why you don't want to start all over

Back in the old days, gold sellers give you the gold by trading it in game, not by hacking. I also understand your pain and why you don't want to start all over. I sure nuff don't want to start over if i lost my lvl 70.
you dont have to gold buy to get hacked
i never have been hacked before on any other games and i have been playing games since i was 12 years old
well to be hacked you have to be on botting DFO gold and gold sites right ? and ive done nothing like that ..
That's the thing, you could've re-used a pw from another game, forum, etc. that was breached or w/e else; better question is, how are they doing it, if not all else?
well then iam not going back ive had 2 lvl 50 + chars spend alot of time on that and getting banned for doing nothing is just stupid ..
No one knows, your acc. could've been buy DFO gold cracked and dealt with in any manner; you could start all over, since they've stated that they're not giving 2nd chances, and added an extra layer of security, hm.
This is a hacker group, and their Chinese QQ group ID is 176599074, they sell and buy hacks, golds.Please do something to stop this kinds of hackers Neople because they just massing the game, and destory the game enviroment!!!!!!!!!



Should give us x2 EXP BONUS THIS WEEKEND :C I wanna hit 70 on my knight but i'm behind schedule. How long did it take you to hit 70 Brandin Corbett. Knight released on Tuesday last weekbuy FFXIV gil so roughly 9 days. So, I have a suggestion to stop gold spammers when the full game gets released. Why not implement gold as a buyable option? Not too large a sum of course, and you can put a limit to how much gold FFXIV gil a day/week can be bought. It would help people if they have problems with gold and they wouldnt have to do it illegally. It can also help drive off gold spammers and we can have a less flooded server and global chat. Just a suggestion no h8.

 I think the problem with that is that it turns the game into a Pay to Win game.They already implement this in CDNF and it is very successful.  Its already practically a pay to win game. The higher the level the better the reward but it loses its purpose if you just buy everything on your level70 or so character and transfer it to a lower level. Gives you a great advantage and thats good and all because you earned it but for people fresh to the game or people that dont want to grind for hours if they dont have the time it should be an option. Could fix a ton of problems.Actually, it's not a pay-to-win game, especially since we don't need to pay any real life money to "win" at anything in the game. It's more of a "want" than a "need".

That's not to say I disagree with the idea of paying Cera for Gold on occasion. If Neople implements that kind of system, it'd be very handy. But there would have to be a major limit to make sure it doesn't get abused.


Valentine and Halloween items

More hairstyles woot. Be cool to get a new face tho too.  Let's get some super spikey hair, or buy FFXIV gil  some longer hair that doesn't make me look like a girl (pushed behind the ears? eww).  We need more catboy hairstyles with black tipped ears! Or better yet, just give me the option to have FFXIV gil  them black tipped independent of hairstyle!

They already did those for a special event. Well, XIII anyway for Snow. They have run the Lightning event 3 times so far, both the Snow and Lightning hair became available after doing the event. They have said it will not return but there's always a possibility. but that would then mean those special events would have been pointless doing.

I hope you know they have Easter, Valentine and Halloween items for the quests on the Mog store.... So why cant they put it up for an event they don't plan on making anymore. they are events that happen every year. the lightening 1 is a special event not a seasonal.

Sorry to say, my main is a female now. And I'm not feeling the selections!  I need Rikkus hairstyle from FFX2. Since I named my toon Rikku Albhed .


playing Elven Knight to have fun

I'm not all for the knight class hype, since I'm all about that female slayer. Though I simply love the growing weapon event. It makes early game a breeze and leveling not as much of a hassle considering weapon upgrading and stuff since the weapon levels with you. I voted for tower because i finally got something else other than dailies to do on a lvl 70. I'm a sader and it's incredibly hard lol, i hear that this is ToD buy Dungeon Fighter Gold from 85 balance which makes no sense if that's true lol smh.

 it's the point: helping us to complete the challenge event and helping new players to create characters, it will be useless once you reach 70.   I wish Elven Knight could PvP, she's very fun,.

an we please have the dragon's tear to bind to account not bind to character? my main character (lv70) gets less than my sub character (lv40) everyday with full FP and i can't even use the ones i picked up from my sub.. it's discouraging for me to play cheap DFO Gold two characters.


how to add dragon weapon character of DFO

Yeah, the item upgrades your safe TO copper, not from copper to the next grade. It was most likely intended for new characters made for the level challenge, since the Danjin coin event ended in OBT1. Knight is fun DFO Gold. I don't know if I'll have the drive to get Base Knight to 51 for the level up challenge though. Only thing I'm slightly annoyed by is that Dragon Teardrops aren't account bound. I mean I have a stack of like 20+ tears on my Knight and the weapon is on my Spitfire.It's nice that I don't have to spend gold on weapons for Spitfire now considering I need to sink a ton of gold into awakening.

 can someone help me? i deleted my dragon weapon character and now i cannot participate in the event with my other one...   Well, now when I try to login to my own account is says it's incorrect even though I changed the password buy Dungeon Fighter Gold . So now my gf can play while I'm stuck watching. Fix this please.

 Temporary avatars are wack. Yes, I know that you can use points to make them permanent. Yes, I know that previous versions of DFO had temp avatars as well. They are still wack.  Neople you need to fix the //setcharacter command cause i have gotten stuck 4 times with my knight. one cost me a whole dungeons worth of stuff. to those who play elven knight, be careful of that one lunge ability, cant think of what its called, that you get around lvl 30 cause ive gotten stuck with it 3 times and lost fatigue points.


pc and ps4 version of FFXIV

I play pc and ps4 version. it's practical lol. im married and my wife like her facebook and soaps. Paul Gearing, I played on ps3 before I built a computer to play it since the console version was horrible, although it was still very fun to buy FFXIV Gil play I'm glad they are updating the game to dx11 with the graphics enhancements. As far as dx12 is concerned, I am just happy they are updating, they don't need to update at all, but it's nice that they are.

Wellll even a lot of the high end video cards only support up to dx11 right now cheap FFXIV Gil. Dx12 would be nice but i wouldn't see too many games and cards right now supporting it. I'd give it a little while before it starts to become a norm.

anthony. it has been said the almsot all cards that support dx11 will be able to suport dx12.those cards would be compatible with DX12, but only a handful of cards support all of DX12's features. Namely, the GeForce GTX 960, 970, 980 and Titan X. Those are the only cards currently to support all revealed DX12 features.


good dragoons

Well they will always be loldrg till pup released and lose FFXIV Gil the lol tag. I will still play pup though to prove people wrong.   part of the loldrg thing comes from more people playing dragoon than most of the other classes because it has some badass armor, and with higher numbers of players also comes higher number of scrubs who give buy FFXIV Gil the good dragoons a bad rap.

The only reason players call'em loldrg is because some tend to be not so good at timing their jumps and the animation lock doesn't help either. Otherwise it's an excellent job and the easiest of the melee dps jobs. If anything there will be a horde of derpgoons before the expansion drops.  watch closely with all the dragoons in the video, you'll see one of them mess up their jump and get snagged by a dragon .

Oh they will... they do all the time. Got my WHM rez achievement thanks to them. On behalf of the Eorzea healing community, loldrgs and lmaonin, we thank you.  Dear god can you hire a worse vocalist for you video? the video is cool but she sounds like she's screaming not singing even if it is operatic.


how to increase melee dps

Where are you now MNK and NIN fangays?! MNK will still be the strongest melee dps in the game. NINS and DRGS will never match up.   If the next expansion focus on Ala Mhigo then MNKs will the "story job".

Why? I mean, are Dragoons getting any special buff/ability compared to buy FFXIV Gil other jobs just beacuse they are featured on the opening movie?   they probably won't get any buffs or anything. However, their AF gear looks awesome as always.

HOLY!! I thought SE would wait a few days before actually putting out cheap FFXIV Gil the trailer....those sneaky lovable so and so. Lol....now the wait for the upload of the live broadcast with all that juicy info.

 Just got rank 6 which we all know that means hit 1 year player. When I first started my job was obviously the lancer and have to say in the kast 2/3 months I have noticed more lancers and dragoons. Additional note im on Ragnorok and if you want to add me my name is Ryden Kurosaki.


Neople wants loyal supportive players

DFO is one of largest MMO's on the planet. The Korean,Japanese and Chinese versions all seem to be doing fine. Many loyal die hard fans have been waiting for this game to come back. It's now Global. So losing some bitchy players is not to bad DFO Gold. Neople wants loyal supportive players. The game sells itself. Neople should not have to bend over backwards and change things because of the few whining players. Either play the game or leave.

You just forget tiny little detail, EU and USA isn't Korea, Japan or China. And why not? At the end of the day, we're all human.

Neople didn't shoot themselves in the foot, they removed the cancerous growth (everyone complaining who wouldn't leave).

FP is fine. Man up and play or quit. It's that simple.  "Many" is a very arbitrary count. There are also many people who are just fine with the FP system...they were when they played DFO back in the day, and they are now buy Dungeon Fighter Gold . So, if you mean the jackasses that ruin my play time complaining on the megaphones about FP, making racists and rape jokes, and generally being idiots, then they can leave and I'll be glad to see them gone. There are also "many people" who will continue to buy DFO Gold play. Particularly adults with jobs who can't burn through their FP on all their characters on a daily basis - you know the ones who will actually spend money in the cash shop.


final fantasy xbox playstation

Awesome, I didn't think of that. Yep, probably going to have to buy this one FFXIV Gil now haha.  wished they had "listened" to fans to begin with and incorporated the original music tracks for the PS3 version ...

 I chose a ps3 over ps4 for the remastered version then now they are releasing ps4 cheap FFXIV Gil. I feel stupid and trolled. You guys are bitching and complaining about wasting money. Hello ever heard of trading old games/consoles so you can get a newer one. Clair souls Savior - becuz all the creepers just want to see the girls naked with mods. Thats why its not for PC.

 I miss that game..final fantasy 10 on xbox playstation..that is very cool especially the final fantasy 7.  So with the cross-save functionality...does that mean shared trophy list, too? Or will this have a seperate listing than the PS3/Vita version?

great...quadruple dip time. why cant we get the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System HD? oh well back for another wonderful trip to Spira.  For all those Xbox 360 and Xbox one user. It stated that it will only be release exclusively to Playstion way way back when they first announce it.


I played DFO back

 I played DFO back when it was under Nexon. I played during the time it had Fatigue, and during the time it had Blitz.

While I admit, things were already pretty bad during the Fatigue days, once Nexon implemented Blitz, the game died a lot faster than it would have if FP was kept.

But it's not like you'll get it. No matter what is said, you'll forever think fatigue is some sort of cardinal sin, and that DFO will die because of it.

Every game goes down a different road.

Some roads meet the same end, but the experiences are much different DFO Gold.

Some roads meet the same neverending path of moving forward.

DFO was taken down a horrible path and it died because of it.

Now the game is brought back and being led down a different path. No one knows where that path will go.

Not even you. So stop acting as if you know what will happen to buy DFO Gold , because you don't know. No one knows.

All we can do is assume and wait to see what happens.


Hatching-tide is live throughout Eorzea

Hatching-tide is live throughout Eorzea! Have you been transformed into a spriggan yet.

Don't you mean Eggspect the Uneggspected? Come on Square, if you're gonna make puns go all the way. This post certainly cracked me up Reynaldo cheap FFXIV Gil.  I can't find eggactly the right pun the eggpress my hard boiled eggcitement over all those eggcellent puns. These puns are unacceptable. BTW I used to play daily. I played for one month, completed the questlines and all. This game is just another grindfest rpg

crap seasonal event items... who wants to wear egg earrings, egg rings and buy FFXIV Gil a shitty egg hat.... this was a boring event last year too.  I finally got this game today for PS4. I tried the free two week version in early February and really liked it. Julie, if you think this game is worth paying for your entirely wrong. So many flaws, and anything positive in this game can be found in other games as well..


buy dragon fighter gold online safe

That do exist it is called selling avatars for gold and other CS items. Elsword you can do the same thing and many other games such as Dragon Nest where commonly used CS items can be sold on the AH.

The work you guys are doing is really appreciated. It's definitely not often that a game comes back from closure, just like you said. The fact that this game did is a testament to both its fan base and to your desire to please the fans. We are all incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play this awesome game again - even those of us who keep asking for the blitz system to come back. You should know that for every person telling you to get rid of blitz, there's another one who is happy with what you chose because it ultimately means we get to play DFO again. The day you do choose to buy DFO Gold and open the cash shop, rest assured many of us will gladly throw our appreciation at you for it. The thought of decking out my characters in awesome outfits is fantastic! I never thought I'd get to drop money on DFO Gold again. If I have one question, it would be - When does fatigue reset? Will it be at the same time the game launched? Or will a new time be picked?

Aside from that, once again, I would just like to thank you as much as I can for bringing this game back. Thank you!