FFXIV is amazing

 Its not that bad ive got 13 of 80 trade ins and got the materials that have to be crafted. Did all fates and dungeons in 1 day. Just have to be patient with it. Im at around 20/80 and have been very reserved. A1n is the way to go with 1 tank 1 healer 6 dps. Thank You for all u do!!!!! FFXIV is amazing!!# keep it going and keep bringing us more! Just got Final Fantasy XIV for Christmas! Can't wait to play it when I get home, cheap Blade & Soul Gold since my trial version just ran out!

Dear FFXIV team: either add scythes and dps mode for drk or add a Necromancer class. Both would make me love you forever. Love the fat cat had two brought back a good couple of months apart along with that puppy thing , I just wish they would limit the Zerg on vermilion as it spoils the mini game not that I am losing matches I have way too many minions. That is not completely true, Male calicos do exist at a ratio of 1 every 3000 females, however they are unwanted because due to genetics, they are born sterile and oftentimes blind.

 I tried to join the 5 million players turns out the server has a cap to how many of them i can play with. What, you expected a game server to host 5 milion concurrent users? Just keep trying. The server just has too many people on at the moment.  I have characters on both Gilgamesh and Balmung. Blade and Soul Gold Just keep trying. There are times when the servers aren't quite so crowded. Typically early morning. Hehe good luck getting a fat cat. Those retainers take a lot of work and a lot of money to train up and have the extra slots to get them all.

 I have one and sell one every week or two. Its not hard to get a level 50 retainer. My retainers Re still plugging away for the minions.  It took me about 2 months to get one sending my FSH retainer off every day..  Anyone interested in a ffxiv game code, I have one I got in a game bundle... as me and all of my friends already have one I'd happily give it away for free. Just reply back. I've never been remotely interested in this game... Until I saw this. Still working on it (well... Retainers are!hehe) way too cute for words heart emoticon awww how she rolls on the side.

Please have the spoony bard available to buy separately as well .


BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS

Name Reservation begins on January 11, 2016 at 6pm PST For NA servers, and 7pm CET for our EU servers. *Gems and Transmutation allow you to further throw away all of your gold for no useful rewards. i will keep this in mind when the game launches lol. The one in the image doesn't even give you anything, you spend 1G and 4 Fabric, to get 1 Fabric in return... Don't you ever try this during progression, only do when you have spares. Good spares.  Pedro Albano when it gives you 1 in return, means it failed bro!

I dont have low fps Blade and Soul Gold , even in my laptop. Whats your PC specs? That's probably your computer, don't have any problems with low fps.  It plays the worst on windows 10. Just FYI. Majority of players have issues with Windows 10 because the game is not optimized for it yet. The game is just not optimized, period, for any modern-day high end gaming rigs. It was created for low-end single-core computers from 2011 to be able to play it on a way outdated Direct 9, which doesn't fully take advantage of the powerful multi-core processors we have today. I doubt they'll fix the fps drops for us medium to high end users any time soon, but I agree 100% in dissatisfaction. Luckily I have no problems on BnS regarding any of the 3 latest windows OS (7, 8, 10), but I'd like to take advantage of my GTX 980 too..

Gtx 980 here too with 2500K and 8GB ram , and when i go to the tree zone , where you take many pvp quests , i get low fps 40-50 fps tops ...  I didn't get a reply last time. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I guess the team managing the facebook page probably don't know. But has there been any update on whether the story will be returned to normal or not?

E.g. Has the time travel part of the story been put back in? (I don't know how you would even allow your localiser to make such an edit to the story). Even though I was originally really looking forward to the game I don't intend to support it with story changed like that. It was probably changed as to not get the players too invested into the game too early so then they don't disappoint their player base. But i cant be too sure whether they'll go with how China did it or if they're following Korea.


Blade and Soul master pack in 6th of Sept

Please allow me to play the Alpha. I had the founders pack for 4 months already and I got the Alpha key invite but it will not allow me to connect to server Buy Blade and Soul Gold !  i bought the fucking master pack on August but never get any alpha code. You guys lie to me. Fraud!!!

 i am waiting for the game this is the most beautifully game ever i played the Korean version but since the language was hard to read I've play temporary in TERA about blackdesert i play the Korean version and this game look shitty. I bought a pack folder yesterday before the 17 hours and so far did not win the key of asseso to the alpha 2, and several friends of mine already won would like to know what can I be doing to get the key of ascesso.  I so can't wait for this to come out. I've been playing another server patched to english and it's greatly helping with getting used to the play style. Not everything is translated well and there's so many people that are ungodly OP. It'll be so much more fun with everyone on even ground. Thanks for finally going ahead with an NA version, I know when I first heard about this game when the original Korean server was going into CBT there was talks about it never having an NA version.

 I am trying to get into the game and says servers are still down. What is going on with that. Someone please respond again failed to connect to server. Can you please tell me what is going on and how come I cannot connect. Please help!! My computer has been messing up since downloading B& Blade and Soul Buy Gold ;S. Just tried to uninstall it and it won't. I have a master's founder's pack. Guess I just lost 150 bucks. Better to have a working computer though. smile emoticon.

bought master pack in 6th of Sept. but got nothing today. and my friend bought in 16th Oct. got the invite code. so ridiculous. could u please stop doing such useless thing and do the things that u should do?! was hyped about this game 5 years ago .. i played GW2 for 6 months got bored then quit. The more i find out about BnS, the more i find it to be similar to GW2. I tried the Japan BnS and got bored within the hour lol .. Even if you give me a master pack, I wouldnt even bother playing haha.


Grab your giant axe and get ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield

Grab your giant axe and get ready to wreak havoc on the battlefield. It’s the Destroyer Class Week! alphas not even over and im already having withdraws such an awesome game i feel like this has filled an empty hole in my life today i played for 15 hours forgot about dinner and didnt have a coffee till 10pm. Sabrina Toothman Probably u getting Failed to Connect, this is because the server time [PDT]  or they have an actual problem like i do and can't physically even log into the launcher coz it instant closes without error messages or anything. No, I cant not even log into any form of the ncsoft website or any games associated with it....and since i bought the founders pack i really need it fixed so that I can participate...i dont want the money to be wasted..

I have the same time with BnS NA server.. but it was weird last week that i couldnt even get my pw to work... even had to reset but still didnt work.. im gonna see if im gonna end up having the same issue this week... i bought the pack too and i dont want it to go to waste just like that without even being able to login Blade and Soul Gold ...

i installed the game it started but i have got a problem. the game said: Failed to connect to server.... what can i do? Kyoneske GameMaster I am aware of this, it is a matter that i cant even access the website of any ncsoft games. nor can I log in to any games because of it. The wildstar support is trying to Blade and Soul Buy Gold help but its blade and soul that I am worried about as ive gotten the masters pack and dont want my money to go to waste on something I cant even currently play once beta hits. I dont mind missing the alphas. But I want the beta time.

Black desert is.. gorgeous and thats about it. but hey enjoy it when it comes out! yeah i checked the site out for BDO and they have zero lore for the world yet so theres not much reason to care about the games setting as nothing in the game has a reason to exist yet. Not really cuz some people won't be able to handle it, and yea people in 2015 still have old comps cuz they poor lol, These games are not competing. BDO is not ready and Blade and Soul IS, at least in testing. BDO will be welcome when it's ready but I'm not going to sit around and wait. You can't really compare the two because BDO is a sand box game and from what i heard doesn't have dungeons. Its B2P not a serious issue thou but its mainly a graphics game in King Arthur's Age with fancy combat. lol. I still prefer BnS, maybe because i'm an anime fan.


I was invited to CBT after buying Founder's Pack

 and why i dont have my free beta key? .-. same here, open the game and keep me stuck in the intro screen  I was invited to CBT after buying Founder's Pack. What the hell, haha. I got that too after I bought mine XD I simply gave the extra code to a friend tho c: Anyone know why im stuck on the intro screen Blade and Soul Gold ? Yes, everyone will lose their characters and everything when the game goes live. That sudden realization that you have to purchase a founders pack and apply the serial code in order to play cause they immediately send you an invitation in your email.  Having some issues with the game. I reinstalled the game to make sure nothing was wrong and I am still stuck on a loading opening sequence. Still can't access CBT of B&S...

You mean the serial code that you have to pay for?  i'm really impressed i do wana try the game but i can't cuz i have no accesse beta key unsure emoticon can someone solve my probléme ?  Were I can get Please the Serial for this Close Beta Weekend Please ?

I played the first beta but don't really want to play anymore till it officially comes out. Don't want to get to far into it then it gets deleted haha. Probably a silly way to look at it but oh well lol.  Pleaassseeeee !! For those who love this game... BRING IT TO PS4 !! The intro screen lock is because the server is down . Should be ok now though unless your region is still down. Blade & Soul I have applied my key and I got an email verifying this but it just takes me to that initial music screen, but i can't go to character creation or anything. What do I do? &n Blade & Soul Gold ;so it works on my friends computer but not mine unsure emoticon I've repaired the file twice now and still nothing. And I still havent receive the beta key even once. Seems that they only care about ppl who payed for the access. Not a good start. Hope You not gonna finish like ArcheAge. Tiffany Cristina Brown Thank You very much.  Tiffany Cristina Brown I would be grateful. Y not bring this game to the Xbox one are ps4. I'm fine here, already inside, Who know about names reservation? When it 'll be possible?  I think, don't quote me on this, name reservation will be January 11th. Not sure on the time. why when i logging in there are just blade & soul logo ,music and background video. how can i play? go unlock ur account with the beta key first at their homepage. If you have access to close Veda again will you receive a secondary email or do you need to re-log in to the website to see if your key is been reactivated?


BladeMaster VS BladeDance

The key is already inside ur NC account! Just login ur NC account, then go to account settings- there you will see apply code , click on it - then click on blade and soul - then click on apply ! If u see the word "" used"" next to it that's mean ur all set , now good luck!  If I ever hear another EU CRYBABY cry about being second class gamers again it won't be too soon.as BnS bends over and grabs their ankles for y'all qq more  i have bought Master pack ; from when ican start playing plz i can't wait anymore 2nd cbt start on this Friday-10 pst am ! If u have a founder pack then u can play it this Friday!

 I signed it, but asking for 200k signatures when this page only has 62k is pretty uh... unrealistic. Dunlap 62k people liking the official BnS FB page doesn't confirm how big the playerbase will be. The petition was originally set higher and can still be manually changed at anytime by myself. There is no feature for the signature total to expand per person automatically. Also NCSOFT have not yet stated how many they require to implement a server Buy Blade and Soul Gold . They have left us in the dark thus far without any solid answer if they will or will not. Though it is better to try and fail to not even try at all.Dwnload the clien/launchert then it you should be able to download it from there i think u might need a key/code for CBT to download the game to.

Opinion : Damage and CC category - Assassin VS BladeMaster VS BladeDancer ?
What is your prefferance and why? & cheap Blade & Soul Gold ;I am asking because i am a huge Assassin fan , but , recently i tried the new skills on the TW server , and is very different...now there is no way to fight from distance like before spamming shurikens and grenades , now those have different and higher in cds ... + the most important skill disappeared - the Poison Moths that kept you from blocking or countering skills... ranged skills is extra for assassin. You rely too much on those skills. then you already wrong in playing Assassin in BnS lol
plus, new skill patch emphasis alot in stealth damage

 blade dancer is da boom! fast and full of combos. high hit but low in def. pvp need fast hit why u keep aggroing>? it's thier job,no 1 force people to pay in what what they dont like lol..i dont pay in founder's pack becase will w8 for more info on EU server..then i ll surely ll be preium service.. smile emoticon it's my own choise and i amnot noob becase of buying premium,i doing this bec dont have time at all..to twice income))


Blade master need more cc escape skills

Should add to conceal blade or not so can run and stuff. takes tooo long to conceal and fckn can dodge agro its kinda annoying. May I please ask: Was there a specific criteria for which the Jaesung combatants were chosen or was it random pick ? If it was a specific criteria, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I'll have you know that I hate you a little for not choosing me too. The choose the best pvp players, so guess someone had a higher rank than you.
Blade and Soul Gold
Getting my computer this weekend and buying the beta access!! So excited to play. I am interested in the founders pack for my friend and I but im unwilling to purchase it without being able to try the game first frown emoticon seems i missed out on any beta keys for him and i. Hey, um it declined my payment (credit card) for a founder's pack. Is it because I closed the window after it sent an e-mail saying it was processing (took 10 minutes) or maybe my IP?

Ok, I tried with another computer,b ut my payment authorizations till failed with the credit card. Hey i keep getting this error can someone help or fix this problem. Server.(1000)(132, 10054) This version of B&S is like 7 years old i think grin emoticon Asian version looks like different game. NCSOFT please wake up because Eu/na customers playing 5-8 years old version.. whenever i enter my email client crash morning it was ok help.T.T and now game wont start i mean on ns menu enter email and pass and then it disappears

 I can say with complete honesty that this is one of the most fun games I've ever played, and easily the best in a genre I usually hate with a passion. This game does everything right and will only get better! Keep up the amazing work! uh, i tried sending in a ticket about this and still haven't gotten anything back, i keep getting a launcher error after i press play now, help?  First time playing it so im excited to create my new assassin class character. Did you update it? It needs to update and i bought founders pack so i dont have to worry about getting beta key. Heck yes! Time to give this one a well deserved shot, I'm genuinely looking forward to it. The server behaves awful in this beta. Blade and Soul Buy Gold It keeps showing disconnected from server during gaming about every 10mins. It bothers me a lot. Hope you can fix this problem. frown emoticon


Blade & Soul BETA carried over to open beta or full release

don't cry guys you all know that beta and alpha test progress won't be in public lunch...from first alpha test. It's been said since the very beginning that your beta data does not carry over. You don't get anything special from playing Beta unless you bought a founders pack. You get your perks.  Kuroshi Yamiro, sometimes some games give you special items once open beta begins for participating in closed beta. So far, I haven't heard anything about it for this game, but they might. smile emoticon  This is rather normal, most games does character wipes when going to live OB Blade and Soul Buy Gold .

 being able to mantain your characters from a beta test is just stupid, its an insult to every new player because you get an unfair advantage and thats contributes directly to imbalance, and yes, ive been in the beta of this game too.

Why is everyone surprised at this? If we kept everything, you guys would be the first ones complaining that there is nothing to do at cap, so stop complaining. All games start on equal footing no matter what. If you have put all so much time into it, then what are you worried about at launch? You aren't going to forget everything you've learned so quit complaining. Are you guys serious? The information was openly posted about character progress in beta not being perm. Blade and Soul Gold In defense of that, not one BETA i have ever played carried over to open beta or full release.  if you like the way your character looks best thing to do is screenshot it as a profile pic in game and save it that way when you create your new character you can use the presets that you used in beta without losing them. wow why some guys getting mad coz of my comment? dont need to act hard Keep spreading and support, sea and oceanic players! NCsoft ,the demand is there! Ncsoft never stated the actual numbers, so the petition creator ; Nathan just put it. ...because it will be best if signer is actually from sea/oceanic area/

I play on windows 10 and haven't experienced a bit of lag. Maybe it has to do with what area you're in also.  It's FPS and its a common issue among many players. (reported on various forums. I have windows 10 and no problems either. Try checking windows defender, I know it causes fps issues on other games such as TERA.  I Personally Stream and such only get to hit by a HUGE FPS drop when doing cross server dungeons. I played on Windows 10 and it ran perfectly fine smile emoticon try changing the compatibility to Windows 7 under properties maybe.