FFXIV is amazing

 Its not that bad ive got 13 of 80 trade ins and got the materials that have to be crafted. Did all fates and dungeons in 1 day. Just have to be patient with it. Im at around 20/80 and have been very reserved. A1n is the way to go with 1 tank 1 healer 6 dps. Thank You for all u do!!!!! FFXIV is amazing!!# keep it going and keep bringing us more! Just got Final Fantasy XIV for Christmas! Can't wait to play it when I get home, cheap Blade & Soul Gold since my trial version just ran out!

Dear FFXIV team: either add scythes and dps mode for drk or add a Necromancer class. Both would make me love you forever. Love the fat cat had two brought back a good couple of months apart along with that puppy thing , I just wish they would limit the Zerg on vermilion as it spoils the mini game not that I am losing matches I have way too many minions. That is not completely true, Male calicos do exist at a ratio of 1 every 3000 females, however they are unwanted because due to genetics, they are born sterile and oftentimes blind.

 I tried to join the 5 million players turns out the server has a cap to how many of them i can play with. What, you expected a game server to host 5 milion concurrent users? Just keep trying. The server just has too many people on at the moment.  I have characters on both Gilgamesh and Balmung. Blade and Soul Gold Just keep trying. There are times when the servers aren't quite so crowded. Typically early morning. Hehe good luck getting a fat cat. Those retainers take a lot of work and a lot of money to train up and have the extra slots to get them all.

 I have one and sell one every week or two. Its not hard to get a level 50 retainer. My retainers Re still plugging away for the minions.  It took me about 2 months to get one sending my FSH retainer off every day..  Anyone interested in a ffxiv game code, I have one I got in a game bundle... as me and all of my friends already have one I'd happily give it away for free. Just reply back. I've never been remotely interested in this game... Until I saw this. Still working on it (well... Retainers are!hehe) way too cute for words heart emoticon awww how she rolls on the side.

Please have the spoony bard available to buy separately as well .


BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS

Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. *Gems and Transmutation allow you to further throw away all of your gold for no useful rewards. i will keep this in mind when the game launches lol. The one in the image doesn't even give you anything, you spend 1G and 4 Fabric, to get 1 Fabric in return... Don't you ever try this during progression, only do when you have spares. Good spares.  Pedro Albano when it gives you 1 in return, means it failed bro!

I dont have low fps Blade and Soul Gold , even in my laptop. Whats your PC specs? That's probably your computer, don't have any problems with low fps.  It plays the worst on windows 10. Just FYI. Majority of players have issues with Windows 10 because the game is not optimized for it yet. The game is just not optimized, period, for any modern-day high end gaming rigs. It was created for low-end single-core computers from 2011 to be able to play it on a way outdated Direct 9, which doesn't fully take advantage of the powerful multi-core processors we have today. I doubt they'll fix the fps drops for us medium to high end users any time soon, but I agree 100% in dissatisfaction. Luckily I have no problems on BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS (7, 8, 10), but I'd like to take advantage of my GTX 980 too..

Gtx 980 here too with 2500K and 8GB ram , and when i go to the tree zone , where you take many pvp quests , i get low fps 40-50 fps tops ...  I didn't get a reply last time. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I guess the team managing the facebook page probably don't know. But has there been any update on whether the story will be returned to normal or not?

E.g. Has the time travel part of the story been put back in? (I don't know how you would even allow your localiser to make such an edit to the story). Even though I was originally really looking forward to the game I don't intend to support it with story changed like that. It was probably changed as to not get the players too invested into the game too early so then they don't disappoint their player base. But i cant be too sure whether they'll go with how China did it or if they're following Korea.


Blade and Soul master pack in 6th of Sept

Please allow me to play the Alpha. I had the founders pack for 4 months already and I got the Alpha key invite but it will not allow me to connect to server Buy Blade and Soul Gold !  i bought the fucking master pack on August but never get any alpha code. You guys lie to me. Fraud!!!

 i am waiting for the game this is the most beautifully game ever i played the Korean version but since the language was hard to read I've play temporary in TERA about blackdesert i play the Korean version and this game look shitty. I bought a pack folder yesterday before the 17 hours and so far did not win the key of asseso to the alpha 2, and several friends of mine already won would like to know what can I be doing to get the key of ascesso.  I so can't wait for this to come out. I've been playing another server patched to english and it's greatly helping with getting used to the play style. Not everything is translated well and there's so many people that are ungodly OP. It'll be so much more fun with everyone on even ground. Thanks for finally going ahead with an NA version, I know when I first heard about this game when the original Korean server was going into CBT there was talks about it never having an NA version.

 I am trying to get into the game and says servers are still down. What is going on with that. Someone please respond again failed to connect to server. Can you please tell me what is going on and how come I cannot connect. Please help!! My computer has been messing up since downloading B& Blade and Soul Buy Gold ;S. Just tried to uninstall it and it won't. I have a master's founder's pack. Guess I just lost 150 bucks. Better to have a working computer though. smile emoticon.

bought master pack in 6th of Sept. but got nothing today. and my friend bought in 16th Oct. got the invite code. so ridiculous. could u please stop doing such useless thing and do the things that u should do?! was hyped about this game 5 years ago .. i played GW2 for 6 months got bored then quit. The more i find out about BnS, the more i find it to be similar to GW2. I tried the Japan BnS and got bored within the hour lol .. Even if you give me a master pack, I wouldnt even bother playing haha.


Grab your giant axe and get ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield

Grab your giant axe and get ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield. It’s the Destroyer Class Week! alphas not even over and im already having withdraws such an awesome game i feel like this has filled an empty hole in my life today i played for 15 hours forgot about dinner and didnt have a coffee till 10pm. Sabrina Toothman Probably u getting Failed to Connect, this is because the server time [PDT]  or they have an actual problem like i do and can't physically even log into the launcher coz it instant closes without error messages or anything. No, I cant not even log into any form of the ncsoft website or any games associated with it....and since i bought the founders pack i really need it fixed so that I can participate...i dont want the money to be wasted..

I have the same time with BnS NA server.. but it was weird last week that i couldnt even get my pw to work... even had to reset but still didnt work.. im gonna see if im gonna end up having the same issue this week... i bought the pack too and i dont want it to go to waste just like that without even being able to login Blade and Soul Gold ...

i installed the game it started but i have got a problem. the game said: Failed to connect to server.... what can i do? Kyoneske GameMaster I am aware of this, it is a matter that i cant even access the website of any ncsoft games. nor can I log in to any games because of it. The wildstar support is trying to Blade and Soul Buy Gold help but its blade and soul that I am worried about as ive gotten the masters pack and dont want my money to go to waste on something I cant even currently play once beta hits. I dont mind missing the alphas. But I want the beta time.

Black desert is.. gorgeous and thats about it. but hey enjoy it when it comes out! yeah i checked the site out for BDO and they have zero lore for the world yet so theres not much reason to care about the games setting as nothing in the game has a reason to exist yet. Not really cuz some people won't be able to handle it, and yea people in 2015 still have old comps cuz they poor lol, These games are not competing. BDO is not ready and Blade and Soul IS, at least in testing. BDO will be welcome when it's ready but I'm not going to sit around and wait. You can't really compare the two because BDO is a sand box game and from what i heard doesn't have dungeons. Its B2P not a serious issue thou but its mainly a graphics game in King Arthur's Age with fancy combat. lol. I still prefer BnS, maybe because i'm an anime fan.


I was invited to CBT after buying Founder's Pack

 and why i dont have my free beta key? .-. same here, open the game and keep me stuck in the intro screen  I was invited to CBT after buying Founder's Pack. What the hell, haha. I got that too after I bought mine XD I simply gave the extra code to a friend tho c: Anyone know why im stuck on the intro screen Blade and Soul Gold ? Yes, everyone will lose their characters and everything when the game goes live. That sudden realization that you have to purchase a founders pack and apply the serial code in order to play cause they immediately send you an invitation in your email.  Having some issues with the game. I reinstalled the game to make sure nothing was wrong and I am still stuck on a loading opening sequence. Still can't access CBT of B&S...

You mean the serial code that you have to pay for?  i'm really impressed i do wana try the game but i can't cuz i have no accesse beta key unsure emoticon can someone solve my probléme ?  Were I can get Please the Serial for this Close Beta Weekend Please ?

I played the first beta but don't really want to play anymore till it officially comes out. Don't want to get to far into it then it gets deleted haha. Probably a silly way to look at it but oh well lol.  Pleaassseeeee !! For those who love this game... BRING IT TO PS4 !! The intro screen lock is because the server is down . Should be ok now though unless your region is still down. Blade & Soul I have applied my key and I got an email verifying this but it just takes me to that initial music screen, but i can't go to character creation or anything. What do I do? &n Blade & Soul Gold ;so it works on my friends computer but not mine unsure emoticon I've repaired the file twice now and still nothing. And I still havent receive the beta key even once. Seems that they only care about ppl who payed for the access. Not a good start. Hope You not gonna finish like ArcheAge. Tiffany Cristina Brown Thank You very much.  Tiffany Cristina Brown I would be grateful. Y not bring this game to the Xbox one are ps4. I'm fine here, already inside, Who know about names reservation? When it 'll be possible?  I think, don't quote me on this, name reservation will be January 11th. Not sure on the time. why when i logging in there are just blade & soul logo ,music and background video. how can i play? go unlock ur account with the beta key first at their homepage. If you have access to close Veda again will you receive a secondary email or do you need to re-log in to the website to see if your key is been reactivated?


BladeMaster VS BladeDance

The key is already inside ur NC account! Just login ur NC account, then go to account settings- there you will see apply code , click on it - then click on blade and soul - then click on apply ! If u see the word "" used"" next to it that's mean ur all set , now good luck!  If I ever hear another EU CRYBABY cry about being second class gamers again it won't be too soon.as BnS bends over and grabs their ankles for y'all qq more  i have bought Master pack ; from when ican start playing plz i can't wait anymore 2nd cbt start on this Friday-10 pst am ! If u have a founder pack then u can play it this Friday!

 I signed it, but asking for 200k signatures when this page only has 62k is pretty uh... unrealistic. Dunlap 62k people liking the official BnS FB page doesn't confirm how big the playerbase will be. The petition was originally set higher and can still be manually changed at anytime by myself. There is no feature for the signature total to expand per person automatically. Also NCSOFT have not yet stated how many they require to implement a server Buy Blade and Soul Gold . They have left us in the dark thus far without any solid answer if they will or will not. Though it is better to try and fail to not even try at all.Dwnload the clien/launchert then it you should be able to download it from there i think u might need a key/code for CBT to download the game to.

Opinion : Damage and CC category - Assassin VS BladeMaster VS BladeDancer ?
What is your prefferance and why? & cheap Blade & Soul Gold ;I am asking because i am a huge Assassin fan , but , recently i tried the new skills on the TW server , and is very different...now there is no way to fight from distance like before spamming shurikens and grenades , now those have different and higher in cds ... + the most important skill disappeared - the Poison Moths that kept you from blocking or countering skills... ranged skills is extra for assassin. You rely too much on those skills. then you already wrong in playing Assassin in BnS lol
plus, new skill patch emphasis alot in stealth damage

 blade dancer is da boom! fast and full of combos. high hit but low in def. pvp need fast hit why u keep aggroing>? it's thier job,no 1 force people to pay in what what they dont like lol..i dont pay in founder's pack becase will w8 for more info on EU server..then i ll surely ll be preium service.. smile emoticon it's my own choise and i amnot noob becase of buying premium,i doing this bec dont have time at all..to twice income))


Blade master need more cc escape skills

Should add to conceal blade or not so can run and stuff. takes tooo long to conceal and fckn can dodge agro its kinda annoying. May I please ask: Was there a specific criteria for which the Jaesung combatants were chosen or was it random pick ? If it was a specific criteria, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I'll have you know that I hate you a little for not choosing me too. The choose the best pvp players, so guess someone had a higher rank than you.
Blade and Soul Gold
Getting my computer this weekend and buying the beta access!! So excited to play. I am interested in the founders pack for my friend and I but im unwilling to purchase it without being able to try the game first frown emoticon seems i missed out on any beta keys for him and i. Hey, um it declined my payment (credit card) for a founder's pack. Is it because I closed the window after it sent an e-mail saying it was processing (took 10 minutes) or maybe my IP?

Ok, I tried with another computer,b ut my payment authorizations till failed with the credit card. Hey i keep getting this error can someone help or fix this problem. Server.(1000)(132, 10054) This version of B&S is like 7 years old i think grin emoticon Asian version looks like different game. NCSOFT please wake up because Eu/na customers playing 5-8 years old version.. whenever i enter my email client crash morning it was ok help.T.T and now game wont start i mean on ns menu enter email and pass and then it disappears

 I can say with complete honesty that this is one of the most fun games I've ever played, and easily the best in a genre I usually hate with a passion. This game does everything right and will only get better! Keep up the amazing work! uh, i tried sending in a ticket about this and still haven't gotten anything back, i keep getting a launcher error after i press play now, help?  First time playing it so im excited to create my new assassin class character. Did you update it? It needs to update and i bought founders pack so i dont have to worry about getting beta key. Heck yes! Time to give this one a well deserved shot, I'm genuinely looking forward to it. The server behaves awful in this beta. Blade and Soul Buy Gold It keeps showing disconnected from server during gaming about every 10mins. It bothers me a lot. Hope you can fix this problem. frown emoticon


Blade & Soul BETA carried over to open beta or full release

don't cry guys you all know that beta and alpha test progress won't be in public lunch...from first alpha test. It's been said since the very beginning that your beta data does not carry over. You don't get anything special from playing Beta unless you bought a founders pack. You get your perks.  Kuroshi Yamiro, sometimes some games give you special items once open beta begins for participating in closed beta. So far, I haven't heard anything about it for this game, but they might. smile emoticon  This is rather normal, most games does character wipes when going to live OB Blade and Soul Buy Gold .

 being able to mantain your characters from a beta test is just stupid, its an insult to every new player because you get an unfair advantage and thats contributes directly to imbalance, and yes, ive been in the beta of this game too.

Why is everyone surprised at this? If we kept everything, you guys would be the first ones complaining that there is nothing to do at cap, so stop complaining. All games start on equal footing no matter what. If you have put all so much time into it, then what are you worried about at launch? You aren't going to forget everything you've learned so quit complaining. Are you guys serious? The information was openly posted about character progress in beta not being perm. Blade and Soul Gold In defense of that, not one BETA i have ever played carried over to open beta or full release.  if you like the way your character looks best thing to do is screenshot it as a profile pic in game and save it that way when you create your new character you can use the presets that you used in beta without losing them. wow why some guys getting mad coz of my comment? dont need to act hard Keep spreading and support, sea and oceanic players! NCsoft ,the demand is there! Ncsoft never stated the actual numbers, so the petition creator ; Nathan just put it. ...because it will be best if signer is actually from sea/oceanic area/

I play on windows 10 and haven't experienced a bit of lag. Maybe it has to do with what area you're in also.  It's FPS and its a common issue among many players. (reported on various forums. I have windows 10 and no problems either. Try checking windows defender, I know it causes fps issues on other games such as TERA.  I Personally Stream and such only get to hit by a HUGE FPS drop when doing cross server dungeons. I played on Windows 10 and it ran perfectly fine smile emoticon try changing the compatibility to Windows 7 under properties maybe.


how to create blade and soul account

Still waiting for a key, its like 3 years im waiting to test B&S..  Yea founders pack is available until headstart from what I've seen. Just ordered my new pc parts. Gonna be happy if i get to test it with this game.  i cant connect this say that the connection with server failed. my luncher stops in downloading reapiring files, what i do? May I please ask: Was there a specific criteria for which the Jaesung combatants were chosen or was it random pick ? If it was a specific criteria, I'll have you know that I hate you a little for not choosing me too.

The choose the best pvp players Buy Blade and Soul Gold , so guess someone had a higher rank than you. Getting my computer this weekend and buying the beta access!! So excited to play. I am interested in the founders pack for my friend and I but i'm unwilling to purchase it without being able to try the game first frown emoticon seems i missed out on any beta keys for him and i why always secure connection failed, if i click login or create account ? Hey, um it declined my payment (credit card) for a founder's pack. Is it because I closed the window after it sent an e-mail saying it was processing (took 10 minutes) or maybe my IP? sad that i cant make my destroyer 45 T_T no more key only experience the game for 5 days.  I'll just wait til January to play on Blade and Soul Gold release day but boy oh boy will the servers be freaking packed on launch date.

whenever i enter my email client crash morning it was ok help.T.T and now game wont start i mean on ns menu enter email and pass and then it disappears. Well i love it and going to buy it. Hope i will make enough money for the Last Pack! colonthree emoticon So hyped. But something i dont like, but getting used to it .  I can say with complete honesty that this is one of the most fun games I've ever played, and easily the best in a genre I usually hate with a passion. This game does everything right and will only get better! Keep up the amazing work!

If someone still needs a key i have one. just PM me. The first one to come gets it wink emoticon. I have a key but it says failed to connect to server. be nice if website with keys wasn't overloaded.... Its on now guys im creating my new character now.  Did you update it? It needs to update and i bought founders pack so i dont have to worry about getting beta key. I got a key! Heck yes! Time to give this one a well deserved shot, I'm genuinely looking forward to it. Why have you made this game P2W? Players has to pay when they loot items in dungeons and ofc people that has most money will always get loot, cause they can out bid everyone! And whats with the 20€ for each suit/outfit we want? Each outfit is one time use, so we have to spend 20€ on every character we want that outfit on. Just plain AWFUL greed system your going for in this game.


Blade and Soul Premium Membership

Someone with beta key to try this game out?  When we will have higher resolution wallpapers? Really dumb decision to want to take away 3v3's. thats the only reason i wanted this game Blade and Soul Gold . Hope we will be able to take screenshots like this. Is there going to be Open beta before, like for xmas maybe, when people will hav emroe time to play with transfer progress to launch? I love the game and have CB pass, but don't wanna get wiped after.There won't be an Open Beta period. Everything from closed beta will be wiped prior to Head Start. Haha, then I gotto re-play 3 times.
1st time China server
2nd time beta
3rd time actual one.

But the real questiong IS... DUN DUN DUU. What happens to by ncoins what i have wasted during the beta? Aquamarine Rose I'm jelly. I can't do this cos i fear i'll get bored or waste my time 2 times, lol. Tried it on the beta, loved the story and the combat and will save the experience for 19.01.2016.Sinan Kangal Buy Blade and Soul Gold the beta isn't for fixing stuff lmao, its just to stress test servers and gain popularity for the game. The fixing is done in korea. Jani the NCoins will be reset. They said this earlier. I got happy when I saw that the closed betas end around christmas break Q.Q then i saw the email saying it will only open like a month after T^T nuuu my only free time. Blade & Soul when will everyone be able to play i cant wait dying to play.

 Blade & Soul Which city is located the server Blade & Soul? Yes we are! There is an option for a Premium Membership, but you don't have to pay to play. But there is some awesome reasons to be a Premium member.. make more money in game is my fav LOL. I have played games with the premium feature before and it actually worked quite well. Those that had it were not overly powered as compared to those who didn't. smile emoticon But then again , it depends on the game makers and how much content more they put for premium features. ALi Shirzad no, it wont, all the things you get from premium membership will be quality of life improvements, nothing game changing, just different windwalking, more exp/gold gain, increased daily limit, u can check the FAQ from the founders pack page. There wont be anything game chaning in premium that you can't obtain for free, just by playing the game.


Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa

Then unfollow the fifa page and go follow barney.  yeap with u bro , its the worst fifa bro , ill travel to pes even if the pes 2016 is the worst pes too. People always cry because they want easy game like FIFA 14 and 15. This game is great so stop complaining and learn to play! & Brazil has Oscar and stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. ;For your information i'm at the first division online. But the game still sucks. Personally I play career mode and I really enjoy it, by the way I hate online games and FUT because they are headache.
FIFA 16 PC Coins
Argentina will win. Brazil lacks team work.. This Brazilian squad is certainly not as same as their predecessors. You don't need flair to win.. Argentina have Di Maria, Lavezzi and in Brazil has Oscar and stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and buy FIFA 16 coins an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. form Higuain upfront. I think they look better then Brazil. I know Neymar is on fire with that awesome goal of his but football is team game and honestly the Brazilian squad defences looks abysmal. Even Messi , Aguero & Tevez inclusion would fail to win in selecao likes!  If those players where there they won't just win they will annihilate the Brazilian.

I guess Pastore and Correa are chopped liver. Besides the point though since Ecuador can beat Argentina in this weakened state so could Brazil. Brazil will win, not as easily as usual, but yes Brazil is in better form than Argentina even with Messi, but in football soccer anything can happen. Argentina is without Messi and Aguero & Tevez but I still think they will win. Joseph, maybe you don't know, but last year Brazil defeated Argentina for 2x0 and Argentina had Messi and Aguero playing. At the moment Neymar > Argentina (without Messi and Aguero). Neymar hattrick & Coutinho 1 goal for Brazil
Dimaria 1 goal for Argentina.

World's number 2 according to Fifa rankings, Argentina...... Do you have disputes with this?  EA SPORTS FIFA update facial scan to important players (Fabregas,Alli,Sterling,Depay, Borussia Dortmund ,Deulofeu,Sahko etc) for #FIFA16 EA SPORTS. I hope Argentina wins but is gonna be an amazing game. unfortunately, Brazil will win because Argentina are without Messi, Aguero and Tevez. Brasil. Argentina doesn't have Messi, Aguero and Tevez. Argentina doesnt need messi to win every match.. But brazil needs neymar badly.. Last wc is proof.  Argentina need Leo messi and Sergio aguero.


Guild Wars 2 came back to Aion

And a lot of people were really rude as well, they kept on saying I was a bad cleric when I did a better job then half the people who were clerics. But I started playing Guild Wars 2 (Gw2) and the community is AMAZING like seriously, you ask a question and I almost always get a answer back right away. Today I talked with someone in the game for about an hour about the expansion pack for the game cause I was asking questions about it. I mentioned I played Aion and he said he also used to and that this game Gw2 was also much better, especially the community. Then he offered to help me anytime I needed it! Gw2 > Aion.

Well I have no problems with the Siel community, but I did not like GW2 at all! So after I had taken 3 characters to level 80 got sick of it and came back to Aion.... everybody has a different experience with people in games Buy GW2 Gold . Star wars battlefront and Black desert will kill aion, I quit playing Aion because of the gold spammers and bots.  I had level 65's and I played just fine got tired of blocking gold spammers every 2 seconds.

now looks better after the patch system to stop the gold spammer. Its in steam and there is no spam. Or at least in the NA servers . That is awesome maybe I will come back after the 1st of the new year after I get back from my trip Guild Wars 2 Gold. I wish they would make flying usable anywhere, I remember in PWI I could turn on my music and fly across the whole map if I wanted, Aion doesn't have half the sense of adventure that pwi does. I miss flying. Aion, why do we have 5 diferent servers and all of they have half population (or any less)? Some plans to infuse all servers in one or two?

lol update for useless !!!!!!!!!!!!you cant retrieved kinah for your loyal player lol!! must be quit for a long time then back and no kinah left on my warehouse...is it possible you cant restore item or kinah left?  hi. when can we expect AION 2 and AION avaiable on steam? ty. great memories playing Aion.  i started few days ago playing on eu server but i see the population is low and i was thinking of joining siel server on NA cause i heard it has few ppl but i was wondering are there any daily freshstarters on na servers? There is a new server "Beritra" you could start there and see how you go.


FFXIV launched the maidens rhapsody event to celebrate the last chapter of FFXI

thank you for the maidens rhapsody event ffxiv... you have no idea what it means to me so ill enlighten you a bit... my friend and I played ffxi and 2 years ago he passed away. I never knew him IRL but he was such an amazing friend to me. Today FFXIV launched the maidens rhapsody event to celebrate the last chapter of FFXI... as I went to complete the needed fates for these quests the FFXI battle music started up... and it made me think of all the wonderful times we had in vanadiel... a small event for everyone else in ffxiv right now but for me it was so much more... the music, the feelings. The quote "So long as there is light in the world, the legend of vanadiel's greatest hero will live on" really Cheap FFXIV Gil has alot of meaning in my heart... this is for you Joshua Van Horn may your spirit live on forever in vanadiel as the greatest hero ever.

No. Stahp being lazy. And ffs change her hair. I enjoy seeing FFXI incorporated into XIV. I played XI for over 10 years and still have an active XI account. I hope to see XIV doing more XI / XIV work in the future. I don't believe so. They'll probs pop it in like they did the Halloween event. yeah, they should have added them with 3.1 and make it appear today. there was a bit of a bug earlier on the last quest the Dread Dragon cannot be atk and just stood FFXIV Gil there until the time ran out the next one when someone else trigger the quest both bosses died so fast and none of us get the quest item lol but luckily the 3rd one finally work lol.

This runs until Dec. 31st tho, they usually don't overlap season event...Right? This isn't a seasonal event. This is a crossover, like Dragon Quest and FFXIII. They treat crossovers like seasonal events, in that if you don't finish them before they end, you can't finish them, period.The FFXI finale started on the 9th. The crossover event in FFXIV starts on the 11th. Anyone know where the event is being held ? Which city or location ? Quest Location: Limsa Lominsa - Upper Decks, Remumu. Does the event start today? Or tomorrow? I read the 11th I think. Sweetness thx o btw how long is the event till ?


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

This is stupid what about the people that love the game but do not live in america. Guess those outside of US can't enter, will you be doing one for EU/Uk and the many other regions????? Yes i read the post but since you offer the gam and many other give aways to all why would this one not be?  I already won people, no need to enter. Nothing to see here...move along. Is there a sweepstakes where i win heart of thorns? you wanted a new gaming computer? Here's a chance! You could at least let european countries participate for the gems.Its not hard to send an email with a code. Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.. Soooo are you gonna do one of these for the Canadian players too? Maybe a EU one? oh yeah then if they cant offer it to all there players they shouldnt offer it to any of them  I am in the 51st state of the US: The Netherlands, can I apply too? *shrug* despite being outside US, chances are minimal anyway, kudos to the lucky winner to be smile emoticon
(plus, there's usually always some other PC-contest over here)

Ofc this is a NA only comp.. why is anyone surprised anymore. Hell..I would just love a copy of HoT so I can play with my friends...but I can't afford it. Is that one of the prizes, haha. Come on! Let's have an equivalent competition for all the different regions. Y'all are usually good for equality ^-^ Keep everything else I'd just like the gems please. Are any of these prizes the expansion? because I can't really afford it at this point.. Cheap GW2 Gold .  Very thx but i dont registration because I from Hungary frown emoticon,  US only, guess the rest of us are irrelevant even though we paid like the yanks... Thanks arenaNet for thinking that USA is the only country that matters squint emoticon.

so we can support the game but if it comes to such thing we are not worth... So Corsiar are only delivering the pc in the usa? Even though they have a world wide shopthat ships/ delivers all over.... Join us today, November 6, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) for Guild Chat on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel! Host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests will talk about the creation of new creatures in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Oh, good. I want to know who on the Anet team has the mushroom fetish...killer mushrooms, mushrooms that bounce you in the air, mushrooms that make you super speedy...


Dear Aion, I tried to play you

 playing 5 years now mate lol they have never been on time ever! haha just wondering if it was announced. its 30mins late whyyyyyyyyy?? has it been announced that time has been extended?  im the only who think having a new server is kind of stupid since we have 1 or 2 server allreadt dead? e.e It's for the new Steam users.
So they don't get gang banged since new

Dear Aion, I tried to play you, but apparently if you play solo is an dead end. If somehow you want party, alliance, buy Aion Kinah or a group you are not let in, because you're too small. I have found a lots of quests as level 14-18 as asmodian that I cannot under any circumstance finish them, 1 I don't have enough skills(power etc) secondly your "details" regardin the location of the things on map is very wrong mostly of the time. Sadly I am too leave this game! I have tried to search on internet helps with the quest, nothing, to play solo is impossible, the quests are impossible. So thank you, but no thank you! I have truly wished to grow as an Spirit master Asmodian but apparantly you cannot alone! I am very sadden to know you need 40 GB for the game, and you dn't have even the minimum of thought of doing this even for "lonely people". I am to search now another game which has an real detailed "wiki" and definitly players that can help you.

I think you're really, really wrong. I'm Cleric in Israpahel server, I just can play one, sometimes two days a week. And I'm at level 49. And yes, I did everything alone. Maybe in three quests needed help, but most of the time I was alone. What about the guides and wiki? There are many, many. Currently I use the Meliran's Guide. The guide exists for both races and shows the best quests to level up. Until level 49, in Meliran's Guide, only saw two moments which were recommended to go in groups. And guess what? I was alone.


Heart of Thorns seems to be trying to cater to both new players and old player

I loved Colin's response about the smaller guilds and guild halls. My guild is about 15 people with about 12 fully active all week and always repping. We are working on getting the workshop and already have found a formula for us to all have fun and do WvW and HOT/PvE content to get the materials to upgrade Cheap GW2 Gold .

As usual, everything painted with a glowy pink tint. It still seems to me that Anet chases the new player and utterly dismisses (or forgets about) the old. Oh well, will continue to plug away GW2 Gold . Most of my friends are long term players (been playing since Guild Wars: Prophecies launched) and we've all been having a blast with the expansion so far. It feels like there is plenty of new stuff for us to do while still letting us progress with existing characters. Sure, some stuff could use some tweaking and there are some bugs. But that isn't unique when it comes MMO expansions. This launch has been incredibly smooth.

Heart of Thorns seems to be trying to cater to both new players and old players. I'm not sure how ANet has abandoned veteran players with this release. Most of the new systems and changes to existing systems seem intended to cater *specifically* to veteran players while also attempting to draw in new ones.  I really don't know where this conclusion comes from. Legendary crafting is the only thing that really caters to vet players in any way mastery wise, minus elite specs, which are really just another trait tree.

Am I the only one who thinks the drop of hp reqa to 250 for elites is just insane....I quite enjoyed the challenge to attain it. Now every persom basically fresh out of tyria will be extremely close to the requirements. how many alts do you have and do you play casually? or should the game just be made for you?  If you're not letting the download finish then there's your problem once I let the d/l finish I was good to go. Yet *another* prime time" update... will you PLEASE stop updating the game during PRIME TIME!! Please???????  Please remove that mentor tag..PLEASE..lol Theres wayy too many and its too ez to aquire.


FFXIV Dungeons/ new gear looks awesome

 I stopped because my backlog is way too long. Want to enjoy some other games in my series. Knocked out Far Cry 3 and working on MGSV before I abandon everything for hopefully a great game in Halo.  Agreed. Beat life is strange, alien isolation and next is Assassins creed syndicate, halo then Fallout and Tomb raider. A lot to play. PONY FARM MUST BECOME REAL PLZ I NEED KIRIN NOW! Oh boy, more dungeons we'll run once a day for our daily!

FF14 does not have raids. They are primal one hit wonder fights. If you want to experience an actual raid, Play world of warcraft, go back to WOTLK and do Ulduar and ICC FFXIV Gils.And another raid that we'll run once a week for a single piece of gear!Sweet damn, this must be what they call content.

You're not allowed to do this to me. You come and play WoW again and we'll play this. Done and done. Too late. I'll be roaming the wastelands of Boston, come nov Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil . 10th. finally more then neverreap and whatever the other one called i do not like neverreap and bloody expert what gives the most tomes like to thrown me in there hopeful with 2 new ones get a better chance of not getting it. haha i was just leveling an alt and discovered this location and went ooo new dungeon soon.

Honestly, the lack of any horizontal gear progression just makes this situation worse. Yay for something other than Neverrape (and one other dungeon) ! Wow, this is an impressive patch. Dungeons/ new gear looks awesome, love that Kirin and other mounts can now fly.. nice overall content! I'm glad someone's cool with them adding 2 dungeons (which only give Eso, which we've had since xpac)
A "raid" (that drops ilvl200 gear, which we've had since the xpac)
"Updated" Flying mounts (we've had since xpac)

But hey, at least we get that Afro we've always wanted.


Guild Wars 2 Arenanet

We're partnering with Alienware to give away thousands of Miniature Eggs this weekend! Check back this weekend for more giveaways. ~RB Guild Wars 2 Arenanet , please fixed the crasheeeed „frown“-Emoticon i dont can play Arenanet , please fixed the crasheeeed „frown“-Emoticon i dont can play Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Guild Wars 2 hi, i wanted to finish the story to start the new story from heart of thorns .... i was really excited about it... but now.. i can´t. the third tendrils with the soldier never show up.. so how i am suposed to finish the story? is it not possible anymore? thank you guys for an answer....

It's not overpriced your just broke man lol i could buy 5 of this expansion get a job mate. its not overpriced because of the cost but rather because of the cost versus the content inside of it. Francisco Betancourt let me guess, you are always the one who wants something for nothing. We call those people mooches.  I think people are really missing the point when it comes to the price of the expansion and the amount of content that is shown. I too thought it was overpriced and refused to buy it, until I looked back on the 3 amazing years I've had with GW2 so far. You're NOT just GW2 Gold buying an expansion. You're buying an expansion along with a subscription of 2-3 years worth of content and updates. Many MMO's traditionally offer expansions that leave you with the same content to grind over and over. GW2 and ANet offer to have an expansion that not only gives content but also gives you access to ongoing and future updates.

But why can;t they offer just the expansion, without the core game for a lower price?  It may be a bit much to pay in one chunk usually for me but GW2 and 1 for that matter have been quality games that never failed to impress me in story and in content.and look at what WOW does, it makes you pay monthly plus buy your expansions as well, The Old Republic gives you a free game but without the subscription you are missing out on quite alot.


HoT's release Heaven forbid

meh, i really want the ultimate edition, but i want a hard copy with it. William Goff, that is untrue. A physical copy will arrive in retail sometime after HoT's release. Physical copies are also available for pre-purchase on Amazon.

I get my Chest of Loyalty, my oldest character's third birthday, an alt's second birthday, and HoT all on the same day. Add Halloween to that, and I am going to be one very happy Scrapper! Hi! I won't be getting my check until Wednesday of next week. If I buy it the day before it releases, do i still get the pre-purchase bonuses? Buy GW2 Gold You should, yes! If you qualify for a veteran character slot, you won't get that until Friday, though.  Okay cool. Just wanted to make sure ^^ Getting this as a birthday present for a dear friend.
Guild Wars 2 Gold

Just so you know, i already got my sabbatical approved for a week off work. just for this game. You two just became my heroes! grin emoticon I'm going to do the same! grin emoticon And here is me moving out 4 days after the release and being unable to play due to no internet. I have from 23 October until 15 November. I also took the week following release off work! I also took a week off! Woo! They should make it possible to buy the game trough gold -> gems conversion. The game is free though. The expansion is the only paid thing, and it wouldn't make sense for them to do so. Before the game went F2P, you couldn't earn enough gold in game to buy it - because you had to own a copy of it to play it. That was the only thing that ever required you to buy in order to play. The expansion is that now. Wait for it to go on sale or buy it now; but don't ever expect to see it in the gem store. That just won't ever happen.

Or, you could just wait until the next expansion comes out and they make Heart of Thorns free for F2P'ers. Dunno how long it'll before that happens though.


I love the blue effect

I love the blue effects exactly as they are. They'll go great with my guardian's other skins! The base weapon and crows look awesome I agree. But that blue aura thing is rather off putting. Give us the option to dye the effect! So many other games allow that! This staff wasn't designed around just necromancers dude. By more in tune with Necromancers Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, I mean a darker theme. After all Anet did say that these new legendaries would be a step in the other direction from the current legendaries.  but its black ravens with blue glow.. now where have I seen that before.... ohyea, Reaper effects anyone?

 We want necromancer legendary staff. You got it. Look at that sexy sexy Raven Staff. Change the aura and then we can talk. Raven Staff looks like it came from GW1. If it had a green glow I would 100% get it for my necro. Raven staff looks a million times better than Bifrost for a necro weapon. Nevermore (the new staff) is definitely more necro fitting than Bifrost. Come one, when you use it, ravens circle above you....lots of them.  The crossing fits better for necros then this new staff. Sounds like I will continue life sans legendaries. unsure emoticon I really like the looks on these, but PvP is not the way I enjoy my gametime, when I play.

MAYBE I will change my mind for that staff... Yeah that's the only part that annoys me. I would just go to PvP to farm points and I would most likely just annoys people who play it regularly. That staff though. Love the name too. Maybe we need a legendary crafting guild where we organize to beat each other in PvP. Can always count on folks to have some GW2 Gold genius ideas to work through these hiccups!  They say that the mats from PvP will be tradeable. Then again, it's Anet so who knows. They said it's tradeable, so it'll be like Mystic Coins atm. Just buy 'em from the Trading post, easy. My guild has their own pvp lobby, mostly for dailies. 

The staff needs a dark aura instead of another shiny aura. Something more in tune with Necromancers. I think it looks good in necro cuz this light look like a phanton ghosty spectral aura. Looks much better than the Bifrost for a necro weapon imo, I'll certainly be crafting it. 


Heart of Thorns

 I wonder what your crafting would have to be to craft the batwings. Think it'll most likely be an achievements reward as it's a festival item they usually try to give everyone the same chance in getting it. Either that or rng out of a trick or treat bag or chest. yep that fine with old stuff but everybody want NEW stuff!!! wake up...

One more week until the Heart of Thorns. Oyes it's getting real now. Can I be a bunny for Halloween? Please. *puppy dog eyes*. All I wanted was the Phantom's hood for my tiny Asura Necro Guild Wars 2 Gold , the char is still jumping filled with joy. Will Halloween have new story events?
The first year was neat, and the 2nd year has a new story added to the events. But the 3rd year was the same as year 2.

Will we get a new Halloween quests Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, or will it be year 2 again? 2nd and third were about his son. It seems like this year it's mad king thorns move again. I think It will be "year 1 again". Maybe work on PvP? It rly sucks... especially matchmaking. Per Scara stfu I wasn't talking to you. Wait, did I miss the memo that the Germans won WW2? ._.  Oh look another ww2 joke funny. I bet its the only thing in your life thats funny. Clap. Clap. Stop crying, Birdy. Wait, your name is Birdy? What a horrible life you have, huh? :c  i know a good joke: birdy! hahahhaahhahahahahaha. Das Memo habe ich auch nicht bekommen. Danke für den Hinweis . Ignorant stupidass. Do you think they would post this if there was not a single German who played? Crawl back to the corner and sit down for a while. Dan Cort, Problem is that they have to post things like these, make German speaking servers etc etc, since Germans are often so ignorant to learn other languages like the rest of the world, Larsson Anders he means that governments beat other governments, but the soviets got to continue to kill more people than the nazis ever did with funding from the allies, most of the japanese war criminals lived long happy lives for giving the us their research on chem warfare, Nazi war criminals who were good with rockets got to live, while millions of civilians were bombed and executed. So yea, not gonna chalk that up to a win for humanity.


NPC related adjustment & Optimization in Aion 4.9

Dear Aion player:
4.9 the abyss storm "will be formally launched on September 23, the new version of the storm initiation, Lord of the abyss, advanced metamorphosis, burnish is optimized, return to buy Aion Kinah the brigade and artifact was born as the main line lead us appreciate Bisi storm changes, feel base battle and passion fortress warfare pvpve blood warpath.
The new version of the "abyss of the storm," detailed update document is as follows, please refer to. (part of the update is not updated in the final official version)
The upper 1 Bisi underground fortress, moved to the lower part, and reopened as a secret warehouse
- no need to consider the status of the fortress occupied, can not occupy and occupation of race and other conditions, as long as the role of more than 40 can be entered at the specified date
- each secret warehouse begins at 9 a.m. on a specified date, which lasts for 1 days.
2 the distribution of the monster and the contents of the reward of the treasure box have been changed
The 3 part of the battlefield type of copy of the admission time will be changed
The upper 4 Bisi will not continue to use the special copy of the Legion
5 fixes the character of the guardian tower, warriors in the text of the tower of the players occasionally can not reach the normal rise in the air flow problem
6 repair jormungandr bridge finally BOSS can kill many problems
7 in the upper central Fortress - Bisi Ailai Xiuqika as the center of all the monster's level, battle mode configuration changes
8 mu CD Bruner profit time from once a day to change once a week
Fortress war
1 the fortified effect of the race in the fortress war is greatly enhanced by the less than the number of the fort.
2. Bisi upper region of the "ancient city Lou Aion Gold, Astor Leah fortress" will be destroyed the deep 'Divine Fortress' is sealed, so the fortress warfare will not happen again
3 adjust the upper Bisi croatan La Milan Fort De Chi Chase award success Leader Award
NPC related adjustment & Optimization

1 new BOSS will appear in the upper Bisi blame
- on the stage between 11 a.m. and 1 a.m..
2 of the upper Fort located around the Bisi crystal sword operation, there will be a guardian spirit monster appears
3, on the lower part of the large invasion Bisi monster, will debut in different ways
- the monster in the top of the one or two, three or four, 10 points, 6 points in the evening
- the lower part of the monster will appear in the specific area of the specified date in the evening between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.
4 originally appeared in the upper part of the deep Bisi, BOSS will debut in the lower part of the blame,
The entity level 5 and lower fort and related entities Bisi will become 50
6 in the upper can increase the exchange Bisi gold medal NPC
A 7 increase in the instant mobile stone moved to the area to Yisixiaer Inferno
The 8 is located in the upper part of the production operation Bisi NPC will move to the lower part of the ancient Bisi


Seekers Contest

(NA) Presenting the Cartographers and Seekers Contest Cheap FFXIV Gil ! It's time to put your treasure hunting to the test!Hey Final FINAL FANTASY XIV, how about you announce the winners of the Ishgard contest first, because there's NO information on it anymore.  But their will only be one winner just like the haircut contest......  Bahhh only NA, why no worldwide? Due to regional laws and what not, its why China dosnt have the GS. "To be eligible to receive a prize, each Contest Winner must follow the instructions contained Buy Cheap FFXIV Gils in the Notification Package and respond with the information or documents requested prior to the date specified in the Notification Package. Such requested information may be necessary for purposes of filing a 1099 form with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service"-
SE wants you to report your "winnings" of a virtual item to the IRS. , Which is kind of odd after repeatedly claiming it has no value.Thought this was great then read the T&C's.... Only US/Canada. Probz should put that in the initial description so the rest of us dnt get our hopes up . We're going live with DUTY COMMENCED, the Community Team's live show, in 15 minutes! We'll be talking Patch 3.1, lore, showing videos and screens and doing giveaways! Join us on Twitch! 
Finally some more 3.1 news. I wish I could but I am working! frown emoticon Poo!  I'm seriously bored with the game, I do 2 pvps and log out. Not being able to DF the newer content for extreme modes killed the game for me. I've cancelled my subscription today ??. The new hard content SHOULDNT be in dungeon finder. Hence why it's difficult and shouldn't be cleared with ease or luck. You just wanna be carried. Move on, nobody cares if somebody unsubscribes. The game is doing just fine without you. Also, the newest extreme/raid content has never been DF. Like, ever.  Should never DF hard content. Just unsubscribe if you can't appreciate the challenge and *gasp* having to actually interact with people..  Agreed with what all people said about the DF hard content. 99% of the time you would end up with people whoo can't do it anyway. 


Shugo Emporer's Vault

 I heard this is the update that ragnakar gets banned. Changes -
Routine server updates and modifications.
Shugo Emporer's Vault will return cheap Aion Kinah.
Double GP reduction issue will be resolved. I would love if u guys could make proc rate for crafting items better next patch. Im here since 2.5, and this never gets better. The mechanic makes almost impossible for us to craft a mystic weapon without spending Billions. Is it fair to be that expensive? Yes coz if not everyone would craft it, but pls this is almost insane. The number of fails u get even trying to proc on manastones is ridiculus. 1/10?! Com'n guys make it better next path 1/5 would be good enough. I just hope that this time around the loot will be class based, last time I ended up with the melee wings on my casters and the caster wings on my melee...

Ideally, it would be to balance the groups in server instances. The scheme seems pretty simple on the base. We all know that a group needs a healer (dps or not, he must be able to adapt) Aion Gold. But when facing 6 army star of the opposite faction with cleric, and we rank 6 without cleric ... I let you imagine the morale. Finally it looks like a random draw for the usually easy victory in a faction, a premade, almost obligatory making it the afk.

For gold spammers, it would create a channel specially dedicated to friends listed only. It is impossible to see messages from friends in this brouhaha. Exemple: Today, Engulfed Ophidan Bridge. Hope GM's will destroy augmenting of ap sets and just change it to conditioning... any idea how much longer until servers are back up? The scheduled maintenance is due to be half an hour longer than is usual today. Try again in thirty minutes. For this weekend only, Special Courier Passes are in the store. Use the passes to move equipment via mail. We needed abyss couriers, considering the chances to get them from lock boxes is retarded.. In what way is couriers pay to win? In fact tell me what other way you can get those couriers without paying NCcoin? didnt we have one like...2 weeks ago? Cheesecake and her Husband are ready for their next convention with their Aion cosplay!


ffxiv Facebook comment choices

I hope you guys put in the runner ups too. all of them look like people who draw manga did them all... I'm irked mostly because the female style just looks like a recycled Lightning hairstyle coupled with a flower band FFXIV Gil. However, I didn't enter so I suppose I shouldn't have qualms. I'll stick with my bob. Man... I was really hoping for a man hairstyle... Like..... Seriously the only people i see likeing the new male hairstyle is teenage girls... Thanks one direction and other boy bands... The number 8 female was perfect frown emoticon.  i don't mean the be rude but those hairstyles... urgh, there was soo many better ones. i dont need that male hair implemented thank you very much. This is an invitation to join the open fantasy themed text adventure group! Here your own adventure is created using your comments. But we can't start without members so why not join in? The address  Alternatively, you can join another fantasy text adventure group made especially to combat against Tumblr. The actions of your Facebook comment choices will directly affect the Tumblr story and vice versa in one great adventure. However, this group is requires my confirmation to join to deter cheaters so if you wish to join just tell me and I will add you. So...do you wish to join us adventurer?

Pretty upset the braided hairstyle wasnt counted as a win, even though it had more votes. They stated in the contest rules that only the last vote cast by each person would be counted. I have not seen one person be happy with the decisions yet lol. The male hair style is a massive disappointment. Utterly bland and uninspired. It looks like a default npc style Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil . Sigh...oh well guess it's not taking anything away from the game, but still would have been nice to get something unique. Lmao pretty much what I said that style is already in the fucking game same as the females... What a pointless contest.

It seems to me that the female Au Ra would have a clipping issue since their horns are quite close to their head. That flower would clip with them. I like this hair style much more. The issue I have if they only implement one is that EVERYONE is going to want to use it (Of course those who dislike it wont). Least if they add the 1st runner up to we'll have some variety.


complaint about aion developer

the developers in Japan are never going to see this comment posted on the English fan page. The developers in Japan very much see what English people write probably not on a Facebook page but on reddit and their forums very much so.  Given what is on Reddit and their primary forums I don't think they care. These are simple things that could implement Aion Kinah buuuuut they won't. It felt good to rant though. Just sounds like you are too lazy to live with those things.

^It's not laziness it's streamlining features and sensible adjustments that would make otherwise simple tasks less tedious. Most people, somewhere around 98%, would rather spend more time enjoying a game versus fighting with clunky mechanics, unnecessary limitations, and annoying distractions - Gil spammers. There is a universal benefit to all of these changes so if they ever go into effect, while you are generally what I view as an asshat in real life - and more than likely the game - you can spend more time being an asshat enjoying a game in real life and being an asshat in game. You are welcome. Now in the future, shut up when grown folks are talking. Yeah all i heard was "I'm too fuckin lazy"

please scroll up and see the reply to Martin because it also applies to you.  They need to add an armory chest for crafter/gatherer, would help make some space the c doesn't prove nothing imo, most female characters are boys anyway. The Gender Distribution doesn't pretend to prove anything beyond the Gender Distribution of created characters buy Aion Gold.Sometimes a window is just a window. I thought it was going off of accounts, not characters.

Thus the term MMORPG = Many Man Online Role Play as Girl. It doesn't prove "anything" if the only thing you're looking to prove is the real-life genders of the players. It actually says a lot about what in-game gender is preferred by players in different regions. I found it pretty interesting how different it was between the US and EU. Even if we make the (false) assumption that only men play this game, the graph still tells you that more men in the US play as male characters than female ones, and it's the opposite in Europe.


Escape Reality, Live the Fantasy

If you don't enjoy the game, don't play the game. The most important part of it is the story. If you don't like that, stop subbing and play something else. You can skip most if not all the cutscenes, and I agree with Cass Frederickson if you don't enjoy it don't play it. I payed for it so i will either like the game or get my enjoyment from from tormenting the people that wrote it. duty finder says 11 min it has been 45 just one more thing that sucks about this game  FFXIV gil .

I want a tote bag in every color x2 now! I saw cactar lottery and for a second thought we were getting a gold saucer update. You need to be shipping your online store stuff to australia. Cause i would live to buy it. When are we getting info on the upcoming Patch. I'm eager to continue the main story.  Wow! Those soundtracks are EXPENSIVE! They are Bluray discs buy FFXIV gil 

 FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Benchmark
Score: 7777 Extremely High
1920x1080 High (Laptop) DirectX9 Full Screen
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

A new Developers’ Blog entry was posted! Read “Escape Reality, Live the Fantasy" to explore a special part of the in-game event, The Rising! Where's Koji's desk or is it to full of lore books? The Rising event was amazing...thank you!  Lol let me get that SMN horn! Hey. BLM needs a few fixes. Crafting needs to be fixed.

But nevermind that. Here's some asshole sitting at a desk. Vocal minority are the loudest, and the most annoying:( Yea, if the majority of crafters and BLM mains say something's broken, just ignore them because they're a minority. Yes, they should spend every waking moment laboring over this game. I play BLM as my main and the only thing I'd like to see is maybe 3 seconds added to the fire and ice buff duration. I simply love how the blm plays. Git Gud wink表情符 instead of pure Fix this and that you idiots, how about you write them some proper constructed feedback that they can actually use?


Why are Madrid fans so hostile

 Alaba is a beast if anything they should be equal I don't think either one is better than the other. But jordi won a lot of silver last season if he gets a lower rating it's stupid. Stfu Marcelo is better than Alba. Just because MSN carried barca doesn't mean all the players are great.

For example dani alves made some defensive mistakes FIFA 16 coins that cost barca some matches and pique made some mistakes in the first half of the season. dear Brian Ramirez dani alves is best right back and you complaing about barca defence we are having most number of clean sheets and also less goals conceeded than your so called best dfnders now say and jordi alba you watch barca games first i agree marcello is pure talent but alba is alba.

I'm judging Alba by his past season FIFA 16 PC Coins . And you can't deny that his season was way better than Marcelo's season and better also than Alaba's season. Lol Alaba is a far superior in every aspect save for maybe pace. Positioning, vision, tackling, crossin, passing all outclass alba who is basically just there to use his acceleration. Terry sucks. He needs to go to the mls with his buddy Lame pard. I'm not complaining about barca's defense if you weren't such an ignorant fan you would agree that alves made some mistakes like in the malaga game and pique's mistake vs sevilla which cost them two points and his handball against real madrid. Why are Madrid fans so hostile? It's a shame really I'm cule and there's some players I like a lot from Madrid's rosters. Marcelo is quality when it comes to attacking but Lacks defending and pace. Nevertheless any team would love him in their team. I prefer Alba but it's only my personal preference.

You clearly don't watch football mate . Terry had an incredible season and played every single second. And Alaba > Alba any day.  Fifa ratings are based on real life mate not how much you like them in fifa. Terry was easily one of the best defenders last year, alba didn't contribute as much to Barca as Alaba did Bayern. apparently,Alaba is better than Alba,wake up,Barce fans. Alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba alba Alaba Alaba Alaba alaba Alba alba.


ff14 and ff11 are 2 totally different games

You're an idiot if you think this game is ANYTHING like WoW. Ive played, was a server first on twintania. So any opinion that differs from yours is judgemental and negative? This is great and all, and i love the game as it is but can you guys PLEASSSSSEEEE put Dancer in the Game, i miss my main class from ff11 frown emoticon Possibly with the same skills or at least Drain Samba.

oh i know that but i want the new class to be Dancer haha. I'd much rather see geomancer and samurai myself. This game could do geomancer so well  FFXIV gil  . OMG Geomancer would be sick, and Samurai will come in when they inevitably make the players go to Doma, and if it's any indication from Yugiiri, it's essentially Japan over there. Although i feel Dancer could work too for that who knows. Very unlikely you'll see dancer or geomancer but they were talkin about samurai when drk was done they we're debatin on sam or drk so you'll probably see sam in the future also have to remember ff14 and ff11 are 2 totally different games and different development teams.And i call it a wow clone not as a derogatory remark but comparison as what wow did was a genius formula that sold and still sells. Like i was saying, I'm an old school 11 fan so many variants do look and feel like wow to me when comparing mechanics. He's right though. This game wouldn't be anything without wow. The whole mmo genre was made by wow.  Lemme rephrase. 

WoW was, and still sort of is, the most successful MMO out. I just wish SE had stayed true to their formula from 11 in many aspects. Well there are other ways to cap tomes. There are hunts, and there's also Alexander. I personally just do an expert roulette and a trials roulette a day and I'm capped.  I wish they would fix the item description pop to somewhere else on the hud when I'm skimming over items.. The box can be moved in HUD config. You can also have it show on one side only or mirror sides. This is in character config I believe.  I agree with emily if you were actually a proper monk it wasn't hard to output a ton of damage while keeping your stacks up  buy FFXIV gil. Hell while its phasing you can set yourself up in coeurl form so u can start off with a stack. As someone that loves playing Nin and Brd seeing the tp bar will be nice. Thank Heavens now I can see other TP bars and not have to guess if there out or not. if you have mudra lag then fix your connection or cast Fuma Shuriken instead of Raiton. Also a quick fix they could do would be to let us self cast Goad. 

EU constumer service

But we already have Sazhs guns hahaha. Did the rog/nin ever get anything from the event. No, the event was in the very start of the game. And for Rouge maybe Noel's weapons, I know it's would weird but is the one that comes to mind, cause his moves in ff13-2 resemble the NIN/ROG. Congratulations on your 14 hour anniversary.

 I hope there's an increase in inventory slot since the game expanded.. new items came in Q_Q. new mount that is a wolf please ;3 and another fun event. They have fenrir as s mount! Though it's pretty tough to save up for. adams amen to that. Gil spammers are freaking annoying.  I hope this is good place for complaining SE EU constumer service  buy FFXIV gil.

My rhetorical question is: what kind of SE EU constumer service who ask his / her constumer to stop complaining?. What a revolutionary solution if I may add. Pretty happy with the Live letter tbh. Hopefully the specialist recipes are at high ilvl and unique per craft. Fix AST, ban all bots and gil spammers, increase GC rank, EU datacenters release  FFXIV gil . i need the download link for it... Jennifer Clifton Sherman. A customizable return message would be a nice feature to add for us players that have /tell turned off. I turn mine off so I don't have to look at all the incoming gil spam but I kinda feel like a jerk because there could be legit players wanting to chat. I don't want them to think I'm ignoring them. unsure emoticon . hello....i have played every final fantasy except the online games...anyone can explain me how it works...it is a free game? a i have to create an sign a accont and pay for ir it? how can i play?

There is a free trial, but that only lasts so long. After that it is subscription based and I think it's about 15$ a month or so. You can play on PS3+4 and also on the PC. i tried to create a account some years ago...but i could not finish 'couse my adress. what i hate the most about the game is 1 thing only the super grind fest lvling ! lol


FFXIV Duty Finder

 I hit Bismark for the first time last night and didnt believe people that doing it through Duty Finder was Bad. Four failed duties later and I was convinced my DPS wasnt good enough. Boyfriend made me an over-melded gun and I updated all my gear and the next run went so fast that the tank I borrowed from another LS was surprised how fast it cleared. grin emoticon cheap FFXIV gil  ....

 I'm Thirsty for more difficult content. And people who dont jump off the edge on purpose at the start of the fight. >.> Yes, it is really difficult to do content on DF, not impossible but more difficult indeed, having an static always help because they most likely will help you figure out what you can work and improve if you're not pulling your weight. I kinda like bad parties the first few goes though, to see the "This is where NOT to stand" kind of thing. Majority of the time I'm actually the last one to die...

Probably because I used to play FFXI where everything was more dangerous and critical. After experiencing pre-nerf Dynam is FFXIV gil, a lot of these new challenges seem a little hand-holdy. Then again I couldnt get a Static to go past Turn 5 of Coil so I'll never get to see that dungeon at its peak of difficulty either. unsure emoticon. You wont have to worry about that, this will only be pre made party accessible, so you'll need a static. Yeah, I havnt really run into anything outside of no-echo Coil to be particularly challenging. I'd been hoping for more challenges like the old Promyvion runs, but maybe that kind of stuff is TOO hard for the causals. I always have to do everything via DF.... Every free company I join is always like "oh yeah, we love helping folks and doing runs" then...crickets every time I throw it out there. I don't get to play enough to keep up, so I am always begins everyone else. I feel like I am just a pain when I ask.

It would be my dream to actually make some good friends on FF14.


Heavensward play WoW

Lol says content is boring. Obviously hasn't played Heavensward. And if you have. I wanna see a link where you have all classes 60,even DoH and DoL. If not, then don't complain about being bored. I have played heavensward and have a 60 paladin. Leveling up alts to just get to the same boring endgame is not "fun" to me. Again, all personal opinion and I have better things to do. Doing Alexander for months also is not something I want to do as I find the raid extremely boring and stale. There's good reason why the population is slowly dwindling down. I am not saying the game is bad by any means I just wish they would add more content  FFXIV gil.

I don't think this is anything to get excited about...plus that thumbnail Miqo'te /sit pose is a recycled Au Ra /sit with different hand positioning... So other races are mentally challenged and don't know how to sit like it her races? I mean, if I cross my legs while I sit in real life, can you not do the same? Point is some people want the same poses as other races. I get it, but they stay so focused on new poses omg you can like totes ride mounts in housing buy FFXIV gil !

I just want more important things fixed/added. A mass Esuna would be nice, as an example. But no! Different poses! It's not quite the same. Au Ra ladies don't sit with their butts up that high or legs that close. some people just like to bitch and moan though, tis the world we live in.  the people handling the battle system are different from the people handling the poses. The development team isn't one guy sitting at his computer doing stuff, it's a rather sizable team with different skills and vision. It's why you're able to get a bunch of story quests when you get a new raid. Lol a mass esuna. You want the game to be easy, go play WoW. We don't need advantaged here. Content gets cleared just fine. Oh gosh I thought you were kidding XD

Of course it's not just one person. Different teams different projects. Means stuff can come out at random times. Like poses.  WoW actually isn't all that easy, if anything XIV is far more hand-holdy than WoW is, so that wasn't the best example to use for your argument.


The Aion Tiki Bar is back

The Tiki Bar is back! Pick up cocktails from our Bartenders and chip away Ice Blocks with Ice Picks. Ice Blocks and Ice Picks can be found in Bags of Ice dropped by instance bosses.

Follow the link for full event details: http://www.ssegold.com/news/aions-2015-summer-block-party-is-back.html

Aion Gold

Another cash shop event. All of the events now are designed to get people to spend money on the cash shop. Little to no effort is being put into doing anything to improve the game including banning hackers.  yea you just keep telling yourself that, and don't forget it snows in July in Mississippi also. It doesn't snow in July in Mississippi. Jesus, you didn't need to be a b*tch about it.  It's called sarcasm and yes I did. I am tired of people making false claims about the game. Aion's useless block party.

This update of Summer Block Party lasts till August 19, so don’t miss out! Buy enough Aion Kinah for good armors and items right now at ssegold as you can get one free from one, refer to Big promotion: Big promotion: Aion kinah US “Buy one get one free”!! Was there since beta. Last time I logged LFG was dead, except for the interns selling kinah, so apparently I'm not the only one. man i stopped playing this game in 2013.... i wonder what's changed.


FF14 Recruitment Code

Did you use the official refer a friend buy FFXIV Gil ? Or just told them to get the game? Cause they said its all retroactive. I would talk to support then if you did. there was no official program in 1.0 or the beginning of 2.0. I got everyone i know on a long long time ago. This emote is awesome! Not only is it a fist bump, but it's followed by your character bumping their chest. Awesome touch to the emote.

Joey Conroy bumps fists with Kevin Alexander Mantilla. Hey, have you tried FINAL FANTASY XIV?
It has a great story, amazing graphics, and the combat is fun and fast-paced.
We've been looking for a game we can play together, and I think this could be it!

Register a service account using the recruitment code below and when you pay for a subscription, you'll receive an exclusive in-game item reward cheap FFXIV Gil .
Recruitment Code: ZZVUCSZJ. my friends and i have been playing and subscribing since pre-release some of us since day one of 1.0. we spent months killing dodos in a hugely empty world with no content. we cant recruit a friend unless we pay for second accounts which is not something we should have to do. these items and emotes should be made available to us. we have been using our own fist bump macro since ff11. the fact that one is finally real and we cant get it is insulting to our loyalty. Just ask if someone wants to do the refer a friend thing on reddit or something. I am sure you have girlfriends or wife's that would do it for you. It's a reward for bringing someone into the game, not for game loyalty that is the veteran rewards.

Where's the dislike button.. Big no to all content obtainable through things outside of the actual game. This is obtained through bringing a friend into the game which In turn helps the game. Stop being butthurt because you can't get it. All MMOs do a recruiting campaign. FFXIV does it best cause they give you more stuff the longer your friend or in my case sister subscribes. I like to sofly punch people, but doing Kabedon is clever.


FFXIbreak my grip on ESO

Diabolos April 2004 ~ Sept. 2008, with a limited return in 2009.
Quit because it was growing impossible to get help with anything.
When I returned in 09, I was basically on my own, got bored, left buy FFXIV Gil.
Elvaan DRG from start to finish on my main and had another character that was THF and SAM.
I miss my wyvern. unsure.
and yeah, Sandy for life! Bastok smells, and Windy can burn!

EDIT: Side note to that... It was Elder Scrolls Oblivion that broke my grip (and I started playing single player games since)... After FFXI I vowed to never touch another MMO.... And then ESO was announced, and I said I'd never play it unless it was subscription free... ... ... What did I get on GMG last week while it was on sale? >.> ESO.
So the question is... Could  FFXI (if free to play) break my grip on ESO?!?
... one requires people to get anything done, the other I can solo all day. squint buy cheap FFXIV Gil .  Eh, you know I'd log in just to hug the hell out of my wyvern!

What theme does the photo have to hold? Sad to see you only plan to sell it in japan but again, not really surprised. I'll always remember. Even when the rest have turned to dust. problem, I bought the game on pc and can't get it to work. its all fine until I try and play it. it takes me to a direct play screen ans freezes on me everytime anyone else have this problem...thanks.


Aion is a empresa Fancy Game

Venho apresentar a vocês, a empresa Fancy Games. A Fancy Games é uma empresa privada, formada por uma equipe de administradores que abrirá um espaço para falar mais sobre o jogo Priston Tale (MMORPG).

Nos últimos anos Aion Gold, os servidores lançados se encontram numa situação precária relacionada à desenvolvimento e administração do jogo.

Na visão e conclusão final da Fancy Games, o Priston Tale tem muito potêncial de desenvolvimento e adaptação, iremos investir nele por ser um jogo divertido e atrativo.
Nossa intenção é tornar o Priston Tale muito mais divertido, atrativo e inovador.

No momento estamos em desenvolvimento de dois MMO que se chamam: Cabal Online e Priston Tale!
O primeiro a ser lançado será o Priston Tale.

 Brace yourselves, the "this game is pay to win/this game sucks now" comments are coming -- Concentrate you on issues in game before to think money.  plz remake your update cheap Aion Kinah , i stoped to play because elyos is evrywhere and i can lv up at lv 50 around ... If you're lvl 50 you should be able to use fast track server which doesn't have any elyos on it. It also depends on the area you're going to. lv58 i checked but its impossible to make quest. I feel your pain man, have been trying to collect 10 things yesterday, got killed 6 times, always attacking me in the back, collected 8, then made a new char cause I got so tired of it.

either way making +15s will be eassier on 4.9 and harder to make +20+ cause the enchanting benefits will increase. +20? u kidding me atm 15 is impossible too. why you canceled exp with mithril cash quests?  Back when Aion went free-to-play, they promised to never give anyone who pays real money anything that could give them an advantage, and yet they're selling boxes with endgame accessories. So much for promises...


how to store ffxiv shards and crystals into fc bank

At least I'm glad I transferred all my shards and crystals into fc bank shortly before this happened, so my fc can use those. So you goofed and didnt update your info before your product shipped FFXIV Gil, so now youre complaining because support wont help you? Interesting... have fun with WoW

 It shipped while in process of moving. Arrived after I left. Then it was down to give the new address if you knew you was moving, end of. Their support sucks but you just seem like you wanna bash on them by complaining.

Didn't have the new address was going to until after it was shipped, and there was the strong possibility I would have been staying in that place and not leaving. Why would they send disc to a house you cznt get access to?

Oh i see so you messed up and blamed someone else. Lol the support team are decent imo, someone hacked my account changed password username and email address they asked me to provide original password code from my cooy of the game and passport to prove name was matching the account,.

It's called life happens, and try to fix it, and cheap FFXIV Gil they won't assist. I look at it as saving me money. I'm out $40 immediate, but save future cost of per month subscription. Im sure they get plenty of rmts that tell them same story youve told them, just to get more game keys. Yeah it sucks, but most companies wouldnt send a customer another product because of the customer puting the wrong address. Being stolen or DoA is another matter. Depending on what time Saturday, I can assist. Is it just that no one is queing for that fight? Or is it that the groups you are getting suck? Garuda story is probably the most difficult due to lack of mechanics knowledge. If I had a character on midgardsormr, I'd help you out. Sorry. im isis steelflight on midgardsormr......i will be on around 7pm gmt if anyone fancys helping a noob out.

FF14 ultra-mega-super-alpha-beta-YXZ Mode

I thought it said "It brings a host of addictions and refinements" but it could very well be that... Love this game. 90002 errors, DX11 stopped working and crashing my game FFXIV Gil . . . I find the game suddenly unplayable after the patch. First I've heard of this, check all your updates, especially dx11 and gpu. Easiest fix if it's on your end.& buy FFXIV Gil; I checked both, updated both--issues are worse. my dx11 has never work. but not much difference between versions just play in dx9 and all fine.

Thank you for actually delivering. I had my doubts, but the first room in savage easily blocks out folks that want their hand held. I thought it'd be little more than the glorified CT that normal Alex was, but I'm happy to have been proven wrong. Now to wait until Thursday and see about getting Sav1 and Sav2 down, atleast.

yup stepped in sav 1 with 180 people for the tanks to get battered by faust and adds lol. and then you have people making 170groups in party finder fk knows how they think 170 will get past it when 170 barley got you past it on normal.

Brutal versions, so hard move, extreme mode, brutal mode, fatality mode, ultra-mega-super-alpha-beta-YXZ Mode on the patch 4. Man, sounds like you should just go back to WoW with their "everything is easy" mode if that's how you feel. this content is designed for people with high i level especially when top gear is i210 now.  Yoshi has allready told us his stance on the current state of MCH "lol git gud scrubs" MCH and BRD should be the lowest dps and should not be on par with BLM and SMN, there have been a lot of MCH parses over 800 which is perfectly acceptable for the support nature of the class, I think you might need to do a little bit more studying to help yourself improve, tanks should never out dps anyone. As far as DRGs go we only got a buff to our positional skills, which means when we are unable to hit a target from perfect flank and rear (example ravana during seeing moves) we dont lose too much dps now.


Gladiator defense skill

 My number 1 issue with this game is how simplistic combat is. There is no skill in this game at all. Makes me sad. And we just found out that Jacob Pope has not even gotten past lv30. Take elitism as a compliment. It is. I have no idea how that even became a derogatory term in the first place.

"If they can do it. So can you." Pssht, being elitist buy FFXIV Gil isn't a compliment, there is nothing cooler than a skilled player with a humble attitude. Normally the true good players don't brag about how good they are and also don't sell ^^ Guess they are skipping all the cs or they want to be the villains...just watch the example of our warrior of light and learn how to be a true hero smile. Bring me a flower or meal please =p Being able to beat stuff is reward enough smile. I don't care about silly titles lol Or getting real money...thought that was illegal. 

Weak and pathetic. This guys a simpleton. How much of a troll can you be? You care wayyy to mych how others want to play.. get a life. This comes off as. " I dont like how other people play the game I play, if I have loads of FFXIV Gils time n no life to devote to this game everyone else should to. And since I'm so great my opinion on how this game should be played is more important then filthy casuals." Stfu. Honestly stfu. I hate people like you. If their paying to play just like u they have every right to play their way just like you. Elitist jerks. All of it is good for me. I just started playing this game. 1 character at lvl 26. Have fun with the story.  I shall. Some people get mad that Idk how to properly tank though. I'm a gladiator. it will come tou you. make sure you have pala leveld up for cross class abilitys. Shield lob > flash > combo 1 > flash > combo 2 and combo 3 oe flash if need and rotate between mobs since some dps can hit multiple targets. Don't forget to use defense skill on heavy hitting stuff and you be good. Yeah they kept telling me to tank, and I'm like we'll I can use provoke and that's it lol dps doing more damage so enemies focus on them.

I always used to mark my mobs but sometimes people don't care and follow the numbers...just do 2 or 3 flashes and then focus on the mob the dps is hitting and keep an eye on hate list next to the names. U guys are a lot of help, thx. Can't wait to get further and play as dark knight. Gladiator is the hardest tank to level, but once you hit 40 and get shield oath it's GG to 60.

Keep the faith, don't let the assholes keep you down. Welcome to eorzea. Some people forget that not everyone has been playing since beta. however, nice class choice, I rolled glad/paladin as my first class too. Although now I play dragoon. Just keep at it and you'll be pro in no time .