to server crashes, server lag, random black screens, and the client closing during certain actions performed with game interfaces.

Producing a functional Botany Bay, Bot Watch, Bot Nuke, Optimus - can wait. First and foremost the game should work as intended.


I even bought a 1500 laptop to celebrate Rs3

Weary of HTML5's readiness, but the graphical fidelity and framerate is enough for me with Java client on max settings, so I can't complain too much.Most of us use Opera or Firefox, but I'm pretty sure that when Jagex made RS3 playable only on Google Chrome, around 200,000 or more players  accounts for sale runescape downloaded it just because they wanted to try RS3.

Jagex, I don't care how much Google paid you to make RS3 available only on their browser, but I want to play RS3 on Firefox, and stop lying that other browsers do not support it or something like that. Wooo! Congratulations on all your hard work Jagex! HTML 5 is a growing platform that has not yet been integrated effectively into every browser, though several are currently working on it. We encourage you to use Google Chrome at the moment buy rs accounts as we know it works on that browser but once the other browsers have full HTML 5 integration you'll be able to use them too.

I'm super excited and looking forward to Rs3 and all the lore coupled with it!

I even bought a 1500 laptop to celebrate Rs3! (old comp was an i3 couldn't really handle rs3 =p)

Any ideas how much Google paid to Jagex?
$500,000? $1,000,000? I am not sure if Google paid they anything but.... they did put the crome googles in and im sure they got paid to put those ingame...


Love Story- Chip a House Tab

I hate how everything can be easily access nowadays in Runescape making questing and exploration lot less insufficient, but then again this makes things a lot easier for me.Mos Le' Harmless, Ape Atoll, Rellekka and Miscellania should all have one.

Ring of Wealth to Misc, then take boat to sell runescape accounts Relekka. Waterbirth Tele with Lunar, then ship back to Relekka.Their doing this because more and more people will buy the Lodestone Special Effects now that your going to be using this transport casually. This update allows them to pickpocket our real life money.

We don't need a lodestone there. Exactly runescape accounts for sale! JAGEX listen to the players, more people do not want this lodestone update! The game is becoming more for lone wolfs instead playing together.Well, easier access does not mean easy as you have to click before you can use. Additionally, You have to finish some quests,some tasks or started some quests to use it. The people never release this easy as in earlier stage, you have to find where the lodestone is. More the better ,but better balance it.


Disable the RMAH of Diablo III

 Disable the RMAH already and make a ladder and reset. You're obviously not patching till expansion. At least give us that back...

That interface looks disgusting. One thing Bethesda did with Skyrim was use the D-pad to scroll through Favorite items and abilities. They should do the same with D3.Too many rookies not enough pros buy d3 gold. Blizzard has fell off the map D3 was only a cash booster to fuel W.O.W. they don't care about us Diablo fans not to mention the real masterminds behind Diablo left blizzard because of ploys like this. Hence torchlight..

D3 sucks Fix D2 patch it to get rid of the thousands of bots and to notice the Dupe bug is back i think players would rather play D2 then D3. I find the lack of shadows disturbing, is this because of the terrible RAM issues on old gen consoles? are u kidding us? Every time you share Diablo3 item something we get excited thinking its about new patch coming soon! here is a little history for everyone the first diablo was on ps1 and it was better on the ps1 in my opinion. diablo was an alright game, but it's D2 that made the franchise really what it is, or was. D2 wasn't ported to a console for a reason.


I am ok with most of these lodestone locations

I am ok with most of these lodestone locations, but I do not feel the necessity for two in particular. Ooglog, and Tyrannwn.

I feel that running from the spirit tree or using the mobilizing armies teleport and running is effective enough in getting to Ooglog, and if that wasnt enough, there is also the glider option as well cheap runescape accounts.

And I do not see the point in adding a tyrannwn lodestone. Perhaps, It would be more effective to add tyrannwn to the teleport crystal instead?

1. It would give an added bonus to those who already have the teleport crystal and motivate people who want it to do the necessary quests to get it.

2. It would also keep the lodestone map from becoming too cluttered. (I dont know about anyone else, but I find that I occasionally click on  sell runescape account the wrong lodestone tele and sometimes must tele again  )

Here's a suggestion, if you don't want lodestones, or hell, anything that gives a ton of xp or stuff like that, DON'T ******* USE IT. Are you seriously that braindead. Oh wait, in the end you guys who don't like it will still use it anyways. Yeesh, you guys are almost as bad as the CoD community.

Edit: No community is as bad as the CoD community.