Hongmoon Store 12 Days of Wonder

Today is the last day of the Hongmoon Store #12DaysofWonder, and today’s pack includes a Sacred Oil! i can't even play dude, come on, i quit b&s for about 7 months, came back yesterday and same issues, getting disconnected in the middle of a dungeon or crashed randomly.  Greetings! Have you tried contacting our Support so they can try and go through what causes these issues for you? this has been happening for many people since the game launched, and yes, this wasn't ocurring during beta state, also tried on pc with proper specs and my laptop with terrible settings, lowered graphics, custom graphics, Blade and Soul Gold and nothing works.

stop playing this for awhile...and just re install and i some of the character have level drop.anyone facing this problem? or did i miss something. To those saying its pay2win its just 120-150 gold with currency exchange i dont see any p2w considering u can buy just one for that small price. Repair the server-side client problem. PvE (Client) and PvP (p2p?) ... understand? I quit the game because of PvE (Client-Server - High Ping). I love PvE. Pls, fix it! It's a great idea. To those saying its pay2win its just 120-150 gold with currency exchange i dont see any p2w considering u can buy just one for that small price Corey, what do those upgrades do for you in PvP?  Sure you can buy gold, but that doesn't make this game P2W if you understand the game and know how to progress. BnS is actually one of the more fair MMO's out there.

You mean....Buy Blade and Soul Gold i spend months to farm while...whale easily got all in one day ? Sure m8 Repair the server-side client problem. PvE (Client) and PvP (p2p?) ... understand? I quit the game because of PvE (Client-Server - High Ping). I love PvE. Pls, fix it! It's a great idea. where is my brazil server? its impossible play with 250-300ms all day  no jodan pss justo me acabo te tirar mis monedas en comprar moonstone agg fue pss. I want to send it as a gift but i cant =_= -> Failed to purchase. Why?

 I guess now I better figure out these packs. LOL!  I tried sending different bundles and still failure to purchase. Doesn't matter if that other person doesn't have it already :^) Does the person your sending it to have the bundle already? It is only allowed one per account, so if they purchased it or got it as a gift from someone else already, I think its counted as one. Advances the hongmoon soul.  how much? To get Awakened Hongomoon Soul you need x45 Sacred Oil. Yeah . P2W . full gems p2w. legend 9 have p2w. need moonstone ? yeah need pay ın ncshop :) good game. Julian plys tell me your ap and class. p2w - have bot- have hack- look ınfınıte tower fırst 300 in not have force master.


I appreciate you ESO

 I can get you into mine if you like we have master crafters of every trade and people who can help with your build if you need it. I noticed some Orc 'tapestries' (wall-hangings?) in the small Orc home, which then led me to wonder -- beyond wood furniture, can textiles (rugs, tapestries, etc) be player crafted to decorate a home?

Super happy about this. I've been waiting and glad to see we'll have it in a few months! I'd pay for homestead but even better they're giving it to us got free! I appreciate you ESO. Buy FFXIV Gil Better look to EQ2 for inspiration in that regard. I'm not a fan of the game any longer. But, the housing system is THE best in any MMO or game with housing in general, period. As a long time vet of both UO and EQ2 (10 years plus), I'd have to say that EQ2 has the best housing system ever, hands down. UO might be a close second.The best in any MMO or game? How would you know? You played all MMOs/Games? What a fucking joke, gtfo noob. It looks like you're the only one who's head this flew over Miko . Congrats on your classy response as well :-D (fixed just for you)

 I got my Coin all saved up for a large home.I can't wait been playing since Launch.And I love,Love the game.Its the best looking MMORPG out there in my opinion.What other MMORPG you know that gives us four Major updates a year?I hope they make a update soon for us magic users.Like the Psijic Order. Plus,add a new skill line would be cool as hell. You are close luv. Cheap FFXIV GilBut its Vivenne The Grand Enchanter. Im still waiting to hit up the Summer Set Isles!!! But yes, eso is fucking great! What your ID. Mines is @dundress add me.

 That's the thing I miss the most about eq2, exploring people beautiful houses and guild halls. Especially this time of year. Hi, i emailed the support yesterday about my eso plus account being deactivated and was wondering wondering how to fix it since so far iv revieved no response. I tried singing back up for it but it doesnt give me an option too. Any sugesttions? bout fucking time. too bad the game is literally dead now. I swear I got so hyped up for this game but when I beat the entire story line in like 4 days I was very disappointed.


Blade and Soul account login failure

I can not log in to my account, and I have not already sent you an email and nothing so far.I'm waiting for your reply.I thank you already.  I've been trying since the time I saw it.I would like to resolve this situation as soon as possible, since on the server that I am having pishing, one more reason to speak with you the quanato before.More I do not know which email address to contact you, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I have several questionnaires but I did not find a specific area for my problem. I'm keeping you. thanks for listening.
Greetings! If you are unable to submit a ticket through our Support website posted above, please send an email from the mail associated with your NCSOFT account to support@bladeandsoul.com. Please make sure you gather all relevant information beforehand as updating your ticket will set it back at the end of the queue and result in longer waiting times. Thank you! Ok ... I'm contacting the support email, I hope to solve this problem soon.Already believing in the copetencia and agility of you I am confident that all this will be solved soon.
Waiting for you to contact.Anxiously.

Flavio Marcell you're not only one with problems dude... it might take few days to answer. Hello dear Blade staff and Soul!
Thank you very much for the attention and care with which you took care of my case.In less than 24 hours I had my account back, I knew that they would get by the seriousness and care that they carry out their work.Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I hope they catch and punish those irresponsible who seek to take advantage of innocent players. And what I can do to help I will be at your disposal!Taking advantage and congratulate all of you for this fantastic game, with precise gameplay, beautiful graphics and totally immersive story.You're just too much.

No more thanks so much for everything, you guys are fantastic! I upgraded my weapon to legendary stage one day one just as soon as the servers came on. From then to now I did so many dungeons and face tanked soo much crap it's unreal....in all this time I seen the legendary skill reset once. Only once since update. It's crazy man. The resets are a lie D.


upcoming Rumble in the Realm II community tournaments in Blade & Soul

Sign up for the upcoming Rumble in the Realm II community tournaments! please help someone changed my account i cant i cant speak to suuport HEEEEEELP !  Cerrelin will win NA this time. no1 cares about ded gaem. We're taking a sneak peek at the new Ruins of Khanda Vihar content tomorrow at 4PM PST on www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul! Blade and Soul Gold  help. i got banned today for *selling* the thing is i havent sell anything its so WTF pls help :/ i put money on this and now what?? grrr.

Greetings, If you think your account has been banned wrongly and you would like to appeal your ban, please send an email directly to appeal@ncsoft.com. They will then review this ban. i did it, but im afraid they might take *days* before giving an answer, i want my account back now >.< im really upset... i want my money back!!! we are players, we are cashers and we get *banned wrongly* srly? i thought it was something serious. i wonder how many ppl has lost their account the same way as me...

i wish the answer from support were that quick as on FB site. they usually answer after 1 day or so from the sending time. why is that funny and also why u say that bullsht, Cheap Blade and Soul Gold im not a bot.  fix the game, i really don't care much about expansions, i haven't experienced the whole game since every time i play it crashes. Just play ff15 instead. fix the game, i really don't care much about expansions, i haven't experienced the whole game since every time i play it crashes.

 i would like to have better ping more than updates tbh pvp and even end game pve dungeons are so hard when your ping goes up to 200+. Two (big) towers - check.A big mountain/volcano at the background - check.An ominous pillar of light - check.Yep it's Blade of The Rings. Please do something, my accoutng got hacked, i sent an e-mail but i have no responses. this is a 24 person dungeon and it is a LOT harder than other dungeons.and probably another 4/6 person dungeon will come together.



Learn about the lyrics and meaning behind "Equilibrium," the theme for Sophia, the Goddess from the Developers' Blog! A meracydian family torn apart by war against the Allagans and Sophia's brand of "justice" and "balance": after the father is slain in battle by the Allagans ("A torn uniform in hand, farewells unsaid"), the mother becomes abusive ("Forsaken, beaten, tried, on her knees") and, at Sophia's request, the daughter murders the mother to restore the imbalance created by her father's death FFXIV Gil ("The heart seeketh equilibrium / With balance will your worry part"), and then commits suicide, punishing herself for murder and leaving their home empty and forgotten ("And therewith shoulder thee / One last step only leaving / An empty hearth down by the sea").

Hence the lyrics that shows of a situation of war between the Meracydian nation and the Allagan Empire sophia was created by faith simply used only to repel the empire. most of the lyrics to describe a simple family involved in the war its tragic and also for sophia who was only used for destruction.

Heard it straight from Koji at fan fest and it instantly became my favorite primal theme. I love that he shared the story this time when he said he normally deliberately keeps it ambiguous. Buy FFXIV Gil I hope he does again in the future. I remember hearing it straight from him too from fanfest. Same ! I already loved the song but hearing the story at fanfest made me love it even more.  Something like Equilibrium serves to remind us just how DARK AND HOPELESS the world of Eorzea is, despite some of the lightheartedness you see throughout the scenario.

One of my favourite songs in Heavensward for me, probably fighting for the favourite spot with Ravana's theme, especially the first phase.Soundtrack is one of my main reasons looking forward to Stormblood!


FFXIV Great event and fun

I will mirror everyone else here the event was amazing but the vendor was disappointing. Needed a bottom to match the top at least. The Witch's set from last year was complete. The idea of using a special version of an instance to do tasks instead of fates was nice, Buy FFXIV Gil but please no more "stealth mission" crap. I almost cried when I realized there was not broom this year since I started playing this year I couldn't get it last year.

it was fun, until i was paired up with 3 noobs who never sneaked in their life. if you get turned into a pumpkin 15 times, just put your controller on the ground please also they brought back lightning event like 3 times so yeah... This event is the best so far! It reminded me of the very first Summerfest on FFXI where we had to run around places like Den of Rancor as lvl 1s with invisible/sneak on ., you're not helping :/Then that dude started opening every chest he encountered on the "every chest is a trap except 2" mission. and yes, we explained him. Anyway i'm done, not farming that for extra tabletop meals and fireworks.

So happy this event is instanced. Makes it so much more fun and worth trying! The event is really good. Little disappointed by the rewards though compared to previous years. Usually love All Saints Wake (Gridania + Voidsent = <3), Cheap FFXIV Gil but not being able to do this one solo kills it for me. :\ Aether's duty finder community is toxic as hell and I don't have 3 friends online at the same time to do the manor with.

Great event and fun, but the rewards this year are a pale comparison frok years past. remember how last year, and the year before, and the year before, we got full sets and like... bardings or a mount? Now we get music and a shirt. Gee thanks. No need to be ungrateful.
Apparently the Xmas event is going to be bigger so that's why we didn't get a lot for Halloween which I'm okay with.Oh also you forgot that you get a minion too :'D Christmas is crap. Halloween is the best time of year!


FFXIV Rumble in the Realm signups end tomorrow

The Rumble in the Realm signups end tomorrow! Can someone tell me what " external links are not permitted " when opening the " marketplace means and why the dirt just suddenly no longer works! It droning! Hello, I'm sorry I could the bug when opening the market not reproduce. When exactly is the message with you on? Hello, I'm sorry I could the bug when opening the market not reproduce. When exactly is the message with you on?

Hello, if I get on the camp run or when opening on the menu, it is the work of the load icons then stands in the chat system: External links are not permitted. FFXIV Gil The ticket to our support was in this case the best way to find a solution. Please give them a little time to respond to them. By the way, we also have a german fb page. Take a look at:

Recently I found out that my clan got scammed by a player and all the members were kicked out of the clan with the exception of the scammer. I didn't know about this until the former leader informed me the reason why I was kicked out of the clan. He, former leader, and other former members wrote to you regarding this issue and Buy FFXIV Gil nothing was done to punish the scammer or retrieve all the items from the clan. This is just poor player support from you and I thought the dev care about the players. People spent their time to get the clan to rank 15 and all other clan exclusive crafting. Please, if there's anything that can be done regarding the retrieval of the stolen goods and punishment of the scammer, do something about it.

I also heard that the scammer was bragging about his accomplishment on faction chat and many people were praising him for it. It was really upsetting not just the former leader (whom is currently working on getting the clan back) but other former clan members as well.  Greetings! We are sorry to hear about this situation. If you already contacted our support team, they may take up to 72 hours before giving an answer.


BnS & Aion rip off

Revelation online? You mean the BnS & Aion rip off? no way love this game. Do wish something would happen about spamming. dont care about bots. And KR and TW get far more than we do which makes me sad. Hopefully we will get there. Watch Silkwood, Gummy Senpai , iShugiTV & xSoonkyu play through the Ebondrake Citadel TOMORROW at 10:00 AM PST on i can't create an account in ncsoft. ncsoft said that i am not authorized to create an accout. please guide me.

Hi. I am a newbie and Buy Blade and Soul Gold my character is forcemaster. Today i just finish chapter27 into the fire. But after that when i open chest the thing i receive is blight upgrade material for warlock. So that now i cant upgrade my weapon. What should i do? Please help me. Thanks. You should do the dungeon called Blackram Narrows where last boss drops the box. If you are lucky you will get the weapon you need. You can go in the dungeon through f8, then you press lfp.

 I think something is wrong with my account. Blade and Soul Gold Why can't I do dungeons? Everytime I enter it all starts glitchy then I get disconnected? Hi Blade & Soul. Got an email to sign up for a 1v1 community event, but can't find the link to sign help.

I and my brother's account has been locked without reason or warning, we have already contacted the support but this isn't the first time it happened. My brother's account got locked for the first time and as for me it's the 2nd time it happened, and A LOT of players are having the same problem as me and my brother. Dear NCSOFT, this is clearly not fixed, the problem is there and it spreading all over the world. It could be a nasty bug, or a hacker, or it has something to do with the latest update. Check the numbers of players contacting NCSOFT support all complaining about accounts being locked.


Great updates for BNS

Thank you so much Im glad others are on the same page as me.. Im so sick of these trolls that still bitch about pay to win and how much they hate this game if they don't like the game stop playing it an move on other wise you look like a troll with no life.. :) Great updates Im still stuck trying to level all the crap on my frist toon so much to do but its all awesome.

When I started this game I was pretty excited, wanted to make a character and just play. So that's what I did and I enjoyed the game so much, that I did not notice until lvl 30 that the game put me into a german server (I am from Holland, my IP adress is literally near the border of Germany).Since I was playing alone I didn't mine that fact. Buy Blade and Soul Gold But now I am doing the Hongmoon lvls at 50 and it seems doing stuff on your own is gonna take a long time and many german clans use teamspeak and therefor prefer not to let me in. Is there a way that I could transfer my character to an international server?

When are you guys going to fix the first person lock bug? I lost to a destroyer I could have demolished because I couldn't see him locked in the bug that has been around since forever... You can fix it ingame Blade and Soul Gold by changing setting Keep character in camera focus.

Awesome nothing more annoying then losing an easy as hell match because you can't track what the other guy is doing like normal x.x guys i have a question, I received an email from NCSOFT saying something about ncoins and membership, but not like I got nothing thinking it was just a joke, it would be possible I have won something and not know?


Yoshi P stating updated to AST

I was reading tweets from Yoshi P stating updated to AST were coming in this patch but I don't see anything here. Anyone know anything? Will you be cleaning out the wards of inactive FCs and plots of land that have no houses? Also will there be more houses added, not just apartments. Burying other MMOs with the pace of patches. Have not had as much fun with an MMO since Lich King.

 I go back to uni on the 26th, then this comes out the next day...RIP my degree.  I'm DED, you're DED, were all DED (still no trailer tho ) Buy FFXIV Gil you promised egi-customisation. I want egi customisation. It's to bad I'm having way to much fun with the new wow expansion. can't wait for 3.4 i am excited to try aquariums and the smn egi glamour.

Proof they are adding smn glamor?  the last time i heard about smn glamour it was mentioned in live letter XXVIII that they were coming in 3.4. FFXIV Gil They been saying it for over a year... and i saw nothing in the notes this time about it. here it's where it's mentioned  but still there is one more 3.4 live letter coming soon hoping for more information about egi glamour.

It's been stated in previous Live Producers months ago they planned to add it in 3.4 or around 3.5. Although, just because they plan to bring something to the game, doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be implemented when they say. I mean, look at all the other things we were promised but never got because not enough resources or whatever reason.


fix the FFXIV Gil system

That's not a great excuse really... There's no shortage of people wanting to sell their land, you just have to save up enough to afford it. Who cares about screenshot mechanics in game when I can do more then anything the game could offer being a graphic designer. Give us more USEFUL things like houses (not apartments), higher minion drop rate, fix the FFXIV Gil system to where not everything worth wanting is worth 5 million+ Gil...

Most of what you're asking, can be easily fixed by hopping servers, FYI. I've spent 2 years developing the FC I'm staff in. Why the hell would I want to do that? Buy FFXIV Gil When I have over 40+ amazing friends on the server I play on. Well then you are just asking fore more is all nothing wrong with any of what you complained about not to the point of complaining imo.

Yeah square enix! Fix the drastically different economy that exists on every server. Level some crafters and bring the prices down by your own levels of production, FFXIV Gil switch servers or shut up. Ramon is right, I mean, if you have 40+ friends that are decent players, you could fix it yourself, how is S.E. going to fix that? I do pretty well myself as a casual player, playing mostly solo. and honestly, there's no real item to buy that you can't get from your weeklies so...why?

Every day I run lost city 2-3 times with friends or the DF and I have only seen that minion drop 2 times since that dungeon has been released.... Is a little higher drop rate for minions too much to ask for? Especially for those of us trying to get the achievement title? Danielle Graham I hope they keep the drop rates as they are, or people will just stop doing them because it will drop on the 3rd attempt.


FFXIV Ultimate Collector's Edition

Dominique Smith lol no one wants digital one and most don't actually none of the ff ones came with a guide. So why expect it now? Common sense pls.  you're getting an extremely rare collector's edition that 99% of the people here won't get. quit being greedy. Wow with all the stuff FFXIV Gil you're getting with the Ultimate edition and you're still complaining.I should be complaining cause the deluxe doesn't have a soundtrack or artbook.

 It shouldn't be called an "Ultimate Collector's Edition" if it doesn't include everything. Guide book I understand, but season pass should have been included. Almost every collector's edition for any other game I've seen includes a season pass for the game. Them not being able to include the season pass is beyond my understanding.

Especially since they decided to delay the game by two months. I know it's for a good reason, but I'm still mad at Square's hubris for them hyping up the whole release date buy FFXIV Gil (they made a whole EVENT just to reveal the release date) and then delay it near the game's launch. If they're not 100% committed to the release date, then don't announce it and expect us to be happy about a delay. Including the season pass should be at least a way of them apologizing at least. Does that mean you guys want all 4 character play arts figure aswell with the UCE? Cancel your preorder give it to those who wants it more than you dickheads.

Collector's editions typically include all of the IN GAME CONTENT. Nobody said anything about wanting all play art figurines (no collector's edition would do that unless they jacked the price to like $700). The physical content for the CE is always great to have, but it's never necessary to include more of it (unless the price is entirely unjustified). I'm happy and extremely excited to get the CE for this game and I don't intend on giving it away. Stop getting salty that you didn't preorder it on time.


BNS Rumblebees Stage 3

summon nerfed ? : Seed Shroud (Tier 5 Stage 1) now enables Rumblebees Stage 3 to be cast instantly for 3 seconds with a 550% Attack Power Bonus upon a successful Counter. The only nerf I see is mostly on sunflower. The rest are minor, it doesn't even matter. I thought they make Warlock Buy Blade and Soul Gold a bit better but it wasn't they nerf it again. Wingstrom increasing 0.3s and remove F skill as a join attack and it this not enough they add someshitty useless skill LMB( soul dart)

True, though Doom'N'Bloom only healing 50% instead of 100% is jarring at first. My main is a summoner too, and I'm dying to see these new changes and how it affects the way I play. Pretty much what you guys are saying is what I expected. I think it's safe to say we're all disappointed about that 100% to 50% drop on doom'n'bloom!

It kinda kills the skill to be honest. Like fine, it doesnt heal party members anymore, but can we at least keep the 100% ;~; Expect the doom n bloom nerf i rly enjoy petal toss and it was fun Working it into my rotation. All in all i like my class still. Basically play wind build or prepare to get fukt.

I was pretty excited to play this game one day but all I see is ppl not liking it, guess I'll have to wait for another mmo I can enjoy again... Blade and Soul Gold Since WOW there hasn't been anything good it seams even tough it shouldn't be hard to come with something better? I dont know what you did, but my struggling BM can suddenly actually fight! He's even responding faster. Thanks and please keep it that way!


FFXIV livestream

Tyson Leo isn't this what we need to get digital tickets for to get the ffx minion?  Yeah, the digital ticket details aren't out yet though from what I've seen ,  Super excited!! Lanae Deann we are gonna have so much fun!! Is there a digital ticket for this? Can we look forward to 4.0 teaser? :B Cait Sith joins our ever-growing family of plushes! Read more details about it in the latest Developers' Blog entry!

It was never stated, doubtful they will. There will be tickets available for the livestream, and you'll get the minion for purchasing one c: Angela Dawn Clevinger Awesome thanks,Buy FFXIV GilI thought my mind was playing tricks that there were minions but there are ^_ Bullshit on the sellout.It's for the people submitting art items for the contest. You can always by a digital viewing ticket of the event.

 Couldn't believe they were gone in less than an hour! can we go to this next year? it always does, but if i get tickets... they do presales and FFXIV Gil i had a chance this year but i didn't know it was so soon.  maybe....if it doesnt sell out Can we buy a goodie bag when we order a virtual ticket?

Can't wait for fanfest!  Can't wait to be in Las Vegas for fanfest again . Wouldn't got this rather watch this on YouTube live lol Sold out! Where else can I get the ticket?  You can't. They sold out hours upon release. Goddamnit >_> thanks anyway  lovely how they are advertising an even you cant go to lol.


BNS Moonstone drops

The thinking likely being what I already said, you got there first, you benefited from that, and now they just want to get other people up to speed, as they expect to put out more content, with more levels, equipment, and other stuff to get. It's one of the reasons I'm never in a rush in online games anymore, Buy Blade and Soul Gold and knowing the whole rush to cap mentality of so many, have routinely profited from it as well.

Another for instance are all those that buy new games at launch, and the expansions/DLC as soon as they are released. Although if they waited, they'd have been able to get some kind of GotY bundle with all of those things at a small fraction of the price, or get it from a bundle site for next to nothing, and have had a better idea if the game would even have been something they'd like than at launch.

Also I believe at least some of these changes (like the new path) were just things seen in other releases further ahead of us, and not some "we're listening" thing NCSoft West is doing for players. Blade and Soul Gold The new ways of getting moonstones could just be something like Hell Island, which won't directly help players unable to do SSP.

Change the cost of upgrade legendary weapons and maybe I will think of playing this game back, cause its all what I could upgrade since month. But there is nothing other to upgrade if you want to play only one character.  Best news for me would be the moonstones. Add a upgrade mode for armor stats, without PDEF and MDEF you are a sitting duck in the game.


Blade and Soul "alice in wolderland" design costume

I really don't, in this situation. I don't see any reason the artists who participated should not be putting up a fight. Yes many people complain 24/7 about ridiculous problems regarding the game but in this case, it's reasonable. Fix the damm game. Cant play! More than 10 seconds delay in dungeons. I sent a ticket and you just kept asking for my internet info but eventually nothing changed. Just fix those potato you call servers!

There are some nice designs, Buy Blade and Soul Gold however what do you intend to do about the stolen art/concept designs oh and the blatant plagiarism? Also why is there an Alice in Wonderland winner when there already is a costume like that in Korea already? This is gross mismanagement from the Art team.  Some of the ouftits from KR arent going to be in NA, just like how we wont get the wings that CN has. Some regions have things that are only made for that region, just like how NA had exclusive NA/EU outfits that KR/CN doesnt have lol.

I understand that much, Blade and Soul Gold however I am still baffled how they didn't realize some of the designs are stolen.  It's NCSOFT. They don't really care for a lot of things.

In BnS Korea, someone already had the "alice in wolderland" design costume idea. The NA Alice In Wonderland's design looks messy and cramped to m.  It is much better the one from the contest.


Blade & Soul RNG system

My complaint is the amount of failed attempts on Ocean weapons vs success rates. I am up to 108 Ocean Swords failed to transform to stage 7. Out of the 108 weapons, only 1 reached stage 6, 3 reached stage 5, and the rest failed to upgrade at stages 1 to 2 and stages 3 to 4. Really? The RNG is that bad even after that many attempts I should have at least 1 at stage 7 by now. This is a very poor success/failure ratio. To get it to stage 7 or higher is like maybe less than 1% I think.

Very bad RNG system for the casual player! Not all players PVP, Blade and Soul Gold and I know this game is heavily supports it, but I just don't understand how with some accessories require you to PVP. You should give your players a choice to do either instead of forcing them. NCSoft, you need to rework your RNG system and lower some of the requirements on upgrading weapons and accessories if you want to see your customer base bloom.

The game is fun and addictive but the return rewards are just not good. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Unless you have a character who has almost legendary weapon and accessories maxed out, you're kinda stuck in the middle. My character is at level 50HM8. My weapon and accessories are good to do 6 man end game stuff, but not good enough to do 4 man.

I could only manage to get to 568 AP currently and most higher end content requires 600-700 AP. Those are the ones who are swimming in gold and have lots of time on their hands or pay real money for gold.


Final Fantasy dungeons

I am on PS4. My load depends on surroundings (city maps, other players, hunt gong on) - always was. but for dungeons I dont skip my first time video as i wi FINAL FANTASY XIV there? I have idea suggest Final Fantasy GO than Pokemon GO? Please your team work update.  Been looking forward to this. Will have to try it later.

Are servers down? FFXIV Gil i keep getting launcher update errors.  Yo SE, hardly getting any items in midas after they changed the loot system to everyone can need anything even after they got the first loot. This is getting darn worse where you cant even increase your item level to go for savage. Look into this asap, this will kill the game. Just get lore tomes from daily roulettes and potd and the mandatory one weeping city one void ark and get your 230-240 gear all maxed out on your main. Doesn't take long if you've been capping each week.

Fyi it is not diadem 2.0, nothing like it. It is a general dungeon crawl with its own leveling system. It is boring. Easy cleared by four people. Poor add on, Buy FFXIV Gil wont be doing it again. since yoshi stated 1st 50 floors will be easy when potd was announced and he also mentioned there will be 200 floors added eventually will increased difficulty.

also potd was intended for solo only with party m. At least you can get in. I still can't complete the version check on my PC. Seems a lot of people are having the same issue. For crying out loud I've been DCing on and off all day, multiple servers crash and stay down for like an hour and now the queue is like 6k and doesn't go down...clearly something wrong. (Behemoth).


Blade & Soul Hongmoon Training

And the Player’s Choice costume voting results are…i play this game many times and i spend many real money and today my acount was hacked i try to contact to ncsoft Blade and Soul Gold but nothink i lost my acount.  Greetings! Sorry to hear about your troubles. Please send an email to support@bladeandsoul.com for further assistance. im allready send but no answer.

Please note that, depending on the number of incoming tickets, the usual processing time can take up to 72 hours. This time can be longer if you have bumped or modified your ticket as this will set it back at the end of the queue. U lost the account sry man..ncsoft support is 0.

 how u lost ur account? id email and password Also pin for join? u surely did something for get hacked be serious! do nothink i play and in few hours of game its say your acount as been disconected your email was change. Greetings! You might want to have a look at this link Buy Blade and Soul Gold if you need help setting up an NCSOFT account: Do you ever intend on making stamps so that people can sell their cash shop items? The only reason I ask is my friend that quit has one that I've wanted for awhile and it probably won't come back until the holiday season (december).

Same thing as selling your NC points for gold. I doubt they'll make it so you can sell items from shop just because some people don't need those items anymore for some reason... Dear NCsoft. Is there anyway we can get more Hongmoon Training unsealing charm once exceeded the free purchase limit? It's meaningless if we continue having daily training pouches but without charm.


Participate in the European Dream Holiday Contest of FFXIV

What would YOUR dream vacation in Eorzea look like? Participate in the European Dream Holiday Contest with the perfect ad for your perfect holidays for the chance to win fabulous in-game items, including the Noble Barding! Seriously need more contests for NA. This is a cool one, but I feel like almost all entries for the hairstyle contest last year were from JP.  we just had the haiku contest and there's the armor/gear design contest lol.

But ate they so busy in each region they can't have a winner from each. It's dumb.  I'd love to join for whatever, but please fix your payment options.. FFXIV Gil I'm litterary throwing money at you but you dont want em appearently. If your credit card keeps getting denied, try buying Crysta via PayPal. That's the only way SE will take my money, apparently.

I wish i could, Cheap FFXIV Gil but crysta is not available in my country. Dream vacation location in eorzea? Cmon now thats easy. Costa Del Sol. Minus the behemoth sized crab that spawns just south of it lol. Ugh, why not open a version for each region? Cause I've got a cute photo to submit!

the haiku contest was NA only so i guess EU gets this now. They'll get to us eventually calm yourselves people lol. Can the NA and JP players compete as well? Or is this for EU only? EU only for this one. But I'm sure they'll have something planned for us as well. EU gets random contests but still waiting for Summer DLC. I WANT MY MAID OUTFIT PLEASE. Can you actually resolve the primal server issues :( you put a message saying you did, but people all over are still not able to connect with the same error code.


Blade and Soul lock dungeons for players with insufficient stats

Paid 120E + for a laggy experience with bots and nerfs on my fav class...sin and constant buff on that scummoner....let's not even talk about game performance...i have a gtx 980 i7 6700k and 16gb @3000mhz. And i still get 12 fps in some areas... I have a very similar stats, and my game is at 60 fps like 90% of the time. It drops to around 20 when in ssp. If you are playing at full graphic settings, try reducing some, or just use "optimiza foe combat".

 the SS works only about 20% of the time
fix your bugs Cheap Blade and Soul Gold
- so many times my warlock's soulburn buffs party but doesnt buff self.
leech and dragoncall animation happens and no dragon came out, no siphon effect.
- my kfm iframes never happens till 1-2 secs after constantly spamming Q n E. block suffers the same.
- so many times i pressed S more than 4 times n SS still fails.
- the damage of bosses AOEs always exceed their markers.
- it's stupid when the dragon flew out after the dragoncall and the dragon disappears in the air cos u got knockback (like fighting conscript unbound esp)
- brightstone bosses started to roll sideways instead of forward.
- SSP capture and grindtooth always encounter lags and framerate issues.
- terrible drop rates

grindtooth is suppose to give us keys. Blade and Soul Gold i have gotten 2 boxes with 5 keys and the rest are all 0 or 1. mostly 0.how do we upgrade our stuff when we have so many boxes and no key.casual games will never be able to catch up to those who play throughout the whole day.

can we have a vote kick system in dungeon parties? so we can remove afks and leeches?

it will be great if u just lock dungeons for players with insufficient stats. at least they know they can play it at a later stage.much better than kicking ppl and getting kicked and jeered at by snobs, makes the community real bad.


FFXIV 3.3 patch trailers

 It's comming, 3.35 or 3.4 maybe. Yoshi already teased that on 3.3 patch trailers (I thought it should be working by now, but aparentely it's not).  I'm not there yet. Anyway, you need to improve the guildheist reward. I can't get it going and it's required for network trophies. and they still can't do anything but the same trash > boss > trash > boss > more boring trash mobs > final boss formula and limit raids to one item per week.

I just resubbed (took a break for a month or so.) couldn't resist the call!. Literally the best online game that I've ever had the pleasure of playing. FFXIV Gil I adore FFXIV and I can't wait for what you have in store for us next! but we need something cause this no cross server play is killing me. also I kind of hate that in ff14 that if I want to use a sword I have to be a tank class. why cant tanks get giant hammers and stuff and dps get swords? I want to use swords but I am not fond of tanking.

I can't wait for the next expansion, I hope they add red mage and other classes! Give us Red Mage or Duelist (sword dps fencing class) Red mage please. I need a duelist ;;Buy FFXIV Gil They said no to Red Mage.  They said yes to Red Mage. It won't be a Fencer, probably, more likely to go with the roots where he was a caster hybrid. Matheus Teixeira do you have proof to back that up because. What about Orator, a class that sings/talks to buff, heal, and damage? I know in one game it was used for convincing enemies to join you or monsters to join you.

I loved BLU in XI but we probably never gonna get it . Nullmagic class like blue mage is a design that has some space left in the game- astrologian comes close but has a much different feel.Thief is a possibility, and gives Rogue another job to work towards. Probably difficult to break thief down into a playable job though? Something like a thief/caster class (like spellfilcher from D&D) would be cool- a class that needs to change between being melee or ranged casting, by having spells that have a minimum distance requirement but are instant-cast. That shell definitely possible with Red Mage.


Force Masters VS Soul Fighters in Blade and Soul

You don't need high mbps to play games (unless it is poorly optimized and needs to render while you're in game). When playing bns i would always lag at night for some reason and it would feel like 200+ ping (2-3 sec delay), I jump into league of legends and I would have 50-60 ping.

You really dont wanna them remove cross server lmao how many times have you been in party with players Buy Blade and Soul Gold > while in cross server that are from your own server now imagine they remove it good luck getting anything done unless you can always get full premades with friends since everyone would be just close knit in their groups without even glancing at random players.

If they removed cross server, people wouldnt do dungeons in their own server using the F7. They would find their own small group of friends or clan members and stick to them so you'd have a long time trying to find a party lmao. Not only that, there could be less people on your server compared to some other server. In all of the times i've done cross server, i haven't come across anyone from my server. Mostly from Mushin and some other server.

 They r working on that but u have to first report them then ncsoft will get that message and maybe ban their account or sokethinh. I think if this would end up being the 10th class, Blade and Soul Gold it would be gunner/something to do with guns no bows/arrows. Based on how many "gunners" are shown throughout the storyline.  Because it almost same as fm and kfm. On ranged stance, you just become fm.

 Will there be any event like it was during release of warlock? I mean this one where you had to make max lvl within 2 weeks? or so and you were granted with some siren seals, pirate badges and uniform - temptation. any info about something like this? If you stop playing why are you still on blade and soul Facebook page?  Looks like an OP mix of Kung-Fu Master, assassin, and Force Masters. Soul Fighters also has Jin race? I thought they're only in Yun and Gon?


The Blade and Soul story was awesome

Also my post had nothing to do with "can't handle blade and soul" if you read it would have seen that I said I love the game, but what I can't handle is an inactive gm team that doesn't give a sht about the game and sees it as a cash grab, but hey if you love playing in a game Blade and Soul Gold that will never be as great as it can be than by all means go for it.Might want to slow down and learn to read things... It would really help you as a "mmo" player Steven Montrell Davis.So.... new content but nothing has been fixed for bots and speed hackers? Hm.. Glad I stopped playing mmo for now.  Lag, bot and spammers... wasted my master pack for nothing... open up sea server please...

They said they had no interest in opening a sea server, I believe. I read the article... just hoping..  Spetacular story because this I love this game! Why do we still have siren/pirate weapon ? I think when we upgrade to the next stage it'll transfer.

You cannot upgrade into the path. your next upgrade will be back to silverfrost path. By the wat where I found shirts and jacket oficial game? I think is this a bug or something. Fix fix fix random crash today. This is the 5 time I crash. Fix the damn crash and error on this game. Is is just me or is it a bug that i get 10 dc in a row... right after log in the game... ? The story was awesome. I cracked a tear a few times at the cinematics.Cheap Blade and Soul Gold But by paying what are you actually winning? League of Legends by this logic is also pay to win.

Well you could grind all that gold urself :^), Good luck. P2W is quite relaxed compared to other games i've seen, where P2W was so hard you didn't even needed to play in order to have gear. In fact, something i like, and that i hope that keeps for as long as the game is live, is that you can get EVERYTHING, with a bit of effort. With Daily Challenge yes if your lucky but I have a life so I just do dailys that give the most gold in a few hours time then repeat the process every day.


Free Company that have bought a house

For those of you in a FC that have bought a house, how much did you donate? I normally stick to the magic classes (I haven't tried crafting yet, am not sure if I'll enjoy it), so I rarely have over 100K gil. Thanks in advance! I'm really bored with game to be honest. I do love it to death but FFXIV Gil I can't bring myself to play it for more than a dungeon/raid run. The game needs new classes and more explorable content.

My FC will likely be buying a small house with the upcoming patch (we've only been around a little while, long after housing was all gone). In that time, we have twelve active members who have totaled 8M towards it. None of us craft really yet. I make a lot of it using my level 53 Botanist. Other quick ways I'm found: sell equipment and materia that the MSQ rewards, and try hunting with treasure maps! Sometimes they reward things that sell for a lot: One map gave a different map that I sold for 400k. Best of luck!

Well, yes and no, just because you pay for a sub does that give you a right to, say, an anima weapon? No, you still have to play the game and earn it. Buy FFXIV GilYou have to play the game and earn housing and, yeah, it's limited and you have to pay/beat other players to it, which is inconvenient, but you really can't expect everything to be literally handed to you just because you pay a sub. It's not a f2p p2w game.

 I'm new to the game and I haven't seen first hand the housing system, but here's what I don't get: In the past, non-instanced housing was a big thing in games like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. The system gives a lot of immersion and has some real potential for real estate money making if you want your house in a given spot, but because of the nature of the system, housing is limited. There is only so much land that isn't already occupied. The instanced housing system is supposed to address this, offering more room by sacrificing the open immersion of the non-instanced housing. To have instanced housing and STILL not have enough room for everyone, well I just don't get it.


SE bullshit at its finest

Most of the times in these places it is a ghost town, all the bought houses but the neighbourhood is empty xD . Does anyone have a guide that explains housing? Honestly, I beat FF7&12 but I had no idea in hell what was going on when I got housed. I literally just mashed buttons until it went away and I never went back. It is still something I do not understand at all about the game. Thanks Square Enix and thanks final fantasy FFXIV Gil for what you are doing we all enjoy what you do for us.

Is it not? I have a house and can't buy any new plots unless i demolish old one. Stig Arild Pettersen it's one per character currently. SE bullshit at its finest! Oh, sorry, we did not think that western players could be such assholes to hog all the plots on one account!  If you can no life it to have 10 level 50 alts you should be able to have all the houses you want. Does this mean you are going to stop deleting the houses people have already paid for?

It's to stop people buying a house then taking a six month break, if you're not using it, then someone else should have the opportunity to use the plot. This is a MMO, and if you're not using the damn house, you don't need to own it. It's limited, and other people who are paying customers want to use it. They're even giving you back a large chunk of your money when they do it. The biggest loser isn't you. It's the people missing out because you want to keep something you're not even using on a MMORPG server. House was bought and paid for with money earned with Buy FFXIV Gil non refundable time... If they had added an eminent domain clause prior to introducing the housing rather than after people wasted time farming for it, they could have avoided wasting their time. What they are doing is theft, especially when they can just add additional wards at will....

 I agree and I really can't see what's so hard to understand in that simple fact. I sure wouldn't have wasted millions & time on this.
The "houses should go to active players" BS as to stop. Because spiting in the face of their customers who played and spent time on their plot just to loose it all because they took a break from the mindless gear grind is a very good way to never get their money ever again. I know I wont be back... I don't like to be pressured to pay sorry. I'm not a trainned monkey.


The use of Blade & Soul Invisible sword fossil and how to get it

Invisible sword of the Blade & Soul into the fossil in southern heaven updated with a new version later Happening Holy Island, players will be exposed to invisible grow into this new fossil material, and how should the player to obtain and use the invisible into the fossil it? This article focuses on the you Detailed analysis.

Invisible is invisible weapons into the fossil in the growth process when the desired growth material, the use of invisible players grow into Blade and Soul Gold fossil invisible weapons does not consume any gold, and material offerings weapons. However, the use of fossil evolved into invisible invisible invisible blessings will not appear weapon!

Of course, using the original gold consumption, materials, weapons and contraband growing method to grow invisible weapons is possible, after all, only the method of this growth can be blessed weapon invisible oh.


Personal recommendations in section 1-9 into fossils with invisible upgrade weapons and materials used to grow 9-10 weapons, so saving the cost of growing the preceding paragraphs of weapons, as well as a chance to get blessings invisible weapons.

Sword of the Blade & Soul into Buy Blade and Soul Gold the invisible way to obtain fossil

Players completed Happening Holy Island Chapter 1, Section 4 and Chapter 5 quests can get a total of nine invisible into fossils. The nine invisible into the fossil is just enough to allow players to evolve into 10 segments. Of course, for beginners without any initial start-up capital or put invisible recommendations directed evolution to paragraph 10, even though the black sky invisible weapons.


Blade and Soul Gear progression

There is a massive difference in what is an acceptable amount of time and what isn't. Gear progression should also never ever be tied to an item that can only be crafted. That is bad game design. There should always be other options. I think you seem to not understand that a game should be fun. There is an acceptable amount of grinding that comes naturally through how a player plays through the content. Yet this game requires you to waste time, way too much of it. Repeating the same thing over and over with very little to zero reward for it. The sense of accomplishment and goals in this Blade and Soul Gold game are pretty much nonexistent. You also seem to think that the amount of time and cost of something equals how skillful you are at the game. Sorry that isn't how it works. Though an MMO shouldn't only be gear based either. But that is a whole other thing and getting into my personal views on what makes a good MMO.

There is also the issue of you thinking that a game is all about competition and this strange and honesty disgusting view of "top dogs from the plebs" Which you seem to think just because you have zero life and play the game for hours if not days at a time. That makes you good. That, the time you have separated you from others. No, it doesn't. A system like this only creates conflict, divides players and creates horrible human behavior. MMOs are about working together and socialization of players within a world. Creating a community; yes there should be some competition but only a healthy one. buy Blade and Soul Gold Having a whole game geared around competition and separating players only harms the overall game.

Honeslty, I wish that I had the ability to make the MMO that is in my head. Honestly, every one bitch about the game. Rng, grind, hacks, glitches, bots, and other issues. What do you fucking expect? Every game have their flaws. The game isn't perfect but ncsoft made this game happen in the na. If you're gonna bitch about every single damn, fucking leave, period. I like the game and I enjoy putting my hours into it. I don't mind purchasing stuff from the game becuase it's the only way to get better gears, cosmetic, and materials. if you can't stand all of these crap, you're not meant to play an mmo game. Rng and grind makes the game an mmo for a reason. So stop bitching.

Just do what you gotta do in the game and enjoy it. Instead of bitching about the small things.  Yeah same. I pretend like they're not even there and enjoying every last second of the story/game.


Blade & Soul PvP Season 1 begins on April 13

Please fixed profile picture uploading. its been awhile. cant change profile picture in game.  Who cares if they streamline content?! Better than maxing and quitting it's on the table for you when you get there. PvP Season 1 begins on April 13, offering seasonal as well as weekly rewards.

Great start the PVP season when the Hackers are in! Fun thing to fight perma invisble summoners and speedhackers /teleporters.   cheap Blade & Soul Gold Because you only get to keep it for staying at the top. It's their way of keeping people motivated and maintain a rank rather than getting it once then abandoning arenas altogether.I'd be pretty peeved if I couldn't keep it.
It's like giving a kid a toy and saying 'You can play with it for a few weeks before we put it in the bin, even if it's your favourite'.

To respond to your kid reference: if a kid behaves super well, you give him a totally awesome toy he plays with all the time. But of course you give it to another kid if he starts behaving badly.And I think since only 5 people/class can own this costume at a time it makes it more desirable. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Sarah Harries the pvp season starts every 60 days I think. The point is to keep getting the costume.

IF this game was competative ALL skills should be unlocked in arena AND EVERYONE should have same skill points
if 1 person have 10 points more than me and 3 hongmoon skills more than me well this CANNOT BE ESPORT ! if you want a real world championship make arena FAIR for everyone not just for ppl who can spend 1000 euro for nc coin and transform them into gold or ppl who can spend thousand hours farming a stupid dungeon. I just notice the blight ring isnt in the dynamic quest box... Wtf did you guys do to it? That's the only item i need for evolve..


Ryan Comeaux Final Fantasy A Maitence reborn

Nathan Rigby plus this too, if you cant afford 12.99 a month, then theres something wrong . Ryan Comeaux Final Fantasy A Maitence reborn, maitence 3-4 times a week, right at prime time too not when people are asleep. Why do you even have this? Kinda negates the whole "quit and lose your house" feature. Now nobody can complain that Square is forcing them to remain subbed by threatening their house. Cheap FFXIV Gil any one know where can i buy the dam maid ouffit the housemaid's all set?

I am taking a break, but not because of whatever reason you think. i am taking a break because my current computer is broken as hell and dont let me play ANY games that requires alot of cpu/gpu usage. The feast is amazing just a few bugs here and there but awesome. not with randoms lol i play bard and they arent high on the dps side.. yet did 40000k more damage than the ninja in group tongue emoticon its just a lottery dont knowwhat kind of group your gonna get.

Tru but it is only a matter of time as you get higher in the brackets it will be more ummm steady as far as people knowing there class and how to dps in theory of course. It should be a 96 hour total playtime, not just 4 days to log in. seems like ill have to try it out again. the only thing wrong with this game is the combat style. if it had real action combat like tera, i would pay all year long. Not really. It'll stay about the same proportionally, Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil maybe an extra minute here and there at peak times.

If you're talking about queues then nothing will beat when they introduced rogue/nin. Everyone switched to DPS to play and level, so you'd be sat there for over an hour in duty finder. I remember that. I was one of the ninja >.>. 14 hours in DPS queue, only to get DCed from the server.

But on my server (Excalibur), I often see a 2-5 minute login queue during free trial/free login. Not bad compared to other games of course, but it's worse than no queue at all.


moonstone transformation stone

This company has charged me over $600 in unauthorized charges and when I provide them proof they start ignoring my emails and not returning my phone calls. This company needs to be sued and as soon as they provide me their legal department I will be suing them. Is this a subscribe to play? Looks interesting, however I don't like the idea of having to pay every month or year to get on.

I'm currently playing Albion online on my phone, only computer game that I know of that cheap Blade & Soul Gold is Mobile platform "capable". Its just 5 left of my guild. Rest left. And im always alone in teamspeak. Patch comes out too fast, those that still looking for moonstone transformation stone can advance fast to new areas and now they to deal with another new transformation stone. They cant even farm normaly at misty coz got rekt by veteran geared players.

Complained about the same thing a few announcements before. Even our top players stop. We have 3 guys plus myself and the Advisor. From 57. 5.
Oh, Blade and Soul Gold and only three of them plays, since me and the advisor cannot really do the current endgame due to too low FPS. (Advisor uses an OC i7 950, I use an OC'd i7 4700hq. Both are too weak to even have 15FPS solid. During a single Blood Mane I managed to get 3-5 FPS as well. It's a joke...) Talk in faction & try to meet up with other players in your faction, team up & do the tasks together. That's what some of my members do when other members aren't online, even though I organise a big team in my clan to do the dailies. There will be some veteran geared players in your faction too, to protect you, lol. I agree with everything you said, too.


The Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains expansion released today

The Silverfrost Mountains expansion released today! See all the changes in the 2.0 patch notes. When you launch the client it should prompt you to update. i am just playing at the cafe so it is just a launcher no prompt thing is appearing. Fps drop hard on this one. Unstable ping as well.Blade & Soul Gold Everyone got excited when they announce the new patch turn to dissapointment when its finally here. All hype up for nothing.

I don't know if it's just me, but my FPS actually dropped after this patch. Any idea why? It was supposed to be more optimized... Thanks for fixing the crashing issues NOT even when you dont have razor or anything it crashes JUST because your game demands to much or whatever, anyone with a low end laptop cant even play because every loading screen kills the game.

 It's not a game that cators to low end laptop, most current MMOS and games don't. I thought this was common sense? Im just speaking for the thousands of people who cant get past a loading screen in game. No other mmo crashes on a loading screen. Just bns. i have no issues but i was hoping to Buy Blade and Soul Gold see it fixed in this patch for a few friends of mine.

Actually, the game optimisation is bad because even with my high end gaming computer it still can occasionally crash, and razor has stuff to do with it because BNS is not optimised with razor, and people with razor products could never play the game because the game guard rejected the products and crashed the game, people had to stop razor processes alltogether in order to play, plus Lance isn't wrong in trying to play on a low end laptop since I do vaguely remember a long time ago BNS saying that it would be available for all people to play regardless of laptop because they would optimise settings well, plus i can get it to play on my old low level laptop.


Blade and Soul new content is on the way

Not like the old content is going anywhere, you can still play it AND play the new content when you finish the old.  Vincent Metzen Alvin's problem is that he won't have enought time to upgrade his weapon so he won't hit the new path which costs way more.. I have the same problem. Blade and Soul Gold They said spring, they didn't said "we're gonna surprise you 2 days before the release"...

tonia.. not just way WAY more.. but the materials, the effort into collecting the materials for them... would take weeks longer frown emoticon.. If you need another two months to upgrade your weapon thats kind of sad. Alvin Lee Ikr, I\m screwd as well..! I wasn't expecting the announcement would be like a surprice butt sex..! Ibrahim Sholyov you think its funny but when you get to that upgrade point.. you will get it...

Lol who cares? I stopped my 3 chars at siren. You don't need to rush anything to enjoy the game. I welcome this patch cause I got so bored of doing dailies I quit the game. They fk up so manny people, i max my gear and made vold stash long time ago  still so not caring about players.  Its not about hurrying. Its about the new content messing up the current content. Geesh. Do you guys even play this game? You all seem to spurt stuff you dont even seem to know anything.

Johnson Zhang Imagine there is a mountain.
The top is the current "end", which means True Pirate.Now here comes the biggest misunderstanding.
Some people think, cheap Blade & Soul Gold the patch gives you a new mountain, that you can climb, enjoy. Nuh-uh.
It pulls you back to basecamp #1, where you were weeks ago. Now the hill is even higher, the weather just got worse, and reaching the top? Not more rewarding, just more harder.


best soul shields for BNS players

You releasing update too fast. without give a people the time to max their gear... would be better if u fix the game before and then release other things... a game full of crash also if plenty content is not a good game.They're releasing content as fast as they can because people are complaining that we're so far behind cheap Blade & Soul Gold . Blame the community for pressuring them to release multiple updates in a short amount of time.

my gear is maxed Lol true pirate bangle and true siren earrings, rings and necklace , best soul shields you can have with a mix of lab ,bsh and lab.....I'm ready for this update. Mark Mcewen when you are going to judge someone's grammar,make sure yours is perfect. A new sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a coma.

well to be fair the reason people cant max their gear steadily is because from linear upgrades you get slammed by a wall by having to make watersoul stones and such, also if this game were to compete with another one it should be guild wars 2 as black desert online is a major disaster befoe it even launched buy Blade and Soul Gold . Dude..stop with this "fast content" the content is already out in korea for more than half a year ok ? The game won't be better optimized. Just fucking inform urself before being stupid.

Yokki Dime Competing? BDO is boring. actually no the reason is for the world finals u cant have NA compete with a different skill patch and hongmoon lvls. Get a better PC if you're lagging, I have no lag at all and I've only crashed once during my entire time of playing the NA version. I'm glad theres new content coming out. My only issue is that its hard to upgrade my weapon. It takes alot of money to get moonwater tran stones.the game is really fun, i just wish i could upgrade my gear...they need to make it easier to craft the tran stones...


Blade and Soul dungeon

Is really annoying to plays agains bots or bots in your dungeon could you guys fix that, with a simple image question every 30 min or something?  Someone can help me pls, i changed my laptop and i enter with my acount, but i dont have my chars, wha can i do? HELP PLS. blade and bot los gms son un real asco ninguna preocupacion respecto a los bot estan matando el juego dan asco 80% de bot.

How about fixing your server? me and my friends get disconnects once every 5-7 minutes. Seen this too many times so I will post it here so others can learn from this. IF you are going to to Brightstone Ruins and are a range class DO NOT stand away from emerald lord if you have aggro, this is the BIGGEST mistake cheap Blade & Soul Gold you can do. As this triggers it to do nothing but cannon ball roll you for 12k per hit for however long you are unfortunate enough to be there. then everyone else chases arise to get to it and it just keeps going because the one WITH aggro just runs around thinking they are in trouble. First off the ONLY attack that you need to avoid is the charged frontal cone attack, otherwise just sit there in it's facing taking the minor hits that you can leech/regen with no issues. Blade and Soul Buy Gold Ends wall of text.

Can i pvp the NPC's who call my character Cricket?? Nobody calls me a Cricket!  hello I have trouble getting in the game is giving me an error Failed to connet to server. SystemErr- (200 Account Authentication Failure). I need Help whit black screen character creator someone help me? Fix the FPS drops before you pretend you can pvp. In this game Cricket Soft West.

Hello Blade and soul can you help me with this problem? The Hongmoon Store limited time costumes change every other Friday. Here are this week’s additions.  Where are our lvl'ing rewardssssss! My warlock has been capped since 2 days after release and you promised them today by 6pm pst! >.>


Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight's sword

Use this code: VVZTQZ93 to get your free 14 days trial!!! register it on mog station! I am about to Subscribe.. anyone want to recruit me? send me a PM on here... will wait 24 hours before entering my game time code. (note i play on EU and Other ). when is the next relic quest? the kettle thing was pointless and disappointing Blade and Soul Gold .  I want the new housing district to be released already : .

Lets hope you don't let die like secure and slaughter! Hopefully you fix frontline queues too. rocovering from stage 4 lymphoma and really could use any and all the help and support i can get by sharing. thank you in advance.  logged in one day and sat my character various areas just to listen to the music while I drew doodles and such in my sketchbook. Probably one of my most favorite soundtracks out of all the MMOs I've played. I cannot begin to express enough love for Cheap FFXIV Gil the sound designers in this game. The music gets plenty of credit, deservedly, but it's so, so very good to see the sound effects people getting recognition.

To players: Keep your ears open. Listen to those razor-sharp slashes of Ninja moves, the ominous ringing and scraping of a Dark Knight's sword, the rolling storm of a Warrior's axe. Feel to the impact of a Garlean ground-laser strike, the explosive thunder of breaking rocks and meteors, and the snarls and exhalations of dragons. Savor to the sudden hiss of a heal that saved someone from the brink of death or a well-timed interrupt. Bask in the birdcalls in the Shroud during heavy rain and the scrape of your boots against hot Thanalan rocks.

These sound effects COULD be mundane and trivial, a token effort, but they aren't. They are art. They're resonant, they're perfectly-timed, and they always have a perfect sense of weight and force, be it heavy or light, behind them. They're one of the reasons why it feels good just to play this game.i love this game but i just found this game online says play till level 20 for free but can somaone tell me how much to play after level 20


Blade & Soul crafting

This game had the most useless crafting I ever seen, PvE/leveling was stupid easy that it even made WoW look hard. Open world PvP, lack of items, gathering, money, and even gear had no real purpose. This MMO in itself should never been an MMO... Should of just been a game where the only good thing was go to Arena PvP to show off your skill. Everything else about this game became boring because the dailies for money had no great incentive. Why am I doing dailies to for no reason. This feels like a job... zzz boring quit and log on to do arenas until that becomes boring Blade and Soul Gold ... Street Fighter with bloated garbage...

I even made a diary. "Today 3 bots que arena hongmoon uniform all destroyer.Earlier this morning I encounter 3 bots starting to use faction uniform and running throw rocks and walls and walk together like a train. They doing stuff now. And weird thing is they only join blue factions. THEY ACTUALLY DOING FACTION QUEST!.Today a bot que a dungeon. I inspect with no jewerly. But somehow this bot move and play but bot like pattern and dont even die" Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

 Well the zerg ball of 7 crimson destroyers on Soha crushing everything in a matter of seconds was funny. Waido lasted maybe 2-3 and a poor ceru who thought it was a good opportunity got rekt in maybe .2 seconds. every match in arena is a destroyer bot Speed hacks god knows what... you cant even hide from them with stealth the just walk up to you and swing or stomp/ swing cc lock they pull me out of iframes for god sake... and every queue is a bot... that dont even know how to walk they just time jump across the arena and instantly appear where you are with a cc ability.. i mean i run pass on and stealth full speed and stopped at the other end opposite to him and exit stealth on purpose and he was there before i finished the animation kick to cc me..

Bots runs the game and you talk about tournament guess you play another game then us NcSoft since Blade and Soul is about unplayable witch you should have known if you did read your own forums.


I was looking forward to Blade and Soul

Well I was looking forward to this, until my account got falsely flagged as a seller and banned. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty, thanks for the kick in the dick there NCSoft. I hope your support team doesn't take a week to figure out they fucked up and fix it.

 People complaining about bots, Blade and Soul Gold only way the game is bot free is if it goes buy to play, but then broke people would cry be cause it's buy to play, just be grateful it came out and don't be a cry baby. Black desert is buy to play and do you see any gold spammers or bots? i don't think so. Hey about the Valentine's event, why the quests stoped to give White Roses already? The event is supossed to finish tomorrow, even the Sets on the cash shop still there, Blade and Soul Buy Gold just the quests stoped to give the item...

 Yes the bots suck. Before you go in dungeon make a full party so they can't join yours. I make sure I have a full party before I go in and so far no bots have been added to my group yet.  WHy the hell did the trasnformation process change to needing soulstone????? Not like it's not expensive enough to transform now need soulstone for that and breakthrough!!! THat's fucked up! change it back or make more money drop from everything killed. Are you trying to screw up the game?? Things are already uneven as far as coin drop and resources needed to play. Stop being unrealistic and trying to force pwople to spend real money to play at an even lvl.

 Every regional version works like that after you get to a certain point, NA won´t be the exeption as they are just following steps and screwing up by allowing bots to take over, I believe by now Soulstone prices have been taken over by bots.. just like any other version.


Warlock a new class coming to Blade & Soul

The forums wont let me post there ether thus Y I came here!! This week we’re focusing on the Warlock, a new class coming to Blade & Soul on March 2. Just wait.. once it's out and people can't figure out how to PvP against it they will cry for nerf and your warlock class.. just once wish there was a game that didn't nerf every class people 'think' are OP. Yea all classes can be defeated if you know ur things. Blade and Soul Gold

Actually I think every class is OP. But it's easier to complain about something instead of asking if u are doing something wrong. Most ppl here loses in pvp and complains cuz they dont even bother to use counters, lol.

 I was honestly upset they nerfed summoner.. my car had 18k hp and was there for me to stand behind while I dps'd so I was honestly easy to kill if someone bothered to attack me instead of cat for once. That's exactly why they NEEDED to nerf Summoner. The cat was too strong and can kill anyone Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

The classes are slowly getting balanced, so youll just have to wait. I'm a better BM on CN than NA. Why? Because NA isnt balanced lol. Yes but that doesn't mean ncsoft won't nerf it again in na because of complaints. NA wont get nerfs just because peoplee cry about it. We're really only getting patches that Korea has recieved... And Lock has won Championships... straight shitting on FM in the finals.... Balance patches wont be coming.... Jump on the OP train or grab a box of tissues, because this class is as stupid as it gets in pvp....

Thx ncsoft for your new class; now, I'll have to start the game again with this class if I really want to win at least several duels...Btw for those who dont know you can sell around 8g on the currency exchange, get around 500 hongmoon coins and buy character slots. So stop crying about slots.  Please add a system to kick / vote kick players in party not just the offline one. Too many assholes just leeching and just wait for dungeon clear.


Blade Master is kinda underpowered at this point

I didn't knew about that, thanks! I will try that later. Would you look at that, all of a sudden it's '' OMG BEST GAME 4EVER'', While last week it was,''OMG tease and shitty people with no date realease everyyythiinG''.. hahahahaha you people are funny to watch xD.

People are so bipolar, I love this game either way even if it came like years late Blade and Soul Gold .  It's a great game. I've been saying it for a while. People always want to complain no matter what. Doshi Aethers Its not anime enough for you i guess. low level hunters, please don't forget does, lvl 45 hanging out on Jadestone just waiting for any lvl 10-20 fool to use one of the many PvP costumes.

i don't want role tank dps and healer all mmo have it its is boring i watching many Anime and i dont see role in any. All these people are scared of warlock yet only one guy made it to the championship he just happen to win. I'm 100% a lot of people are going to be super disappointed. I want the Warlock because it`s my favorite class cheap Blade & Soul Gold . I will play with him even if the class become the worst class in the game... but yeah, it`s really funny to see people crying about the class.

All the more reason a lot of people are going to be disappointed..  I'm playing it for visuals etc why i wanna main it not cause it was OP nor cause right now its one of the worse pvp classes. And that's a great reason. I main summomer cause they are cute as hell and I love cats. I main lbm for now waiting for warlock just cause well..

BM is kinda underpowered at this point. I don't think so. To me blade and soul has been the most balance game I've played so far. But I think what people are seeing as op are the difficulty of the classes and its learning curve. Cause yes other classes are easier to learn then others but that doesn't make them op.


Korean game - Blade and Soul

It's not that I don't know about the content being not new, I'm Korean and I've known about this game and its contents for a long time as I can read and experience them myself straight from original versions tongue emoticon You're the one not knowing what I'm talking about here. We're talking about them rushing to bring the contents before handling their own servers better. You may not experience the lag like many others do but Blade and Soul Gold don't tell me you haven't experienced any server crashes. If you haven't, then you're just lucky that you weren't online to play when those crashes happen.

It's not new for MMO to have their server crash once in awhile but it's only been a month and there have been numerous cases of this for NA/EU servers since the headstart/launch. But rather than trying to come up with solutions for constant crashes or many bugs that exist, they're releasing content updates TWICE in just 2 months, and for the 2nd update which is supposed to be for lv 50 content but no we're getting them in weird mixed order now.

Anyone who's played MMOs for a long time knows that rushing contents too fast isn't that great. I'm not saying they need to come at like a year later, Buy Blade and Soul Gold but just not 2 updates in just 2 months when they can spend the time in between contents to fix some bugs and do better management.

I don't have any complains about the game or the developers, but instead have some for the management that's handling it for our regions. So go on your way if you don't know what the point of the argument is here.


Blade and Soul gender balance

Amy Longfield Actually, they are there for the male gaze. It makes the male player feel desired. Those aren't really people, they are objects. Sun Albiach Pretty sure he saw exactly what was in front of his eyes. A feminazi, then he called it out.

What bothers me most is that Blade and Soul Gold the male costume is just a recolor of the White Rosette. XD
I was hoping they'd have something sexy like the nurse dress for men that Korea has.

And yeah, sadly, this game just like Tera has extreme favoritism towards female characters(in a way, it's favor towards their male players since it's always sexy clothing and not really stuff real females would want to wear xD).

Something I noticed actually, is that games like this and Tera, which have this really greedy "sex sells"-feel end up as the most sexist games, while games which have less sexism and more gender equality/balance like FFXIV and Guild Wars 2 seem a LOT less greedy(less manipulative marketing for example) Blade and Soul Gold . I don't know if this is just coincidence or not.

Guys are you seriously trying to reason with a feminazi? C'mon don't feed the troll please.... It's called fantasy for a reason. It was created by men who enjoy such things for men who enjoy such things. If it aint your demographic, then find some entertainment that's tailor made for you. You don't see us bitching about the unrealistic depictions of men in female geared fantasies.Stewart Butler There is never an excuse for sexism. If you aren't trying to "bitch about" unrealistic depictions of men, you should. Actually, I do complain about it too. You know, despite the (inaccurate) common belief, feminism helps men too.


Blade and Soul Crafting is unbalanced

I was playing the game for a while now, got to LV28, love the game and the design of it the only thing that is rubbing me the wrong way is that the wardrobe/ outfits locker is only for premium players (( pay cash )), I mean OK i get extra inventory or bank space, multiple char slots or special outfits but COME ON Blade and Soul Gold, I want to put the old uniforms I have in safe keeping, not hold space in my bank for no reason
That and the crafting is unbalanced, 3 out of 6 professions actually matter and you have to keep bugging other people or make a alt to get a profession to work.I played a bunch of MMO's and the crafting in this game is just flat out weird.

So yea in short Crafting is unbalanced and Wardrobe space should be for all.While still selling swimsuits or school uniform outfits for cash,,,, HELL weapon skins to cheap Blade & Soul Gold make a axe look like a giant loli pop.

 All crafts matter, because without them you won't be able to craft better stuff from the clan.  I really don't want to bitch about it but I have to, for the last 4 days I have being unable to start the game, can you guys please fix this game?, I mean, I really like the game, I want it to succeed, but I can't play.

 Hey guys, the game needs attention. The bug report forum is filling up fast. This does not bode well for the game. The game is good and shows great promise, but without the support it is pointless. Please give the bug report forum attention then fix the game problems, or it is a waste of everyone's time.


Soul Warden in BnS

If you want EXP, look what takes the less time possible with the best EXP possible.  The time is too high for the crafted product. Do you know what a viridian pickaxe is? Every forum I visited so far says "go for Merry Potters/ Soul Warden". Essentially 5 out of the 7 guilds are 95% useless end game.

Neat. I'd still like to be able to Blade and Soul Gold use faction chat without having to block 50 gold spammers in the first 20 minutes, then not having any way to block more because those 50 are still active. The Jiwan server is infested with those bastards, cheap Blade & Soul Gold making it impossible to chat with the community. I'm sure every server is like that.

Empty your list and start over every 2 days. Otherwise join a guild and forget faction chat. Giovanni D. Martello my list is completely filled within an hour of playing, and when i empty my list i discover that the majority of the bots i blocked are still there, so there's really no point. And i did, basically all i can use is my clan chat. But what's the point of having a faction chat if it's so overrun with spammers that you can't use it? It's a big issue, and i'd like to be able to interact with the community.

 I don't have a problem with them on Jiwan. Usually I have to block a good 10-15 but after that I'm good. It might depend on the time of day, i dunno. I'm normally on during high traffic hours. I haven't even attempted it since last week and got fed up with it after filling my block list in 20 minutes. I just turned off faction chat.


Blade and Soul animation

What did you guys do on last maintenance? I noticed after that, been so laggy and lot dc... I can't skill and my jump animation keeps repeating, next thing I see my char is dead. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Ughh so many deaths after that maintenance.

 Are there known crashing issues with the new Nvidia update? My games been crashing way more than usual. (Running a Gefore 980, doesn't seem to be an issue on the hardware end) . use the old known better. the new one always make nvidia stop responding.I'm running 980Ti and rolled back driver to 361.43. Not helping, still crashes after 10-15 minutes.. I have the same issue since yesterday when I updated the game... Great weekend again.

Is the game currently down or is my game corrupt? it's stuck on the loading part where the camera is moving around right after i've put my pin code in. Can anyone help me? My marketplace does not seem to work, it says "It's temporarily unavailable, please come back later." I've tried all known ways to fix it, but none has...

 Try relogging BNS Gold. I had to do that once. (I also had to reload market after restart to get it to work). I'm sorry but.... Am I a dumb ass and missing something...
Or why hell do I have to verify my IP and E-mail EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to play the game, Ok I get it There is a 6 digit code for security, but not even Tera Online was such a pain to start the game as this


Blade & Soul video

New costumes and previews added to our recent Hongmoon Store update article!  The coloful autumn leaves costume pictued above is not showing up in the hongmoon store? They are a limited time costume replacing the winter holiday costumes. Specific dates can be found in the article. They are so nice! Good Job. I am also curious about costume from wardrobe called "Padded Coat", cause I falled in love with it. It's still winter, is there any chance or are any plans to put this one into available? Best Regards, Michal.

Blade & Soul Blade and Soul Gold What time exactly christmas costume will leave store ? ( like 10 pm pst ? ) Watch the latest Blade & Soul video from MMORPG.com: Playthrough with RipperX. Blade & Soul, you said you will add chat restriction for lvl 10 and below! How come faction chat is flooded with bot/gold spammers who are level 4! This is frustrating. Blade & Soul I would support the crap out of this game if there was an oceanic server for us Australians to play on. But i can't justify becoming a premium member when i can really only play 1 class effectively with such a bad ping.

Let them establish themselves first, right now I'd guess it is out of the question. Give them about 6 months to a year, if the game is successful they might be able to expand. We are on the same boat since I'm from Brazil. Lets just hope for the best (Hue hue hue?) not to menton its hard to do combos on US server from New Zealand, ;_; Hope they consider a Oceanic server!  The thing is, all servers are located in one location. Buy Blade and Soul Gold NA and EU servers are in one location. even if they make a SEA server, if still its located where the EU and NA are, then theres no difference about it.

Well, that's obvious Mark smile emoticon , but yes, an Oceanic server would have to be located in Australia/NZ. Don't think i've seen any NCsoft game with an oceanic or sea server which is sad. Alot more people would support the games if these people were thought of in the first place regarding server locations etc. They only care about the mass markets i guess.


Blade & Soul pvp outfits

Check out Diamond KFM & Destroyer player Radeyz as he streams his PvP action.can some one tell me how difficult is to get the Blight Sword i have done it about 20times that dongen i get all the other class is Blight only the Blade master that i didn't had fix this random and isn't luck fuckin hell even a cat blight sword i Had Fix it. i dont think so i had every blight weapon only the sword i dont have.  than is luck but at least if you do it about 20times you get it not noting.

There is so many gold farmers and bots... the faction chat is not usable anymore... cleared out my block list and added back any active ones... Blade and Soul Gold I was adding 3 new bots every 5 minutes till it maxed out again. I now only use local and party chat since at least those are not used by them...

Oh yeah could you make where you respawn and towns have a designated safe zone to prevent people from constantly holding down people from moving? I keep having to help people out to prevent high levels from camping the towns. um just remove the pvp outfits, are people really that stupid and not realize that you can do that.

 Ernestas Kacerauskas I mean like the towns that require you to wear them to start the quests which are where the merchants are in about 8 areas or more. Oh yeah and when your in combat or dead there are a few things that happen...you can't remove the outfit, you can't change channels or log out, Blade and Soul Buy Gold when you revive your able to be killed before the screen loads up and can be revived and rekilled by the attacker..

I'm finished with this game until they get the spam under control. Remove faction and region chat from all players who haven't spend at least $5 in the cash shop, how hard is that? Part of the scripts already exist with the mail system ffs. They won't put money on an account that's going to get banned anyway. Problem solved. Don't nerf any classes. Every class is fine. Lol just people bitching about losing in the arena cause they suck. i have problem at wheel prize it wont allow me to access frown emoticon i have all gem but doesn't allow me even i press F to bad.


Pregunta B&S tiene algun servidor en espa

Nefilim Nela a mi no me salen ninguno de los dos servidores que tu mencionas...:s estas jugando en NA? You know its funny ..I asked the Devs about this very issue..and of course got no response!! I've seen this before which is why I asked about queing and such..so glade I didn't buy into the early access hype train!! An?l U?ar Oh boy, Buy Blade and Soul Gold If we're having this issue being headstart founders...I would like to know what will happen on the 19th when all humans will try to get in at the same time, they will either need to expand the current servers capacity or create new ones for all the people that will join xDDDD.

To be honest i will pay this game sure after 19th .I thinking even get premium to but definitly after 19th.Server not ready for oficial opening write now they collection data etc .From founders .in 19th new patch will be come with and we will neter .Dont care servers capacity etc.Since i am pro TERA player smile emoticon i can handle such thinks.Because we gamers know lots of problem issue happen in founders pack statemant .You pay and you can not log in .so due to no need.

Sayuri Jamer pero es que ese server no lo tengo yo disponible, estais en na Blade and Soul Gold ? Pregunta B&S tiene algun servidor en espa?ol o uno en comun en donde se junte toda la gente de habla hispana?  Don't forget to still show interest if you want an oceanic server! Click the sign up button for the petition. If it hasnt even technically launched and its congested, surely it shows enough interest in the game to get us all off your US servers. This queue looks a bit fake,ok probably there are a lot of ppl inside the same server but i can't believe that the queue window dosen't have a real countdown of normal user,we can only see Premium and every 10 min the number of premium in queue dosen't change so much.If u are Premium u wait at last max 30 min,if you are not,6 hours.Im the only one who think that NcSoft West is trying to scared us and force ppl to buy premium to resolv this queue problem?


Blade & Soul would u suggest us player from Asia especially Malaysia

Doesn't work I can't log in , keep getting the begin screen of the game but then its keeps runbning with no menu. You may have a corrupt download. If you have the correct launcher, are set to EU, and have a Disciple or Master level Founder's Pack and are still getting an error, you may want to contact Support. "the game client encountered an error while running. shutting down the game client (4044)" this is what i get everytime i enter the game unsure emoticon i can't even get to the name part unsure emoticon What can i do?

 Blade & Soul i think i didnt apply my founder pack cuz i dont have it in my transaction history but i bought it. Jo?o Marques i had this, go into your BnS folder, then bin and delete the gameguard folder, now restart your machine then launch the client normally and it will reinstall gameguard and should work fine.

Blade & Soul would u suggest us player from Asia especially Malaysia..wich server r better for us. i cant log in Disconnedted (2000)(132,10054) why? Blade & Soul what is this blade and soul error! i cant log in im using MASTER PACK! Unable to download patch e02018 seems to be a routing issue to australia atm if you could possibly get this resolved, tested and able to vpn to the US and download patch but download is far to slow to achieve anything BNS Gold.

I took the name Old Man on Old Man Cho server lel. if ya have failed to connect then the servers a not up yet or ya not have apply the code in your account so may check it BUT if ya have a founders pack there should be no need for apply the code atm but this was for EU for NA could be diffren prob ya have cuz NA name save is later as ya could read.Blade & Soul is there a way to avoid/use another more usefull method or do something about the verification code for location due to ip always renewing or changing itself, every single time my router gets turned on ? i gotta always go to my email to put the verification code on the launcher EVERY SINGLE TIME AND ITS SO ANNOYINg im sorry but i already had it with it Blade & Soul Gold ... and i havent even been able to play the game yet ( currendtly downloading it) do please add a differnet method for verfication that will strictly stick with my computer or smething idk, isnt there another way?


Blade & Soul Summoner cat is awesome

True true. I would love to see just more than 2 elements fire and ice . FM should have water, wind, earth and lightning elements xD. Lol 2 elements are already hard enough to master. Good luck with more... Summoner cat is awesome! Can't wait! here you have ToS!!! jajajajajajaja goood for BnS! you deserv it! waiting from you since the first closed beta in corea. and now soon ill be able to play you! finaly! .congratulations BnS team!! and again..here you have Tos!

Peyton Motede i spelled as you must say in spanish sorry. The French version will be available in the America server ? For the Canadians, they always forget that we are a bilingual country BNS Gold... Too often, those who want to play French must go on the Europe server because that language it's not available in America server, even if the game is already translated in French.

 It was already there in The CBT 4 and 5, I personally felt the english localisation of better quality and will be using it over the french localisation. (I'm a french native speaker). The English version is always better, but some of my friends cannot read English. Same me, i help myself sometimes with google translate Blade & Soul Gold for some words i don't know.

 I wish there weren't so many servers because its going to be like Aion. They started out with a lot then two/three years later got condensed down to four servers and then they pulled the, "oh well whoever reserved the name first gets to keep it.." that's one of the reasons I went with the $75 one... Now I feel a few years later it would have been pointless.. but really... there's no need for THAT many servers.