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Still waitin on ps3 collectors edition pre orders. ps3? what money do you even have, monopoly? got more then you got my own house and 20k studio for band and a TT 300zx with full bodykit and its dynos 512 hp with a 75 shot of nos buy FFXIV Gil . go back in your hole troll. Then get the full experience on a PC or Ps4. Ps3 = broke. Lol the fact that you have to defend yourself is kinda sad...

 Final Fantasy Collectors is a fantastic group (as well as this one). We have nearly 200 friendly, but Final Fantasy crazy members! We welcome you all to join!  Obviously more people are going to like than share anyway tongue emoticon silly. Something there's looks like a panda? I want one of them to help out botanists and miners. Whichever one does that cheap FFXIV Gil, that's the one I want to learn more about.  Why don't you talk more about FC housing and whether or not we'll be able to move our current furniture from previous houses to new ones? Well I'd love to learn more about heavensward but the SE store won't let me contact anyone to update my payment information. So I guess I won't be getting my CE I preordered and I'm just gonna quit the game. What? We already know about Gnath! Or Urutan-Yensa or whatever.  Is there any option where we do something and you guys tell us when preorders on Steam/PSN will be avaiable? :

The only thing I want more information on is the ps4 digital collector's edition. I'd rather not spend 300$ on two physical copies if I don't have to. Good news, you don't have to even spend it once! Heavensward needs to come faster!!! Just finished the story quests Dx im so sad. Would be so cool if the Insect-beasts had like a giant bug flying mount (Vote Dragonfly!) and the Aevian tribe had like a feathery dragon or wyrm! neither, actually. I just want to be a machinist already XD.


dungeon fighter online story

Hello, this is In Lee, the CEO of Neople.
Today I’d like to tell my story. I’m neither special nor exceptional person; just like many of you, I’m just someone who really likes to play games. As a friend to friend, and to be a bit closer to every one of you, I’d like to share my story.<My childhood and game>... On a more serious note, this post really inspired me, and many others.

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I've wanted to be a book author for a few years now, but I'm always slacking off on it, mainly due to hesitation and fear of failing. It also doesn't help that I got other things distracting me.I need to overcome it all and get my ass back to work buy DFO gold.I've already got my first book mostly finished, and the second book is roughly halfway done. I already have the 3rd book in mind too, but that's going to have to wait until the first 2 are done.

Thanks to that story though, I'm determined to get back to work on my books and try to finish them. It's going to take a lot of time and effort, but I know that I can do it as long as I put my mind to it. Thanks for the likes, y'all. kiki emoticon.Once I finish the book(s) and get it all copyrighted, I'll be sure to send y'all a "preview" of my book(s). grin emoticon.


ffxiv Morgaine Pendragon

I'm a huge FF fan...I have finished them all...except FFXI and this was my first and sure last mmo...I'm used to do everything in a game and depending so much on others suck...a single game is where a gamer show her or his true abilities. But now it's too late I'm playing since release and I'm addicted and want to see the end of this (already pre-ordered Heavensward)...so if anyone needs a il 130 whm that will not leave her fc (I'm a fc leader so I really can't) send me a tell smile ( Katryn Dracarys (main) or Morgaine Pendragon (alt)). At least do stuff like coil with only 4 people...8 is too much. The problem is Rossella what most of those sellers do is illegal...since they also sell gil for real money...so u can buy their runs. I have some names if u guys on Square wanna know ^^ Besides why are people so cocky that can't help buy FFXIV Gil ? I love to help and being able to help without a full party is reward enough for me...I just love to solo heal...dps and tank with my dear.

Not to mention when those sellers join random parties just to mess up and make people desperate to buy cheap FFXIV Gil their runs. Normally one or more of them do that, whilst there is always one in party finder waiting for potential buyers. It really is a disgusting business and it really shows the lousy community this game has, which is nothing more than an example of what's out there... People don't help each other, it's everyone for themselves and these sellers who happened to find good players to play with, manage to do stuff and instead of helping people who didn't have the same luck, they even manage to take their gil for their "precious" help... If only full parties would end, with a light party there would be more chances to find good players, since in a full party we have to get 7 good players who don't mess up and that's really hard to find.

Give nme computer to play in such awesome game q,q. "Orders received after June 14th, 2015 11:59pm PST will arrive after the Release Day." Umm get fucked cunts.


ffxiv magical dmg reduction

I understand everyone plays differently, and as for me I like using Eos -ob on Obey, or hell she'll use everything she's got at the start and I won't have it if I need it-, so I can do dps myself when it's not a heavy healing required FFXIV Gil phase or whatever. That helps the dps too.You'll always get that tank that can't keep aggro and dps both may take damage, or people that stay in AoEs for whatever reason. I like dpsing, so having Eos out means I don't even have to turn off Cleric Stance most of the times.
And Eos buffs others near her too, you just need to be in range, like everything else.basically selene allow the party to kill things faster and meet dps checks. Selene is always welcome, it will make everyone happy. Now, if u are having trouble healing ppl, then it's ok to use eos, that's better than letting dps die tongue emoticon you shouldn't listen to a word i say, because i think on a conceptual level cheap FFXIV Gil i am a TERRIBLE SCH, but, i view it as being a shitty sch if you have to use eos. like you really shouldn't need help healing. then again, there are some situations where you need it. (under geared and tank pulls everything lol)

eos cant be underestimate. eos is used for heavy healing fight like t13.fairy controller sch is what we are looking for. not famous for some people, but there is skilled players who manually control eos, maybe youre the one who read this post wink emoticon *hats down* sch for me needs a macro to be controlled better. like when gigaflare is cast, virus then fey illumination ( the 20% magical dmg reduction , please correct me if im wrong since i didnt remember 2 skills beside of eos whispering dawn )also on "rouse" you can add the eos skill that increase 20% heal potency for party. bam, you get yourself overpowered unlimited cure 2 for a meantime.last but not least, sacred soil combo whispering dawn is perfect for megaflares and many other more.

selene, preferably use to push fight in early phase of hard fights. but for me, i use selene in ordinary dungeons and leave her automatically do what she wants.eos, if used correctly, could bring the fight into entire different level. Eos is fine when you're still getting the hang. If I have another sch I use selene just because while eos buffs do stack not really worth it and sometimes the faster skill speed helps.I use Selene.

Are you trying to get physical copy or any copy in general?Just want the ce and was wondering if anyone knows who else has one other then se ? Im on the waiting list now thats what the email is for I bought the physical version when it was available. I don't think it's going to be too available outside of Square Enix.Well I just bought Heavensward CE so unless you're looking for a physical copy, you can definitely preorder it.There are Australian outlets but I believe you'd be looking at paying like £250/$320.Yeah your not going to find a physical CE anywhere any time soon so youll be on the waiting list for quite a while...and thats only if they make more of them. If they dont, youre only option will be the digital ce of it or wait till HWard comes out and buy the physical CE from third party sellers for a hefty sum.There are collector editions going at the local game shops but its not the one you get of SE


DFO Blade Master and Striker

Brendan Creek, I don't know what else to tell you. After DFO got cheap DFO Gold revamped, everything was much better for me. Sure I use consumables, but that's rarely since the dungeon provided HP/MP recovery like checkpoint (not really). I just don't know what else to tell you because a lot will say certain characters aren't doing enough damage because it's the skills and/or they're not geared with like pinks and +11. I don't know. I just play MRanger because the subclass mechanic is fun to me.

And yes, Ranger is very strong in PvP, no arguments here. What I'm talking about is the overall "feel" of the class and mainly how it performs in PvE. PvP is optional, PvE is not. Any abilities added can also be balanced specifically buy DFO Gold for PvE and PvP without breaking either.Yes, if you have a +12 or +14 revolver and are extremely well funded, Ranger will steamroll PvE. But few people can get that level of funding, and it's not reasonable to expect them to.

I'm not going to go on a long monologue again, too tired. I'm just going to say that I agree some classes should have additional effects and/or one or two new none cube skill that's reasonable. Also because more skills means managing SP again, if you understand what I'm saying. I understand that they should make classes that does a lot of canceling like Ranger, Blade Master, Monk, Striker, to have more effects or passive to allow what they already have fun. I do too want those subclasses to move around and combo with style instead of some classes just use skills with no combo (I'm looking at Summoner).I'll add you with my Asura, Blazeater so we can play sometime while I work on catching up with M. Ranger. To clarify, I was not calling for blanket buffs. Obviously, when you give new abilities to a class, you have to balance that with changes to older abilities.


Tower of despair

These comments are hilarious.....Kudryavka..listed in tokyo, complains about lag...wants endgame but says community cant handle it... argues for endgame in a BETA of a game, knowing endgame is for an established community... speaks of hellmode when we are JUST getting the levels required for hellmode areas (pre-70 hellmodes dont exist for other versions anymore) and the list goes on.... hoping this is just a horrible troll and not serious.
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Tower of despair is no endgame lol, it takes like 6 minutes to do on 3 characters. you are Just not patient Neople have fought hard to Bring DFO back to us, and have been Providing us with Some Good content Better then Nexon has ever Done, and all you want is End game content right away.

of course since na community has never played >70 content they will buy DFO Gold eat it up as if it was really amazing. in what game has there been a game in beta with end game content???? I've never seen one, you have to be patient...... or write more paragraphs about you not having anything to do....

you'd have a point if it was a legit beta but all the content has existed for years, hell alpha had old OV.


how to upgrade DFO Ranger ability

Perhaps a universal elemental buff as a basic 1-20 common skill for all classes. For 20-30 seconds your weapon and affected skills all do light, dark, fire or water damage. Some people may think this negates some classes' inherent element skills buy DFO gold as well as elemental weapons, but a skill with a long cooldown and fairly short duration couldn't compare to specialist elemental skills themselves as well as a permanent weapon with an element. With this in play, every class can take advantage of additional element + damage from magic seals as well as adapt to any dungeon without class based disadvantages (IE Soul Benders in a dark dungeon).

M/F Ranger ability; Retreating Fire (if you have a better name please say it lol). Description: Ranger leaps backward into a slide firing several precise shots at pursuing enemies, slowing their movement speed and dealing moderate damage. pressing cheap DFO Goldthe basic attack button repeatedly allows for more shots. Using this ability while dashing increases the distance of the slide. Collision with an enemy, object or ground effect, or being struck by an enemy attack will cancel this effect.


Crusaders had some kind of skill

I'd like if Glacial Master could create an Ice clone of himself that will mimic his moves for a set duration. Give Sword Master a self-buff called "Invisible Air" for one of her 2nd awakening skills that would let her deal a % of the targets max HP as bonus dmg. only DFO Gold thing i can think of off the top of my head is id like to see more color to the elementalist 2nd awakening skill "the sixth element" its so bland.

 I wish Crusaders had some kind of skill that siphoned stats from themselves and gave a bonus to allies around them in an aura. Those are my favorite kind of skills.

 i always found it weird ele bomber doesnt really have cheap DFO Gold any low level lightning skill or something like electric projectile ball or something.

I kind of wanna see new class as archer ˊ_>ˋ. I indeed think stylish should be able to apply to more skills allowing players to organize their preferred combo with same set of skills.


Is that the same game engine as the Tekkin games

o'course minfilia doesnt do anything as usaul lol.id buy this gameificouldusemy character.

 I don't care what you say this has to happen as a gold saucer mode or something.Yup, it was called Ehrgeiz on ps1. FFXIV gil It wasn't just FF characters, but it did feature three of them.
all that and your not even going to make cheap DFO Gold it into a game or even a mini game in FFXIV ... so much waisted  (still looks cool)
This is awesome, but they need to have a platform that include characters from all Final fantasies, and make some of the more Iconic Villians be tremendously hard to unlock. Sephiroth, Kefka, etc.

There is definitely a place for this in the FF world.
Man I really want to play this game but I just don't have cheap FFXIV Gil the money to pay for a monthly sub...Can't wait to see if they ever make a F2P for this game!

Is that the same game engine as the Tekkin games? It looks good, but I'm not into fighting games.oh ffs...didnt they already do another fight game...it had all the ff characters...and then THERe was ERGIEHZ...(ergiez? Lol