Blade and Soul lock dungeons for players with insufficient stats

Paid 120E + for a laggy experience with bots and nerfs on my fav class...sin and constant buff on that scummoner....let's not even talk about game performance...i have a gtx 980 i7 6700k and 16gb @3000mhz. And i still get 12 fps in some areas... I have a very similar stats, and my game is at 60 fps like 90% of the time. It drops to around 20 when in ssp. If you are playing at full graphic settings, try reducing some, or just use "optimiza foe combat".

 the SS works only about 20% of the time
fix your bugs Cheap Blade and Soul Gold
- so many times my warlock's soulburn buffs party but doesnt buff self.
leech and dragoncall animation happens and no dragon came out, no siphon effect.
- my kfm iframes never happens till 1-2 secs after constantly spamming Q n E. block suffers the same.
- so many times i pressed S more than 4 times n SS still fails.
- the damage of bosses AOEs always exceed their markers.
- it's stupid when the dragon flew out after the dragoncall and the dragon disappears in the air cos u got knockback (like fighting conscript unbound esp)
- brightstone bosses started to roll sideways instead of forward.
- SSP capture and grindtooth always encounter lags and framerate issues.
- terrible drop rates

grindtooth is suppose to give us keys. Blade and Soul Gold i have gotten 2 boxes with 5 keys and the rest are all 0 or 1. mostly 0.how do we upgrade our stuff when we have so many boxes and no key.casual games will never be able to catch up to those who play throughout the whole day.

can we have a vote kick system in dungeon parties? so we can remove afks and leeches?

it will be great if u just lock dungeons for players with insufficient stats. at least they know they can play it at a later stage.much better than kicking ppl and getting kicked and jeered at by snobs, makes the community real bad.


FFXIV 3.3 patch trailers

 It's comming, 3.35 or 3.4 maybe. Yoshi already teased that on 3.3 patch trailers (I thought it should be working by now, but aparentely it's not).  I'm not there yet. Anyway, you need to improve the guildheist reward. I can't get it going and it's required for network trophies. and they still can't do anything but the same trash > boss > trash > boss > more boring trash mobs > final boss formula and limit raids to one item per week.

I just resubbed (took a break for a month or so.) couldn't resist the call!. Literally the best online game that I've ever had the pleasure of playing. FFXIV Gil I adore FFXIV and I can't wait for what you have in store for us next! but we need something cause this no cross server play is killing me. also I kind of hate that in ff14 that if I want to use a sword I have to be a tank class. why cant tanks get giant hammers and stuff and dps get swords? I want to use swords but I am not fond of tanking.

I can't wait for the next expansion, I hope they add red mage and other classes! Give us Red Mage or Duelist (sword dps fencing class) Red mage please. I need a duelist ;;Buy FFXIV Gil They said no to Red Mage.  They said yes to Red Mage. It won't be a Fencer, probably, more likely to go with the roots where he was a caster hybrid. Matheus Teixeira do you have proof to back that up because. What about Orator, a class that sings/talks to buff, heal, and damage? I know in one game it was used for convincing enemies to join you or monsters to join you.

I loved BLU in XI but we probably never gonna get it . Nullmagic class like blue mage is a design that has some space left in the game- astrologian comes close but has a much different feel.Thief is a possibility, and gives Rogue another job to work towards. Probably difficult to break thief down into a playable job though? Something like a thief/caster class (like spellfilcher from D&D) would be cool- a class that needs to change between being melee or ranged casting, by having spells that have a minimum distance requirement but are instant-cast. That shell definitely possible with Red Mage.


Force Masters VS Soul Fighters in Blade and Soul

You don't need high mbps to play games (unless it is poorly optimized and needs to render while you're in game). When playing bns i would always lag at night for some reason and it would feel like 200+ ping (2-3 sec delay), I jump into league of legends and I would have 50-60 ping.

You really dont wanna them remove cross server lmao how many times have you been in party with players Buy Blade and Soul Gold > while in cross server that are from your own server now imagine they remove it good luck getting anything done unless you can always get full premades with friends since everyone would be just close knit in their groups without even glancing at random players.

If they removed cross server, people wouldnt do dungeons in their own server using the F7. They would find their own small group of friends or clan members and stick to them so you'd have a long time trying to find a party lmao. Not only that, there could be less people on your server compared to some other server. In all of the times i've done cross server, i haven't come across anyone from my server. Mostly from Mushin and some other server.

 They r working on that but u have to first report them then ncsoft will get that message and maybe ban their account or sokethinh. I think if this would end up being the 10th class, Blade and Soul Gold it would be gunner/something to do with guns no bows/arrows. Based on how many "gunners" are shown throughout the storyline.  Because it almost same as fm and kfm. On ranged stance, you just become fm.

 Will there be any event like it was during release of warlock? I mean this one where you had to make max lvl within 2 weeks? or so and you were granted with some siren seals, pirate badges and uniform - temptation. any info about something like this? If you stop playing why are you still on blade and soul Facebook page?  Looks like an OP mix of Kung-Fu Master, assassin, and Force Masters. Soul Fighters also has Jin race? I thought they're only in Yun and Gon?


The Blade and Soul story was awesome

Also my post had nothing to do with "can't handle blade and soul" if you read it would have seen that I said I love the game, but what I can't handle is an inactive gm team that doesn't give a sht about the game and sees it as a cash grab, but hey if you love playing in a game Blade and Soul Gold that will never be as great as it can be than by all means go for it.Might want to slow down and learn to read things... It would really help you as a "mmo" player Steven Montrell Davis.So.... new content but nothing has been fixed for bots and speed hackers? Hm.. Glad I stopped playing mmo for now.  Lag, bot and spammers... wasted my master pack for nothing... open up sea server please...

They said they had no interest in opening a sea server, I believe. I read the article... just hoping..  Spetacular story because this I love this game! Why do we still have siren/pirate weapon ? I think when we upgrade to the next stage it'll transfer.

You cannot upgrade into the path. your next upgrade will be back to silverfrost path. By the wat where I found shirts and jacket oficial game? I think is this a bug or something. Fix fix fix random crash today. This is the 5 time I crash. Fix the damn crash and error on this game. Is is just me or is it a bug that i get 10 dc in a row... right after log in the game... ? The story was awesome. I cracked a tear a few times at the cinematics.Cheap Blade and Soul Gold But by paying what are you actually winning? League of Legends by this logic is also pay to win.

Well you could grind all that gold urself :^), Good luck. P2W is quite relaxed compared to other games i've seen, where P2W was so hard you didn't even needed to play in order to have gear. In fact, something i like, and that i hope that keeps for as long as the game is live, is that you can get EVERYTHING, with a bit of effort. With Daily Challenge yes if your lucky but I have a life so I just do dailys that give the most gold in a few hours time then repeat the process every day.