BNS Rumblebees Stage 3

summon nerfed ? : Seed Shroud (Tier 5 Stage 1) now enables Rumblebees Stage 3 to be cast instantly for 3 seconds with a 550% Attack Power Bonus upon a successful Counter. The only nerf I see is mostly on sunflower. The rest are minor, it doesn't even matter. I thought they make Warlock Buy Blade and Soul Gold a bit better but it wasn't they nerf it again. Wingstrom increasing 0.3s and remove F skill as a join attack and it this not enough they add someshitty useless skill LMB( soul dart)

True, though Doom'N'Bloom only healing 50% instead of 100% is jarring at first. My main is a summoner too, and I'm dying to see these new changes and how it affects the way I play. Pretty much what you guys are saying is what I expected. I think it's safe to say we're all disappointed about that 100% to 50% drop on doom'n'bloom!

It kinda kills the skill to be honest. Like fine, it doesnt heal party members anymore, but can we at least keep the 100% ;~; Expect the doom n bloom nerf i rly enjoy petal toss and it was fun Working it into my rotation. All in all i like my class still. Basically play wind build or prepare to get fukt.

I was pretty excited to play this game one day but all I see is ppl not liking it, guess I'll have to wait for another mmo I can enjoy again... Blade and Soul Gold Since WOW there hasn't been anything good it seams even tough it shouldn't be hard to come with something better? I dont know what you did, but my struggling BM can suddenly actually fight! He's even responding faster. Thanks and please keep it that way!


FFXIV livestream

Tyson Leo isn't this what we need to get digital tickets for to get the ffx minion?  Yeah, the digital ticket details aren't out yet though from what I've seen ,  Super excited!! Lanae Deann we are gonna have so much fun!! Is there a digital ticket for this? Can we look forward to 4.0 teaser? :B Cait Sith joins our ever-growing family of plushes! Read more details about it in the latest Developers' Blog entry!

It was never stated, doubtful they will. There will be tickets available for the livestream, and you'll get the minion for purchasing one c: Angela Dawn Clevinger Awesome thanks,Buy FFXIV GilI thought my mind was playing tricks that there were minions but there are ^_ Bullshit on the sellout.It's for the people submitting art items for the contest. You can always by a digital viewing ticket of the event.

 Couldn't believe they were gone in less than an hour! can we go to this next year? it always does, but if i get tickets... they do presales and FFXIV Gil i had a chance this year but i didn't know it was so soon.  maybe....if it doesnt sell out Can we buy a goodie bag when we order a virtual ticket?

Can't wait for fanfest!  Can't wait to be in Las Vegas for fanfest again . Wouldn't got this rather watch this on YouTube live lol Sold out! Where else can I get the ticket?  You can't. They sold out hours upon release. Goddamnit >_> thanks anyway  lovely how they are advertising an even you cant go to lol.


BNS Moonstone drops

The thinking likely being what I already said, you got there first, you benefited from that, and now they just want to get other people up to speed, as they expect to put out more content, with more levels, equipment, and other stuff to get. It's one of the reasons I'm never in a rush in online games anymore, Buy Blade and Soul Gold and knowing the whole rush to cap mentality of so many, have routinely profited from it as well.

Another for instance are all those that buy new games at launch, and the expansions/DLC as soon as they are released. Although if they waited, they'd have been able to get some kind of GotY bundle with all of those things at a small fraction of the price, or get it from a bundle site for next to nothing, and have had a better idea if the game would even have been something they'd like than at launch.

Also I believe at least some of these changes (like the new path) were just things seen in other releases further ahead of us, and not some "we're listening" thing NCSoft West is doing for players. Blade and Soul Gold The new ways of getting moonstones could just be something like Hell Island, which won't directly help players unable to do SSP.

Change the cost of upgrade legendary weapons and maybe I will think of playing this game back, cause its all what I could upgrade since month. But there is nothing other to upgrade if you want to play only one character.  Best news for me would be the moonstones. Add a upgrade mode for armor stats, without PDEF and MDEF you are a sitting duck in the game.


Blade and Soul "alice in wolderland" design costume

I really don't, in this situation. I don't see any reason the artists who participated should not be putting up a fight. Yes many people complain 24/7 about ridiculous problems regarding the game but in this case, it's reasonable. Fix the damm game. Cant play! More than 10 seconds delay in dungeons. I sent a ticket and you just kept asking for my internet info but eventually nothing changed. Just fix those potato you call servers!

There are some nice designs, Buy Blade and Soul Gold however what do you intend to do about the stolen art/concept designs oh and the blatant plagiarism? Also why is there an Alice in Wonderland winner when there already is a costume like that in Korea already? This is gross mismanagement from the Art team.  Some of the ouftits from KR arent going to be in NA, just like how we wont get the wings that CN has. Some regions have things that are only made for that region, just like how NA had exclusive NA/EU outfits that KR/CN doesnt have lol.

I understand that much, Blade and Soul Gold however I am still baffled how they didn't realize some of the designs are stolen.  It's NCSOFT. They don't really care for a lot of things.

In BnS Korea, someone already had the "alice in wolderland" design costume idea. The NA Alice In Wonderland's design looks messy and cramped to m.  It is much better the one from the contest.


Blade & Soul RNG system

My complaint is the amount of failed attempts on Ocean weapons vs success rates. I am up to 108 Ocean Swords failed to transform to stage 7. Out of the 108 weapons, only 1 reached stage 6, 3 reached stage 5, and the rest failed to upgrade at stages 1 to 2 and stages 3 to 4. Really? The RNG is that bad even after that many attempts I should have at least 1 at stage 7 by now. This is a very poor success/failure ratio. To get it to stage 7 or higher is like maybe less than 1% I think.

Very bad RNG system for the casual player! Not all players PVP, Blade and Soul Gold and I know this game is heavily supports it, but I just don't understand how with some accessories require you to PVP. You should give your players a choice to do either instead of forcing them. NCSoft, you need to rework your RNG system and lower some of the requirements on upgrading weapons and accessories if you want to see your customer base bloom.

The game is fun and addictive but the return rewards are just not good. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Unless you have a character who has almost legendary weapon and accessories maxed out, you're kinda stuck in the middle. My character is at level 50HM8. My weapon and accessories are good to do 6 man end game stuff, but not good enough to do 4 man.

I could only manage to get to 568 AP currently and most higher end content requires 600-700 AP. Those are the ones who are swimming in gold and have lots of time on their hands or pay real money for gold.