The Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains expansion released today

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion released today! See all the changes in the 2.0 patch notes. When you launch the client it should prompt you to update. i am just playing at the cafe so it is just a launcher no prompt thing is appearing. Fps drop hard on this one. Unstable ping as well.Blade & Soul Gold Everyone got excited when they announce the new patch turn to dissapointment when its finally here. All hype up for nothing.

I don't know if it's just me, but my FPS actually dropped after this patch. Any idea why? It was supposed to be more optimized... Thanks for fixing the crashing issues NOT even when you dont have razor or anything it crashes JUST because your game demands to much or whatever, anyone with a low end laptop cant even play because every loading screen kills the game.

 It's not a game that cators to low end laptop, most current MMOS and games don't. I thought this was common sense? Im just speaking for the thousands of people who cant get past a loading screen in game. No other mmo crashes on a loading screen. Just bns. i have no issues but i was hoping to Buy Blade and Soul Gold see it fixed in this patch for a few friends of mine.

Actually, the game optimisation is bad because even with my high end gaming computer it still can occasionally crash, and razor has stuff to do with it because BNS is not optimised with razor, and people with razor products could never play the game because the game guard rejected the products and crashed the game, people had to stop razor processes alltogether in order to play, plus Lance isn't wrong in trying to play on a low end laptop since I do vaguely remember a long time ago BNS saying that it would be available for all people to play regardless of laptop because they would optimise settings well, plus i can get it to play on my old low level laptop.


Blade and Soul new content is on the way

Not like the old content is going anywhere, you can still play it AND play the new content when you finish the old.  Vincent Metzen Alvin's problem is that he won't have enought time to upgrade his weapon so he won't hit the new path which costs way more.. I have the same problem. Blade and Soul Gold They said spring, they didn't said "we're gonna surprise you 2 days before the release"...

tonia.. not just way WAY more.. but the materials, the effort into collecting the materials for them... would take weeks longer frown emoticon.. If you need another two months to upgrade your weapon thats kind of sad. Alvin Lee Ikr, I\m screwd as well..! I wasn't expecting the announcement would be like a surprice butt sex..! Ibrahim Sholyov you think its funny but when you get to that upgrade point.. you will get it...

Lol who cares? I stopped my 3 chars at siren. You don't need to rush anything to enjoy the game. I welcome this patch cause I got so bored of doing dailies I quit the game. They fk up so manny people, i max my gear and made vold stash long time ago  still so not caring about players.  Its not about hurrying. Its about the new content messing up the current content. Geesh. Do you guys even play this game? You all seem to spurt stuff you dont even seem to know anything.

Johnson Zhang Imagine there is a mountain.
The top is the current "end", which means True Pirate.Now here comes the biggest misunderstanding.
Some people think, cheap Blade & Soul Gold the patch gives you a new mountain, that you can climb, enjoy. Nuh-uh.
It pulls you back to basecamp #1, where you were weeks ago. Now the hill is even higher, the weather just got worse, and reaching the top? Not more rewarding, just more harder.


best soul shields for BNS players

You releasing update too fast. without give a people the time to max their gear... would be better if u fix the game before and then release other things... a game full of crash also if plenty content is not a good game.They're releasing content as fast as they can because people are complaining that we're so far behind cheap Blade & Soul Gold . Blame the community for pressuring them to release multiple updates in a short amount of time.

my gear is maxed Lol true pirate bangle and true siren earrings, rings and necklace , best soul shields you can have with a mix of lab ,bsh and lab.....I'm ready for this update. Mark Mcewen when you are going to judge someone's grammar,make sure yours is perfect. A new sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a coma.

well to be fair the reason people cant max their gear steadily is because from linear upgrades you get slammed by a wall by having to make watersoul stones and such, also if this game were to compete with another one it should be guild wars 2 as black desert online is a major disaster befoe it even launched buy Blade and Soul Gold . Dude..stop with this "fast content" the content is already out in korea for more than half a year ok ? The game won't be better optimized. Just fucking inform urself before being stupid.

Yokki Dime Competing? BDO is boring. actually no the reason is for the world finals u cant have NA compete with a different skill patch and hongmoon lvls. Get a better PC if you're lagging, I have no lag at all and I've only crashed once during my entire time of playing the NA version. I'm glad theres new content coming out. My only issue is that its hard to upgrade my weapon. It takes alot of money to get moonwater tran stones.the game is really fun, i just wish i could upgrade my gear...they need to make it easier to craft the tran stones...


Blade and Soul dungeon

Is really annoying to plays agains bots or bots in your dungeon could you guys fix that, with a simple image question every 30 min or something?  Someone can help me pls, i changed my laptop and i enter with my acount, but i dont have my chars, wha can i do? HELP PLS. blade and bot los gms son un real asco ninguna preocupacion respecto a los bot estan matando el juego dan asco 80% de bot.

How about fixing your server? me and my friends get disconnects once every 5-7 minutes. Seen this too many times so I will post it here so others can learn from this. IF you are going to to Brightstone Ruins and are a range class DO NOT stand away from emerald lord if you have aggro, this is the BIGGEST mistake cheap Blade & Soul Gold you can do. As this triggers it to do nothing but cannon ball roll you for 12k per hit for however long you are unfortunate enough to be there. then everyone else chases arise to get to it and it just keeps going because the one WITH aggro just runs around thinking they are in trouble. First off the ONLY attack that you need to avoid is the charged frontal cone attack, otherwise just sit there in it's facing taking the minor hits that you can leech/regen with no issues. Blade and Soul Buy Gold Ends wall of text.

Can i pvp the NPC's who call my character Cricket?? Nobody calls me a Cricket!  hello I have trouble getting in the game is giving me an error Failed to connet to server. SystemErr- (200 Account Authentication Failure). I need Help whit black screen character creator someone help me? Fix the FPS drops before you pretend you can pvp. In this game Cricket Soft West.

Hello Blade and soul can you help me with this problem? The Hongmoon Store limited time costumes change every other Friday. Here are this week’s additions.  Where are our lvl'ing rewardssssss! My warlock has been capped since 2 days after release and you promised them today by 6pm pst! >.>


Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight's sword

Use this code: VVZTQZ93 to get your free 14 days trial!!! register it on mog station! I am about to Subscribe.. anyone want to recruit me? send me a PM on here... will wait 24 hours before entering my game time code. (note i play on EU and Other ). when is the next relic quest? the kettle thing was pointless and disappointing Blade and Soul Gold .  I want the new housing district to be released already : .

Lets hope you don't let die like secure and slaughter! Hopefully you fix frontline queues too. rocovering from stage 4 lymphoma and really could use any and all the help and support i can get by sharing. thank you in advance.  logged in one day and sat my character various areas just to listen to the music while I drew doodles and such in my sketchbook. Probably one of my most favorite soundtracks out of all the MMOs I've played. I cannot begin to express enough love for Cheap FFXIV Gil the sound designers in this game. The music gets plenty of credit, deservedly, but it's so, so very good to see the sound effects people getting recognition.

To players: Keep your ears open. Listen to those razor-sharp slashes of Ninja moves, the ominous ringing and scraping of a Dark Knight's sword, the rolling storm of a Warrior's axe. Feel to the impact of a Garlean ground-laser strike, the explosive thunder of breaking rocks and meteors, and the snarls and exhalations of dragons. Savor to the sudden hiss of a heal that saved someone from the brink of death or a well-timed interrupt. Bask in the birdcalls in the Shroud during heavy rain and the scrape of your boots against hot Thanalan rocks.

These sound effects COULD be mundane and trivial, a token effort, but they aren't. They are art. They're resonant, they're perfectly-timed, and they always have a perfect sense of weight and force, be it heavy or light, behind them. They're one of the reasons why it feels good just to play this game.i love this game but i just found this game online says play till level 20 for free but can somaone tell me how much to play after level 20


Blade & Soul crafting

This game had the most useless crafting I ever seen, PvE/leveling was stupid easy that it even made WoW look hard. Open world PvP, lack of items, gathering, money, and even gear had no real purpose. This MMO in itself should never been an MMO... Should of just been a game where the only good thing was go to Arena PvP to show off your skill. Everything else about this game became boring because the dailies for money had no great incentive. Why am I doing dailies to for no reason. This feels like a job... zzz boring quit and log on to do arenas until that becomes boring Blade and Soul Gold ... Street Fighter with bloated garbage...

I even made a diary. "Today 3 bots que arena hongmoon uniform all destroyer.Earlier this morning I encounter 3 bots starting to use faction uniform and running throw rocks and walls and walk together like a train. They doing stuff now. And weird thing is they only join blue factions. THEY ACTUALLY DOING FACTION QUEST!.Today a bot que a dungeon. I inspect with no jewerly. But somehow this bot move and play but bot like pattern and dont even die" Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

 Well the zerg ball of 7 crimson destroyers on Soha crushing everything in a matter of seconds was funny. Waido lasted maybe 2-3 and a poor ceru who thought it was a good opportunity got rekt in maybe .2 seconds. every match in arena is a destroyer bot Speed hacks god knows what... you cant even hide from them with stealth the just walk up to you and swing or stomp/ swing cc lock they pull me out of iframes for god sake... and every queue is a bot... that dont even know how to walk they just time jump across the arena and instantly appear where you are with a cc ability.. i mean i run pass on and stealth full speed and stopped at the other end opposite to him and exit stealth on purpose and he was there before i finished the animation kick to cc me..

Bots runs the game and you talk about tournament guess you play another game then us NcSoft since Blade and Soul is about unplayable witch you should have known if you did read your own forums.