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Still waiting for a key, its like 3 years im waiting to test B&S..  Yea founders pack is available until headstart from what I've seen. Just ordered my new pc parts. Gonna be happy if i get to test it with this game.  i cant connect this say that the connection with server failed. my luncher stops in downloading reapiring files, what i do? May I please ask: Was there a specific criteria for which the Jaesung combatants were chosen or was it random pick ? If it was a specific criteria, I'll have you know that I hate you a little for not choosing me too.

The choose the best pvp players Buy Blade and Soul Gold , so guess someone had a higher rank than you. Getting my computer this weekend and buying the beta access!! So excited to play. I am interested in the founders pack for my friend and I but i'm unwilling to purchase it without being able to try the game first frown emoticon seems i missed out on any beta keys for him and i why always secure connection failed, if i click login or create account ? Hey, um it declined my payment (credit card) for a founder's pack. Is it because I closed the window after it sent an e-mail saying it was processing (took 10 minutes) or maybe my IP? sad that i cant make my destroyer 45 T_T no more key only experience the game for 5 days.  I'll just wait til January to play on Blade and Soul Gold release day but boy oh boy will the servers be freaking packed on launch date.

whenever i enter my email client crash morning it was ok help.T.T and now game wont start i mean on ns menu enter email and pass and then it disappears. Well i love it and going to buy it. Hope i will make enough money for the Last Pack! colonthree emoticon So hyped. But something i dont like, but getting used to it .  I can say with complete honesty that this is one of the most fun games I've ever played, and easily the best in a genre I usually hate with a passion. This game does everything right and will only get better! Keep up the amazing work!

If someone still needs a key i have one. just PM me. The first one to come gets it wink emoticon. I have a key but it says failed to connect to server. be nice if website with keys wasn't overloaded.... Its on now guys im creating my new character now.  Did you update it? It needs to update and i bought founders pack so i dont have to worry about getting beta key. I got a key! Heck yes! Time to give this one a well deserved shot, I'm genuinely looking forward to it. Why have you made this game P2W? Players has to pay when they loot items in dungeons and ofc people that has most money will always get loot, cause they can out bid everyone! And whats with the 20€ for each suit/outfit we want? Each outfit is one time use, so we have to spend 20€ on every character we want that outfit on. Just plain AWFUL greed system your going for in this game.


Blade and Soul Premium Membership

Someone with beta key to try this game out?  When we will have higher resolution wallpapers? Really dumb decision to want to take away 3v3's. thats the only reason i wanted this game Blade and Soul Gold . Hope we will be able to take screenshots like this. Is there going to be Open beta before, like for xmas maybe, when people will hav emroe time to play with transfer progress to launch? I love the game and have CB pass, but don't wanna get wiped after.There won't be an Open Beta period. Everything from closed beta will be wiped prior to Head Start. Haha, then I gotto re-play 3 times.
1st time China server
2nd time beta
3rd time actual one.

But the real questiong IS... DUN DUN DUU. What happens to by ncoins what i have wasted during the beta? Aquamarine Rose I'm jelly. I can't do this cos i fear i'll get bored or waste my time 2 times, lol. Tried it on the beta, loved the story and the combat and will save the experience for 19.01.2016.Sinan Kangal Buy Blade and Soul Gold the beta isn't for fixing stuff lmao, its just to stress test servers and gain popularity for the game. The fixing is done in korea. Jani the NCoins will be reset. They said this earlier. I got happy when I saw that the closed betas end around christmas break Q.Q then i saw the email saying it will only open like a month after T^T nuuu my only free time. Blade & Soul when will everyone be able to play i cant wait dying to play.

 Blade & Soul Which city is located the server Blade & Soul? Yes we are! There is an option for a Premium Membership, but you don't have to pay to play. But there is some awesome reasons to be a Premium member.. make more money in game is my fav LOL. I have played games with the premium feature before and it actually worked quite well. Those that had it were not overly powered as compared to those who didn't. smile emoticon But then again , it depends on the game makers and how much content more they put for premium features. ALi Shirzad no, it wont, all the things you get from premium membership will be quality of life improvements, nothing game changing, just different windwalking, more exp/gold gain, increased daily limit, u can check the FAQ from the founders pack page. There wont be anything game chaning in premium that you can't obtain for free, just by playing the game.


Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa

Then unfollow the fifa page and go follow barney.  yeap with u bro , its the worst fifa bro , ill travel to pes even if the pes 2016 is the worst pes too. People always cry because they want easy game like FIFA 14 and 15. This game is great so stop complaining and learn to play! & Brazil has Oscar and stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. ;For your information i'm at the first division online. But the game still sucks. Personally I play career mode and I really enjoy it, by the way I hate online games and FUT because they are headache.
FIFA 16 PC Coins
Argentina will win. Brazil lacks team work.. This Brazilian squad is certainly not as same as their predecessors. You don't need flair to win.. Argentina have Di Maria, Lavezzi and in Brazil has Oscar and stupid Neymar but Argentina has di Maria Vietto and Lavezzi so Argentina will win even without Aguero and Messi. Vietto and Lavezzi are better then Neymar and Costa? You're drunk bro.. Easy task for Brasil and Neymar against an Argentina without Messi.... Brazil. No Messi or Aguero and buy FIFA 16 coins an old Argentine back line. No offense or defense = bad game for Argentina. Neymar and Costa are dangerous and deadly and Messi and aguero is out so Brazil can beat Argentina 2goals to 1. form Higuain upfront. I think they look better then Brazil. I know Neymar is on fire with that awesome goal of his but football is team game and honestly the Brazilian squad defences looks abysmal. Even Messi , Aguero & Tevez inclusion would fail to win in selecao likes!  If those players where there they won't just win they will annihilate the Brazilian.

I guess Pastore and Correa are chopped liver. Besides the point though since Ecuador can beat Argentina in this weakened state so could Brazil. Brazil will win, not as easily as usual, but yes Brazil is in better form than Argentina even with Messi, but in football soccer anything can happen. Argentina is without Messi and Aguero & Tevez but I still think they will win. Joseph, maybe you don't know, but last year Brazil defeated Argentina for 2x0 and Argentina had Messi and Aguero playing. At the moment Neymar > Argentina (without Messi and Aguero). Neymar hattrick & Coutinho 1 goal for Brazil
Dimaria 1 goal for Argentina.

World's number 2 according to Fifa rankings, Argentina...... Do you have disputes with this?  EA SPORTS FIFA update facial scan to important players (Fabregas,Alli,Sterling,Depay, Borussia Dortmund ,Deulofeu,Sahko etc) for #FIFA16 EA SPORTS. I hope Argentina wins but is gonna be an amazing game. unfortunately, Brazil will win because Argentina are without Messi, Aguero and Tevez. Brasil. Argentina doesn't have Messi, Aguero and Tevez. Argentina doesnt need messi to win every match.. But brazil needs neymar badly.. Last wc is proof.  Argentina need Leo messi and Sergio aguero.


Guild Wars 2 came back to Aion

And a lot of people were really rude as well, they kept on saying I was a bad cleric when I did a better job then half the people who were clerics. But I started playing Guild Wars 2 (Gw2) and the community is AMAZING like seriously, you ask a question and I almost always get a answer back right away. Today I talked with someone in the game for about an hour about the expansion pack for the game cause I was asking questions about it. I mentioned I played Aion and he said he also used to and that this game Gw2 was also much better, especially the community. Then he offered to help me anytime I needed it! Gw2 > Aion.

Well I have no problems with the Siel community, but I did not like GW2 at all! So after I had taken 3 characters to level 80 got sick of it and came back to Aion.... everybody has a different experience with people in games Buy GW2 Gold . Star wars battlefront and Black desert will kill aion, I quit playing Aion because of the gold spammers and bots.  I had level 65's and I played just fine got tired of blocking gold spammers every 2 seconds.

now looks better after the patch system to stop the gold spammer. Its in steam and there is no spam. Or at least in the NA servers . That is awesome maybe I will come back after the 1st of the new year after I get back from my trip Guild Wars 2 Gold. I wish they would make flying usable anywhere, I remember in PWI I could turn on my music and fly across the whole map if I wanted, Aion doesn't have half the sense of adventure that pwi does. I miss flying. Aion, why do we have 5 diferent servers and all of they have half population (or any less)? Some plans to infuse all servers in one or two?

lol update for useless !!!!!!!!!!!!you cant retrieved kinah for your loyal player lol!! must be quit for a long time then back and no kinah left on my warehouse...is it possible you cant restore item or kinah left?  hi. when can we expect AION 2 and AION avaiable on steam? ty. great memories playing Aion.  i started few days ago playing on eu server but i see the population is low and i was thinking of joining siel server on NA cause i heard it has few ppl but i was wondering are there any daily freshstarters on na servers? There is a new server "Beritra" you could start there and see how you go.


FFXIV launched the maidens rhapsody event to celebrate the last chapter of FFXI

thank you for the maidens rhapsody event ffxiv... you have no idea what it means to me so ill enlighten you a bit... my friend and I played ffxi and 2 years ago he passed away. I never knew him IRL but he was such an amazing friend to me. Today FFXIV launched the maidens rhapsody event to celebrate the last chapter of FFXI... as I went to complete the needed fates for these quests the FFXI battle music started up... and it made me think of all the wonderful times we had in vanadiel... a small event for everyone else in ffxiv right now but for me it was so much more... the music, the feelings. The quote "So long as there is light in the world, the legend of vanadiel's greatest hero will live on" really Cheap FFXIV Gil has alot of meaning in my heart... this is for you Joshua Van Horn may your spirit live on forever in vanadiel as the greatest hero ever.

No. Stahp being lazy. And ffs change her hair. I enjoy seeing FFXI incorporated into XIV. I played XI for over 10 years and still have an active XI account. I hope to see XIV doing more XI / XIV work in the future. I don't believe so. They'll probs pop it in like they did the Halloween event. yeah, they should have added them with 3.1 and make it appear today. there was a bit of a bug earlier on the last quest the Dread Dragon cannot be atk and just stood FFXIV Gil there until the time ran out the next one when someone else trigger the quest both bosses died so fast and none of us get the quest item lol but luckily the 3rd one finally work lol.

This runs until Dec. 31st tho, they usually don't overlap season event...Right? This isn't a seasonal event. This is a crossover, like Dragon Quest and FFXIII. They treat crossovers like seasonal events, in that if you don't finish them before they end, you can't finish them, period.The FFXI finale started on the 9th. The crossover event in FFXIV starts on the 11th. Anyone know where the event is being held ? Which city or location ? Quest Location: Limsa Lominsa - Upper Decks, Remumu. Does the event start today? Or tomorrow? I read the 11th I think. Sweetness thx o btw how long is the event till ?


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

This is stupid what about the people that love the game but do not live in america. Guess those outside of US can't enter, will you be doing one for EU/Uk and the many other regions????? Yes i read the post but since you offer the gam and many other give aways to all why would this one not be?  I already won people, no need to enter. Nothing to see here...move along. Is there a sweepstakes where i win heart of thorns? you wanted a new gaming computer? Here's a chance! You could at least let european countries participate for the gems.Its not hard to send an email with a code. Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.. Soooo are you gonna do one of these for the Canadian players too? Maybe a EU one? oh yeah then if they cant offer it to all there players they shouldnt offer it to any of them  I am in the 51st state of the US: The Netherlands, can I apply too? *shrug* despite being outside US, chances are minimal anyway, kudos to the lucky winner to be smile emoticon
(plus, there's usually always some other PC-contest over here)

Ofc this is a NA only comp.. why is anyone surprised anymore. Hell..I would just love a copy of HoT so I can play with my friends...but I can't afford it. Is that one of the prizes, haha. Come on! Let's have an equivalent competition for all the different regions. Y'all are usually good for equality ^-^ Keep everything else I'd just like the gems please. Are any of these prizes the expansion? because I can't really afford it at this point.. Cheap GW2 Gold .  Very thx but i dont registration because I from Hungary frown emoticon,  US only, guess the rest of us are irrelevant even though we paid like the yanks... Thanks arenaNet for thinking that USA is the only country that matters squint emoticon.

so we can support the game but if it comes to such thing we are not worth... So Corsiar are only delivering the pc in the usa? Even though they have a world wide shopthat ships/ delivers all over.... Join us today, November 6, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) for Guild Chat on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel! Host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests will talk about the creation of new creatures in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Oh, good. I want to know who on the Anet team has the mushroom fetish...killer mushrooms, mushrooms that bounce you in the air, mushrooms that make you super speedy...


Dear Aion, I tried to play you

 playing 5 years now mate lol they have never been on time ever! haha just wondering if it was announced. its 30mins late whyyyyyyyyy?? has it been announced that time has been extended?  im the only who think having a new server is kind of stupid since we have 1 or 2 server allreadt dead? e.e It's for the new Steam users.
So they don't get gang banged since new

Dear Aion, I tried to play you, but apparently if you play solo is an dead end. If somehow you want party, alliance, buy Aion Kinah or a group you are not let in, because you're too small. I have found a lots of quests as level 14-18 as asmodian that I cannot under any circumstance finish them, 1 I don't have enough skills(power etc) secondly your "details" regardin the location of the things on map is very wrong mostly of the time. Sadly I am too leave this game! I have tried to search on internet helps with the quest, nothing, to play solo is impossible, the quests are impossible. So thank you, but no thank you! I have truly wished to grow as an Spirit master Asmodian but apparantly you cannot alone! I am very sadden to know you need 40 GB for the game, and you dn't have even the minimum of thought of doing this even for "lonely people". I am to search now another game which has an real detailed "wiki" and definitly players that can help you.

I think you're really, really wrong. I'm Cleric in Israpahel server, I just can play one, sometimes two days a week. And I'm at level 49. And yes, I did everything alone. Maybe in three quests needed help, but most of the time I was alone. What about the guides and wiki? There are many, many. Currently I use the Meliran's Guide. The guide exists for both races and shows the best quests to level up. Until level 49, in Meliran's Guide, only saw two moments which were recommended to go in groups. And guess what? I was alone.


Heart of Thorns seems to be trying to cater to both new players and old player

I loved Colin's response about the smaller guilds and guild halls. My guild is about 15 people with about 12 fully active all week and always repping. We are working on getting the workshop and already have found a formula for us to all have fun and do WvW and HOT/PvE content to get the materials to upgrade Cheap GW2 Gold .

As usual, everything painted with a glowy pink tint. It still seems to me that Anet chases the new player and utterly dismisses (or forgets about) the old. Oh well, will continue to plug away GW2 Gold . Most of my friends are long term players (been playing since Guild Wars: Prophecies launched) and we've all been having a blast with the expansion so far. It feels like there is plenty of new stuff for us to do while still letting us progress with existing characters. Sure, some stuff could use some tweaking and there are some bugs. But that isn't unique when it comes MMO expansions. This launch has been incredibly smooth.

Heart of Thorns seems to be trying to cater to both new players and old players. I'm not sure how ANet has abandoned veteran players with this release. Most of the new systems and changes to existing systems seem intended to cater *specifically* to veteran players while also attempting to draw in new ones.  I really don't know where this conclusion comes from. Legendary crafting is the only thing that really caters to vet players in any way mastery wise, minus elite specs, which are really just another trait tree.

Am I the only one who thinks the drop of hp reqa to 250 for elites is just insane....I quite enjoyed the challenge to attain it. Now every persom basically fresh out of tyria will be extremely close to the requirements. how many alts do you have and do you play casually? or should the game just be made for you?  If you're not letting the download finish then there's your problem once I let the d/l finish I was good to go. Yet *another* prime time" update... will you PLEASE stop updating the game during PRIME TIME!! Please???????  Please remove that mentor tag..PLEASE..lol Theres wayy too many and its too ez to aquire.