I havnt played diablo 3 in 8 months

Does that include Maphack for D2? I think most folks went back to D2 quite a while ago.Sad people have to cheat to be good at a game lol 801 people like this.Wish someone would hack and fix the game d3 gold I think an eight year old could. Or myself fir that matter.
26 shares enough said.

I dont think you guys actually look at the people you ban. I havnt played in 8 months and I logged on to battle.net to find my Diablo3 account anned... So disappointed with Blizzard, my account was hacked and banned because hacker cheated. Followed Blizzard instructions on account recovery but NO RESPONSE received. So you guys can celebrate tons of cheaters banned but remember some of them didn't cheat, and I didn't cheat. lmao you buy Diablo 3 items dipshits really fixxed hacking by forcing us all to be online all day. blizzard north still available to fix this catastrophy of a game? ill be playing d2.

why did they announce/proclaimed that pvp would be a bigger part of d3 compared to d2 ? ... So it would be more like if mcdonald said they are starting to sell pizza's but when the customer asks for it the salesman goes " narh sorry, they're still being warmed. Come back in 9 or 10 major patches"


I like runescape updates what I see so far

Let's not forget guys; the Lunar Isle and Bandit Camp teleports require quests to complete. I'm sure most of these will too. Yeah, the lore doesn't QUITE match up, but perhaps it's linked to the 6th Age?

.  I honestly don't see what everyone else is complaining about - you have to activate the lodestones first before you can use them. Meaning for ape atoll and elven lands and the like, you still have to sell runescape account do the quests. I have complained about updates/Jagex actions before and probably will do so again in the future (I'm hoping not, but....well we'll see), but everyone complaining about this honestly sounds just...childish.

I am a little leery of the wilderness lodestone, gives pkers a place to camp, unless it's in the mage arena bank area - that would be good.

I'm interested to see what's going to be added to cheap runescape accounts the other tele methods like amulet of glory and row. I use those a lot.


diablo 3 items used for barbarian leveling

There are some items out there that are exceptionally good for us, the most manly class players in the game. % block chance is SUPERB stat for barbarians (and overall for characters who are using shield for defensive puproses). Thus at this moment in time, Stormshield is unquestionably the most sought after item by barbarians, and if there is any chance that you can get your hands on it Diablo 3 items - DO IT (though prices for it tend to get a bit crazy on auction house, I wonder how much people will be willing to pay for it once RMAH hits live servers).

Anyways, here is the list of legendary items that I consider worth taking Diablo 3 account buy a glance at (not sure if they will be buffed in 1.1 patch, I would wait untill then before actually buying them):

7.1. Stormshield

Posted Image  960–1059 Armor
+(10.0-25.0)% Chance to Block
2800-3800 Block Amount
+(84-89) Strength
+7% Chance to Block
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 4%.
Reduces damage from elites by (4-5)%.
+(61-70) Resistance to All Elements
2 Random Magic Properties

Stats speak for themselves, if you want to buy it on AH, then prioritize % block chance over anything else. As for 2 random magic stats that are good - % life or vitality. Any of these will do well and shall increase the price of this beauty even further.

7.2. The Helm of Command

Posted Image   360–397 Armor
+(84-89) Vitality
+8% Chance to Block
4 Random Magic Properties

Another AMAZING piece of gear with even more amazing itemization. First of all, make sure that it has socket. The amount of % life you can get from socket slot in head is just to great to pass up. And I just can't stress enough how important the HP for barbarians is, especially if they go for tank build based on lifeleech. After socket, prioritize + All resists stat, + Strength and preferably +% life.

7.3. String of Ears

Posted Image  235–309 Armor
Reduces damage from melee attacks by (10-20)%.
+(85-145) Armor
Each Hit Adds +(55-94) Life
+(11-20) Resistance to All Elements
3 Random Magic Properties

The best thing about this item is its built-in reduction from melee attacks. Make sure that you get the most of it where to sell diablo 3 account, thus buy item with the highest possible % of reduction. 20% would be best obviously.

7.4. Justice Lantern

Posted Image
+(85-145) Armor
+(60-65) Vitality
+11% Chance to Block
Reduces the duration of control impairing effects by (7-8)%.
2 Random Magic Properties

While this ring might not seem so good at first in comparison to other rare rings with for example +% AS, + Life on hit, its insane amount of bonus block chance is what makes it worthwhile. Two another random magic, best stats for it would be + Strength and + All resistances.

7.5. Mara's Kaleidoscope

+(66-71) Strength
+(66-71) Dexterity
+(66-71) Intelligence
+(66-71) Vitality
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 4%.
Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 4%.
+(11-20) Resistance to All Elements
2 Random Magic Properties

Flat damage reduction against both ranged and meele attacks is what makes this item very good (so in a nutshell, we basically get 4% reduction against all types of damage) in addition to always needed + All resistances stat and decent amount of other stats like str and vit. Blackthorne's Medal with the right stats might be better than this neck though (especially if it will grant you 2 or 3 set piece bonus of the Blackthorne tier set). It depends on whether you are stacking legendaries along with very powerful rares or if you are aiming for tier pieces and thus their respective set bonuses.

Let me explain why I find those "weak, underpowered legendaries" to be better than rares with perfect stats.

You will have a block chance of around 50% which is rather good - if you have good enough overall damage reduction, it is basically same thing as 50% flat dmg reduction (still highly dependent on RNG though).

Reduction against meele attacks is also nice because tbh, the most creatures that you encounter in Diablo are actually melee.

Here is the possible BiS list I made, excluding insane rare items with perfect stats cheap D3 gold(with current state of legendary items, perfectly rolled rares are much, much better - keep in mind that this may change once patch that will significantly buff legendaries hits live servers):


Jagex make more money from SoF promotion than from membership

As long as people will buy spins, we will see update like that. Jagex wont publish the numbers, but I would not be surprised if they make more money from SoF promotion than from buying runescape account or runescape accounts selling.

Absolutely pathetic, if you want a higher gross profit, you WORK for it, you create content you can honestly say you are proud of.

This is a pathetic way of gaining a quick income to compensate poor membership income due to, quite frankly, rubbish updates that have been happening recently.

WAKE UP JAGEX. NOBODY gives a damn about this, you're making yourselves look bad.

But why make them tradable at all? Make them all untradable. And why do you always keep the important part on the rare slot Jagex? Also, limit it to one event item per person. That way people cant buy 1000 spins and buy their 99s with these lamps. As for the rares like fish mask and tree hat, just stop it. Why do we even have to tell Jagex this every single time? They've heard it over and over again for over a year. They are consciously doing this and they don't care what we say. This is pathetic Jagex. At least admit you know you're selling buying runescape gold nd xp. Then I won't complain as much.

Thank you so much for making the tradeable SoF items this go around tradeable only for other pieces in like quantity!


Thrive on Chaos

Every 25 Fury gained while Wrath of the Berserker is active adds 1 second to the duration of the effect  Diablo III gold.

In order to keep WotB up, you not only need to generate enough fury, but also be able to spend some of it, when you cap it. Sitting at max fury means there's no room to generate more = WotB loses duration.

You need to use your fury spenders and this often means also BR, eventhough it doesn't need to be refreshed. For example a WW barb often buy Diablo 3 items times spams Sprint and BR while holding down the WW button (3 fury spenders).
The goal is to be bellow max fury, not lower than half (depending on max amount).

At other times you might find yourself fury starved.
Limit the usage of fury spenders and/or switch to a fury generator untill at comfortable amount . Fury starvation might lead to WotB expiring, not having fury for sprint between monsters and lowered dps.

WW barbs might find themselves in a situation where not enough enemies are present (for example golden elite mob alone left alive) and WotB is losing its duration when whirlwinding. If you finish the monster by using bash Diablo 3 account buy , while repeadedly pressing sprint + BR, you will gain WotB dura, kill it with high amount of fury left for sprinting to other packs.

Sometimes it might be helpful to stop using WW, but sprinting and lettign the tornados generate a comfortable amount of fury, then continue WWing.

Tip: Attacking breakable objects with your fury generator attack is a good way to get some fury when no enemies are around. Some objects are not clickable/targetable (tables etc), but can be still broken by holding the shift key + attack.


millions of players play diablo III per month

The trolling happens before Blizzard opens their mouth about anything. It's preloaded talking points.

millions play per month to buy Diablo III accounts, thousands of viewers per day on twitch, general and trade chats always maxed.... so yes. you're troll attempt is invalid.

oh look tons of D3 haters commenting that don't know any of the changes that have happened over the course of the year and havn't played for months but for some reason just want to comment anyway.

Nobody cares if D3 is on consoles. How about you add some content to the current game cheap D3 gold. Or even better, how about adding in the PvP arenas that were promised when the game came out?

so much nerd rage. Why does blizzard have the most 13 year old school girl fan base ever?Big picture, a good selling game on more systems means more money. Which means more, and better games. No system is better than the other.I don't understand why they didn't inspire from D2 to make D3, you don't change something successful into something completely different... that is a major mistake. I still play diablo 3 from time to time, but I feel everything looked more "evil" and dangerous in D2 compared to the "funny" monsters "from hell" in D3 with the ridiculous female diablo with retarded quotes....have you ever seen diablo 2 act 4 that is hell?... D3 "hell" looks like a joke compared to that sell Diablo 3 account.

I don't understand why people don't just unlike this page, or block their feeds, then. If no one cares, why is everyone making it a point to say something about it? If you don't like it, leave it alone. No one forces you to read these messages.


Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair

The free items for members are currently the Squid Cape and Seaweed Hair.''

wtf those items were already free, GIVE US OUR FREE ITEM NOW!

I can't understand jagex logic, they are prioritizing people that were f2p last summer and member now, and they're mocking the longtime members
They promised they would make less frequent promotions and they do that perfectly with SGS but with SoF... this weekend SoF promo ruin streak kill number 12 will be made and so far they got a 17 - 1 RSR cheap runescape gold(Ruin Streak Ratio).

they made first a 5 promo streak then took a 1 week break and now they are on a 12 promo streak... really less frequent... -_-
making Gaze auras visible for forum pics?

But those two were already free! Blah.

Care to spend some of this time updating the regular animations? You have a fancy graphical department being wasted when we have graphical errors runescape account across every inch of runescape. Rimmington's (and almost everywhere else) lighting is patchy, shadows are square, it's all so ugly, and I doubt RS3 will do more than add more!


Role Attribute Analysis for Diablo III

1, kill Life Recovery: how to kill an enemy back to the value of the blood. This is based on the number of blood back to defensive attributes, according to the usual understanding of view, it should be how many enemies you kill, they kill by the number of times the value of such a reply. But in reality is not so simple, you AOE spells when in use, the effect (that is, the attack hits the target, provided blood replies) may be due to d3 items for sale the different skills and different (probably 1/3, 1/2 , a fold Or times), the specific need you in the game a little attention, we may do some tests at a later date, in order to share the skills to hit back the effect due to the difference.

2, hitting Life Recovery: How much value hit a blood enemy back. How much you hit an enemy, they turned back many multiples of the value of the blood, which in fact is a defensive attributes.

3, Life Orb effect Bonus: this property an excellent understanding of how much added here, the life of the ball when you eat , how much more will the blood back.

4, pickup distance Bonus: This distance determines you eat blood or automatic Jianqian distance, in general,diablo 3 accounts the bigger the better, but sometimes when you are full of blood will put the lives of the ball court eaten, such as when required we are not.


pre-order playstation PS4

Will it run on the PS4?  I do not own a PS console but intend to get one mostly because of D3.

Diablo 3 account selling

Placing my pre-order this Saturday!

They did announce D3 for the consoles at the PS4 reveal and if I remember right they said it will be available for download from the playstation store for the PS4 when it buy diablo 3 account comes out.

I have to say, I am SUPREMELY disappointed. I purchased the collector edition  almost for the sole reason of getting those wings. Thanks to your decision to hand these items for a simple pre-order (effectively a 5$ value at most retail areas) I feel like I have effectively been told that my collectors edition is now a very overpriced piece of DLC. Quite honestly I feel like I am being PENALIZED for playing since release. You have effectively told me the 100+ US dollars I paid for my CE is worth one console preorder. And can I expect reimbursement for this? I most certainly cannot diablo 3 gold for sale, because loyal PC players will get NOTHING.
It is a totally different product, Sir.

If you buy the PS version and you get PS version things.

I preordered CE PC version and not in any way do I feel as though I have been "penalized".  In fact, I love it buy d3 items !  And I will love the PS version just as well.
You bought the collector's edition cause you thought it was worth it to you back then. Unless you brought it for epeen rights, what difference does it make to you what anyone else buys a whole year later.


Would you love to see ladders in Diablo III

Would love to see ladders Diablo III or leagues, seasons, whatever they want to call them, just reasons to remake characters, start from the beginning, with empty stash and everything, I have no problem with that kind of model if the gameplay is good and rewarding.

We need itemization changes first though selling Diablo 3 account, for that to be possible, but there's hope.
lol. Man, if they are going to introduce some form of ladder in the future, they would be stupid not to think about the very limited space we have now... in other words, they will definitely expand the character space and stash space, you just worry too much, bro :o
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they back down from wanting to give us more space in D2 because they would need to spend a lot of $? One would assume that this reality is true for where to buy Diablo 3 account as well. It might come with an expansion if they feel it is necessary, but it will not come from a mere patch.

In any case, I'm not in favor of a ladder reset right now... maybe after the last XPAC or something.


Get the astounding Aurora armour cosmetic override set

Get the astounding Aurora armour cosmetic override set when you buy 3 month RuneScape membership!

Remember when the only thing you had to pay for was membership?

buy diablo 3 account

I think most people are mad because they're not offering it as a free perk for Gold Year Subscription buy cheap rs gold owners.

Honestly, I think it IS a little underhanded on Jagex's part not to include it in the year package, but instead only include it in the montly packages.
You guys need to play other mmorpgs more often. You all sound so   ignorant...
Membership IS all you need to buy. You get this armour for buying cheap rs gold

fast leveling guide for monks in Diablo III

So many boxing, hand residual party representation on its hands watching

A: Just yesterday, there was a team of three boxing Monks say I flashy. 4 boxing because he felt there was no way no time to play, say three is the essence of boxing. I laughed language. In fact, the game was originally used for entertainment and recreation. I also did not like too tired to play. A start only with the use of fists France, then slowly the feeling is not fun, in order to increase damage with the three boxing. Accustomed to boxing after three, but it is always unconsciously go back to the days-day cooling keys yet, so had an idea began with four boxing it diablo III account.

Now with the four boxing, brush is also very comfortable. That there is no feeling of clutter.
4 The use of boxing experience: Remember not to ponley based play, otherwise they will feel overwhelmed. Opened off the air, the other three types of boxing because of the strange number and use.
Conclusion: Everything is habit buy diablo 3 account. Get started early, certainly busy no clue. Start with the fists began to evolve into three punches, three punches and then adapted with four punches. Make full use of fusion ~

 Boxing a sequential do?

A: Continued Q2, in fact entertainment-oriented, nothing has, anyway, like all of boxing must fight again to open the blend, then I will start to teleport to paste in a strange turn ponley, then the sequence does not matter, how cool pressed on how press sell diablo 3 account, how big hurt on how press, do not forget why we use four boxing! ! Is because the fight against flu super cool!

Whining wrote a great article, thank you sirs interested to see here. I non-RMB soldiers, equipped with everything since simply shot the lights slowly Amoy. Grabbed Xiao Ming, also worked as Xiao Ming, slowly become now so. Enhance endless, we welcome lively discussion skills or bad, and finally I wish you happy game, the young at heart!


Wyatt Cheng joined Archon the Wizard

I've got a lvl 63 item amulet of dex plan yet after 5 attempts to make with moderately pricey ingredient an amulet better than my lvl 60 one I currently use. The base for this plan SHOULD be better than my old amulet.

Still better then PoE... How PoE has more twitch viewers is insane that game was clunky garbage... couldn't make it past 3 hours.
Mr. Crook, you are one of the saddest things I've ever read. So, somebody actually likes d3 - and you can't be happy for them? That's pathetic tbh. But oh well, haters gonna hate. I don't rly play D3 anymore buy diablo 3 account, probably for the same reasons as you - But I'm glad everytime I see/hear that someone actually likes D3 - then I know that Blizzard didn't fail completely on this title, and that theres hope for their future. Jonathan Ford, I say you keep Lea bussy!!

lol you guys can complain all you want diablo III account . You still pulled your wallet out for this game, and you still bought it, so blizz wins either way! Good Job idiots! I bet those who own a PS3 and calling this game "fail" are also gonna pull their wallets out for the PS3 version as well!

need a BOT program guys c'mon please share it, its not so secret anymore.Look guys, they took the same amount of cheap d3 gold  time shopping that 'twitch' logo on this as they did working on content.


Art Team of Runescape

Have you guys of the Art Team ever had any requests from the players to create custom art for them in your own spare time, such as bringing a character idea to life as depicted by the average Joe of the community?

Are you or players even permitted to do such things? Do you also draw your inspiration from what players say in game and on the forums or other forms of media or let them influence the way your work looks like by the end result buy runescape gold?

Would these sort of interactions with the community be something you would like to be a part of see more of rs money in the future?

There was a previous version of Saradomin in-game, though the concept art that I have seen is newer and I must say looks much more like I would expect Saradomin to look. However, what made you decide to re-design him? It's a lot of trouble to go to, to re-concept, redesign, remodel and reanimate a character, so somebody must have felt strongly about it. I would be very interested to know, if there's time to answer runescape gold cheap.


Player's Gallery of RS

I have to observe the Player's Gallery decision with a critical eye. While each piece is truly genuine and fantastic, respective to the artists, I cannot say that the first place piece, Praise the Sun! is a ''captivating illustration.'' It's a digital painting , and the style is abstract, similar to impressionism, but the strokes are smudged, bold and lacking detail. To me, this work has the feel of a digital sketch, not a complete work cheap runescape gold, especially when you compare it to Beyond the Horizon.

The colors may not be particularly vibrant, but the strokes were well blended and there is a tremendous amount of detail. Beyond the Horizon is beyond captivating, it is spell-binding, alluring, breath-taking. I am utterly shocked that Beyond the Horizon was not even considered for a runner-up. It paid the most attention to detail, shading, blending and you can see that the artist spent hours working on that project, whereas Praise the Sun looks like it took no more than two hours, and it  buy runescape gold certainly has potential for a captivating piece, it is really just a sketch.

I could go into more about each piece, but I think I've made my point. I really do not see how, or who, could choose a sketch over a complete artwork. I mean no disrespect to the artist, but I am an art critic, and one of the most essential aspects of a great artist is to be able to take feedback and use it, and I am not being so critical of the artists as I am of the rs money Jagex team members who choose the artwork. While I'm certainly no maestro artist, you do not have to be a published author to review a book, and in the same sense, I do not have to be Monet to critique art.

Again, I mean no disrespect to artists or Jagex developers, but I really think they should reconsider how they choose the winning artists. Perhaps the Player's Gallery can decide via a player poll and let the players choose.