Blade and Soul Gear progression

There is a massive difference in what is an acceptable amount of time and what isn't. Gear progression should also never ever be tied to an item that can only be crafted. That is bad game design. There should always be other options. I think you seem to not understand that a game should be fun. There is an acceptable amount of grinding that comes naturally through how a player plays through the content. Yet this game requires you to waste time, way too much of it. Repeating the same thing over and over with very little to zero reward for it. The sense of accomplishment and goals in this Blade and Soul Gold game are pretty much nonexistent. You also seem to think that the amount of time and cost of something equals how skillful you are at the game. Sorry that isn't how it works. Though an MMO shouldn't only be gear based either. But that is a whole other thing and getting into my personal views on what makes a good MMO.

There is also the issue of you thinking that a game is all about competition and this strange and honesty disgusting view of "top dogs from the plebs" Which you seem to think just because you have zero life and play the game for hours if not days at a time. That makes you good. That, the time you have separated you from others. No, it doesn't. A system like this only creates conflict, divides players and creates horrible human behavior. MMOs are about working together and socialization of players within a world. Creating a community; yes there should be some competition but only a healthy one. buy Blade and Soul Gold Having a whole game geared around competition and separating players only harms the overall game.

Honeslty, I wish that I had the ability to make the MMO that is in my head. Honestly, every one bitch about the game. Rng, grind, hacks, glitches, bots, and other issues. What do you fucking expect? Every game have their flaws. The game isn't perfect but ncsoft made this game happen in the na. If you're gonna bitch about every single damn, fucking leave, period. I like the game and I enjoy putting my hours into it. I don't mind purchasing stuff from the game becuase it's the only way to get better gears, cosmetic, and materials. if you can't stand all of these crap, you're not meant to play an mmo game. Rng and grind makes the game an mmo for a reason. So stop bitching.

Just do what you gotta do in the game and enjoy it. Instead of bitching about the small things.  Yeah same. I pretend like they're not even there and enjoying every last second of the story/game.


Blade & Soul PvP Season 1 begins on April 13

Please fixed profile picture uploading. its been awhile. cant change profile picture in game.  Who cares if they streamline content?! Better than maxing and quitting it's on the table for you when you get there. PvP Season 1 begins on April 13, offering seasonal as well as weekly rewards.

Great start the PVP season when the Hackers are in! Fun thing to fight perma invisble summoners and speedhackers /teleporters.   cheap Blade & Soul Gold Because you only get to keep it for staying at the top. It's their way of keeping people motivated and maintain a rank rather than getting it once then abandoning arenas altogether.I'd be pretty peeved if I couldn't keep it.
It's like giving a kid a toy and saying 'You can play with it for a few weeks before we put it in the bin, even if it's your favourite'.

To respond to your kid reference: if a kid behaves super well, you give him a totally awesome toy he plays with all the time. But of course you give it to another kid if he starts behaving badly.And I think since only 5 people/class can own this costume at a time it makes it more desirable. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Sarah Harries the pvp season starts every 60 days I think. The point is to keep getting the costume.

IF this game was competative ALL skills should be unlocked in arena AND EVERYONE should have same skill points
if 1 person have 10 points more than me and 3 hongmoon skills more than me well this CANNOT BE ESPORT ! if you want a real world championship make arena FAIR for everyone not just for ppl who can spend 1000 euro for nc coin and transform them into gold or ppl who can spend thousand hours farming a stupid dungeon. I just notice the blight ring isnt in the dynamic quest box... Wtf did you guys do to it? That's the only item i need for evolve..


Ryan Comeaux Final Fantasy A Maitence reborn

Nathan Rigby plus this too, if you cant afford 12.99 a month, then theres something wrong . Ryan Comeaux Final Fantasy A Maitence reborn, maitence 3-4 times a week, right at prime time too not when people are asleep. Why do you even have this? Kinda negates the whole "quit and lose your house" feature. Now nobody can complain that Square is forcing them to remain subbed by threatening their house. Cheap FFXIV Gil any one know where can i buy the dam maid ouffit the housemaid's all set?

I am taking a break, but not because of whatever reason you think. i am taking a break because my current computer is broken as hell and dont let me play ANY games that requires alot of cpu/gpu usage. The feast is amazing just a few bugs here and there but awesome. not with randoms lol i play bard and they arent high on the dps side.. yet did 40000k more damage than the ninja in group tongue emoticon its just a lottery dont knowwhat kind of group your gonna get.

Tru but it is only a matter of time as you get higher in the brackets it will be more ummm steady as far as people knowing there class and how to dps in theory of course. It should be a 96 hour total playtime, not just 4 days to log in. seems like ill have to try it out again. the only thing wrong with this game is the combat style. if it had real action combat like tera, i would pay all year long. Not really. It'll stay about the same proportionally, Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil maybe an extra minute here and there at peak times.

If you're talking about queues then nothing will beat when they introduced rogue/nin. Everyone switched to DPS to play and level, so you'd be sat there for over an hour in duty finder. I remember that. I was one of the ninja >.>. 14 hours in DPS queue, only to get DCed from the server.

But on my server (Excalibur), I often see a 2-5 minute login queue during free trial/free login. Not bad compared to other games of course, but it's worse than no queue at all.


moonstone transformation stone

This company has charged me over $600 in unauthorized charges and when I provide them proof they start ignoring my emails and not returning my phone calls. This company needs to be sued and as soon as they provide me their legal department I will be suing them. Is this a subscribe to play? Looks interesting, however I don't like the idea of having to pay every month or year to get on.

I'm currently playing Albion online on my phone, only computer game that I know of that cheap Blade & Soul Gold is Mobile platform "capable". Its just 5 left of my guild. Rest left. And im always alone in teamspeak. Patch comes out too fast, those that still looking for moonstone transformation stone can advance fast to new areas and now they to deal with another new transformation stone. They cant even farm normaly at misty coz got rekt by veteran geared players.

Complained about the same thing a few announcements before. Even our top players stop. We have 3 guys plus myself and the Advisor. From 57. 5.
Oh, Blade and Soul Gold and only three of them plays, since me and the advisor cannot really do the current endgame due to too low FPS. (Advisor uses an OC i7 950, I use an OC'd i7 4700hq. Both are too weak to even have 15FPS solid. During a single Blood Mane I managed to get 3-5 FPS as well. It's a joke...) Talk in faction & try to meet up with other players in your faction, team up & do the tasks together. That's what some of my members do when other members aren't online, even though I organise a big team in my clan to do the dailies. There will be some veteran geared players in your faction too, to protect you, lol. I agree with everything you said, too.