FFXIV DPS output

And "beatable" yes. But again, it's more for convenience than anything else. Imo, there's a difference between, "beating" a dungeon, and "clearing" it. The former, as I mentioned, puts undue stress on the tank/healer in their respective positions. And in the case of the DPS gives the appearance of laziness by pretty much dumping 80% of the DPS output on the other person carrying the lower leveled player. And in the case of the latter, it means everyone is pulling their weight equally usually and the dungeon can be cleared in optimal time. Especially if you're having to clear it multiple times for say, relic weapon farming etc.No it isn't FFXIV Gil. No one goes way above the item level before entering an instance because it isn't needed. Ever. Minimum Item level is just that, minimum needed to clear the dungeon or instance optimally. It's why it is there. Never even heard of such bull in my 3 years of playing lmao.

 I like the sub system for ffxiv since it always gave us quality content in most of cases and resolve issues or glitches pretty quick. The only thing I would like to change is that some items from mogstation were account wide like the glamour items and emotes, but since all those are optional and most ppl only have one chara only i don't give it too much thought. Buy FFXIV Gil  Chris Stephens! Update dat background!Advanced tickets are now available for the “Trials of Bahamut” Real Escape Game created in collaboration between SCRAP and FINAL FANTASY XIV! Form a group of fellow adventurers and purchase your tickets to the event being held in several cities across the United States. 

Interested, but it looks like their legend of Zelda one was essentially just sitting at a table doing brain teasers and jigsaw puzzles. Will this be any better?  So I am trying to come back to the game on ps4. Needed to reinstall the game. I was hoping I could install the game before subbing, but no. So I sub, and now my install keeps stopping after 1000mbs or so, telling me three files can't be downloaded. Starting to feel like I wasted my money resubbing if I cant even install the game.They really should invest in props and stage/environment. These things have potential for being really fun attractions. But just by sitting some people on a table solving jigsaw puzzles these 'games' won't get anywhere. Imo. 

Trials of my patience. Your game won't install on ps4. Error messages for the last 9 hours. If the game forums are to be believed this has been an ongoing issue for 2 years. Jokes on me for buying into your franchise. The US servers are on maintenance from the 15-17th! That's probably why you can't download it. Escape "game" not room, by Scrap, the same company that did the Legend of Zelda one. Be clear this is also not an escape room. I hope it's better than that laughable zelda escape game lol. Going to the city is already an epic adventure and getting out of it is like Dante getting out of hell. What was so bad about it? (I haven't seen anything about it)  Ryan O.o omg I am getting them tickets for Chicago!!! Blaaaah why does it have to be after I leave!! I'm gonna try for the Houston one.


new characters in Balmung/Gilgamesh

Real talk though, unfortunately you're in the vast minority. New players and the vast majority of NA players playing on their proper server shouldn't suffer because people are playing on the wrong server. Its currently in Montreal, Canada. I imagine they're going to stick it somewhere a little more central. Ok to cover the people who are talking about 1 day being added to sub as short changing customers. The reason it is only one day is because EU and Japanese servers will still be up for one of the two days. Buy Blade and Soul Gold So compensation is being made for "Total Outage" of just 1 day.

Does this mean we'll be able to make new characters in Balmung/Gilgamesh again or is that still transfer/after maintenance only? I hope not, that's probably what's keeping the gil seller at bay.  I don't think server capacity would go up as a result of this, so probably not, its more about reliability and a more central location for better response times. The old servers were in Ontario, Canada iirc, which isn't exactly close if you live in the south, the new servers should be more centrally located.

 Unfortunately what they should do and what they actually do very seldom align.  I hope all goes well and I can care less for any down time as long as they get it done right so please take your time and be patient ppl there are a lot of games out there to kill time with.  TWO WHOLE DAYS. We will have to cruise about on GTAV instead. Blade & Soul Gold Small price to pay so they can bring in the improvements with stormblood. I dont mind losing sub time at all. Well... At least its in May and I have plenty of advance warning. Interesting read overall. Funny how it always NA complains. We never got any extensions when they added EU Data centre. Lmao it is Centre as well. Centre, center, organisation, organization, both are correct, what's your spelling like lmao!

Its nice and all to know the date, but after a few weeks since the initial announcement it would be nice, as an EU player on one of the NA datacenters, to know where the new location is. It doesn't have to be specific to the point it says the town it is in, but knowing if the relocation is West Coast, Central or East Coast at the very least should be the kind of information that we should been shared by now. Don't forget your paying customers who play from outside NA on NA because they have international connections with people they met for over a decade of playing games and that the current location was the best to serve all interests among those connections. I think it's currently here in Alhambra, CA. Curious to where it's moving and why.


FFXIV & WWE collaboration for WrestleMania 33

The latest Developers' Blog takes a look at the recent FFXIV & WWE collaboration for WrestleMania 33! As both WWE and FFXIV fan, this is an awesome collaboration. Hopefully there is a future in-game collaboration... Hell half my healing macros are based on new day alone lol. For a ff fan, general gamer and my childhood love for WWE, this was amazing. Cheering on like a child, Cheap FFXIV Gil I was incredibly happy! As a lifelong gamer, and diehard wrestling fan this was right up my ally. You know what he meant. I knew what you meant. And I agree. Same here, been doing both since I was 5. Hell yeah! Absolutely loved seeing this during Wrestlemania. I got so excited and started telling all my friends in my free company when they came on.

Square Enid you are killing final fantasy with stuff like this plus WWE is rubbish and fake P's when you do put this stuff on keep it in the US and not on UK version. You're complaining about wrestling being fake over a game called Final FANTASY. Okay, girl. You do you. Hahaha Ronette, today you won the internet lol. I love the marketing. Awesome idea. Would be awesome to see New Day as an event in FFXIV. I don't understand this but everything about it is over the top awesome. This is so cool. I love FFXIV and whatever gets more people into it, I'm all for it!!

Gabriel Alejandro Gomez drop dead. was stupid and they made themselves look more foolish then they normally are since WWE always make themselves look dumb. Is this a new mumble rap group? I would of never tied wrestling with FFXIV but it's kind of neat to see the diverse fan base. As fans of both i lost it seeing them come out dressed as Bard, Samurai, and Red Mage. Pumped for Stormblood even more :)! Oh God. Buy FFXIV Gil I'm right with you, there! I mean, there's already a huge drag race fandom in my server! I freakin adore rupaul, and all the queens are great and super entertaining!

I don't understand what demographic this was meant to target. FFXIV has a huge fan base. You would be surprised at how many people are extremely excited about this.Before you pass judgement, know a lot of people from all walks of life actually really enjoy wrestling. It's just another form of entertainment. I'm not passing judgement, in fact it's a bit judgmental that you're assuming I am passing judgement. I'm literally just curious what market segment this was meant to target. Like 20-somethings who just happen to be into wresting and FFXIV? Lots of wwe fans are gamers and anime lovers so it was actually smart...


FFXIV April Fools Day event

 Nico Fuentes, perhaps you need to be more informed, in detail, as to why it's been labelled as most evolving. Perhaps you need to understand the definition of that. You weren't constantly chasing the max level. It taught me a lot about game design. Like Pokemon it proved that all you need to keep people playing is competition and collectibles.

It all depends on where and how it's evolved, from the severe changes from its map and area designs, some which have been totally transformed from its 1.0 predecessor, to how the story and it's focus has changed from one situation to another.Put the Emergency Mission in the duty finder and limit the loot to once a day. 1-72 chance once a day is still ridiculously hard, FFXIV Gil since the diadem is dead. Yeah no, you gotta release the full version of that chiptune Rise track. Like, now. pril fools!, squareenix would never give their fans a game they actually want.This looks fun. Great, just what I want for April Fools Day... sadness.  So the joke is you know exactly what we want, but don't care to give it to us? *Insert Final Fantasy isn't good anymore meme here* I've loved all the recent major titles personally.

Back when I first started playing Wow, Cheap FFXIV Gil back in 2010, the game had already been out for about 6 years, but do you know what I noticed? There was no coherent story line quest, no direction, no real impact your character had on the world and its people. 2010. I was doing random side quest after random side quest, levelling up but feeling immensely bored all throughout. The game looked great, the battle system was ok and the designs for creatures and places were stunning. But I didn't feel like I was DOING anything.

From the getgo, you're labelled as a brand new adventurer, out to make fame and fortune for yourself, thrown into a tumultuous cascade of events that turn you into a real hero of the people and a bane on the Garlean Empire. You save damsels, slay dragons, hand out pumpkin pies to orphans, defy Gods and even end a 1,000 year war between man and dragons.That's a helluva lot more epic than what I've gone through in WoW. I've noticed only in recent years has WoW even added story cutscenes to its game and even a storyline quest.....but no differentiating markers to recognise it beyond a side quest.


Aion develops even half the features

 I don't know why bui i couldn't get key from npc , none of my chars got it , so I don't know.. meanwhile others could get key and open boxes.  the key comes in one little bag you need to open that bag check your inventory Buy Blade and Soul Gold ... But after speaking with npc , and npc did not have pink quest ;p  120 boxes opend so far .Total rewards 10 teas 100% , 1 serum , 2 crap armor box , 1 white colour and acient coins was the tradable ones. amazing drop rate.. fix cheaters in game.how many times we told you to made antihah shields!!! or you sold hacks ??? Just remove all events and there is no issues. We are having difficulty in removing the turkish patch. also fix the ingot event library npc dosent sell the new godstones like u are saying in ur site. posts like this are why everyone likes your page.

The Alchemist's Gift and The Gold Ingot Merchants - In-game events running from 22/2 to 8/3. Worst GMs of any game ive ever played hands down. Pay to win. Multi maxed PC account got hacked with 2000 usd worth of end game gear and was told that it was tough and they wouldn't do a thing about it. That Raksha weapon box, so OP hahahhahah. This Wednesday 22.02.2017, we will perform our regular maintenance! Web services and servers will be not reachable starting from 8:00 am CET. The Ayas Flock is waiting for you! For new and returning players, log in now to be greeted with rewards.

The Ayas Flock is waiting for you! For new and returning players, log in now to be greeted with rewards.  I'm a returning player, and prior to this update was really enjoying the fast track server and getting my new character up to level for endgame. Today I went to start my besh temple grind on my fresh 53, only to find out the npc in Iggy sends us outside of the instance and separates our group according to servers. I am curious as to if this was intended? Cheap Blade and Soul Gold As in removing besh and the other instances on the fast track, in Iggy. You just go through the portal in Inggi to stay on the FTS. Since the NPC is in Sanctum as well, maybe it does only send you to the Standard Server. This update fk me up. Keep showing gameclient stoped working.

When Aion develops even half the features and content Warcraft has, then I'll return. When will you list the rewards for the Tempered Power Promotion? Excuse me , did anybody receive the homeward bound event bundle ?  aion is no more a good game, it's now a P2W game. Error "Failed to set graphic acceleration Prefences. the system cannot find the path specified.Aion: 5.3 is now live! Defend your city and fight your way up the Arena of Tenacity rankings! Wish they would make a server that was all pre-p2w. I would come back for that even if I had to start from scratch. Was a great game the first 2 years it was out. can you tell me what are the items in the cash shop that make this gmae p2w? thinking of trying Aion again. Played it the first 2 years just like you.


FFXIV SAM - derplander, MNK - in beginning

 Yes, I understand that, but in all updates, they add 4 new jobs. 2 of them are certainly red mage and samurai. The question is, what are the other 2 going to be? From the trailer, it would appear that it's going to be dancer and beastmaster. They said they won't do a job mid expansion like they did Ninja because it was a nightmare with balancing. So, SB will only have 2 jobs. new jobs? 2.0 had 3 new jobs, Scholar, Summoner and Ninja, 3.0 had 3 new jobs, Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist.. Cheap FFXIV Gil where's the 4th? They have specifically said that there are only 2 new jobs. The first reveal was Red Mage and the final reveal was Samurai. That's all we get.

The existence of only 2 new jobs is discouraging. Puppet master and beastmaster need to be added. Well, there's still all of the other jobs to go from 60-70, plus the combat system changes they are implementing. Unlike other MMOs, who get like 1 class in 5 years, SE is pretty good with giving us new jobs. Why is this discouraging again?  I'm just waiting to get my outfit tomorrow after five months. This is pretty cool. However, a question that still hasnt been answered yet is: Where is the lyrics to "Rise"?  If SE knows how to do anything, it's trailers, crazy good presentation.. If it's not the Samurai Jack intro, I'm not interested ??. Well, that or Rurouni Kenshin is also acceptable.

I'm only sad, this is not Dancer class we see in the video. That was really awesome to think it was 2 dancer fighting. Looks like Yojimbo.... new primal would fit in nicely.  Almost every male character of any race has derplander face in these movies. SAM - derplander, MNK - in beginning, derplander. This Roe next to yugiri...Buy FFXIV Gil derplander face. Should put in a in game voice channel for parties so console can speak to teammate. This would be helpful trying to use keyboard and controler is a bitch. You could try using discord app on your phone. But would you really want to run across people you don't know in a party? You could try using discord app on your phone. But would you really want to run across people you don't know in a party?

I'd really like to see something for console players. WoW implemented an in game voice channel and so could ffxiv. Is SAM being released? I'll definitely start playing again if they bring it out. Samurai was confirmed at the Frankfurt fan fest :3 literally he walked out wearing a samurai outfit.I'm just looking forward to a hunting hawk drop rate increase hopefully by 3.55b. Melany Bosboom ?? I want to hear the theme for stormblood T^T I loved hearing it at Fan Fest. A more important question than "What are the lyrics" is "What roles will the 3 new jobs have?"


The next update for Blade & Soul arrives February 8

 HOW CAN I GET BREEZE LYNBLADE EASILY. 100 silverfrost valor stones (75 if premium). Ucan get 30 stones per day. 3 days = breeze wep is yours. Easily bro i had 71 valor stones. Belive me, it's better than farming beastbog for hours and praying to rngesus xd. The next update for Blade & Soul arrives February 8!  link dosent work it just show the play for free button nothing else.  Buy Blade and Soul Gold Blade & Soul greetings, i read your helping comments so how to clean cookies please. hallo bladeandsoul @ NCsoft I want to ask I got a cafe to play the game. online I want to ask this bnsark2 I can use right from bns this forum link . Greetings! Try another browser or clear history and cookies. You can also try this link:

Altering the client in any way such as modifications like these are against the Terms of Service. We recommend to steer clear from this type of behavior as it may result with actions taken on your account. Are you joining back Hams? Greetings! Shouldn't give you a blank page. Please try a different browser and/or follow this link: I can't submit a support ticket. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I click support tab from my account page, then I click game support under the Blade and Soul title, once in BnS game support I click support then it takes me to FAQ page and from that page I click game support and it takes me back to my account page. It is an endless loop. Please help.

 Hi, you can email Support directly using this address: support@bladeandsoul.com. so much crying here about this update before it even launches. And then you all wonder why the koreans took 4 years to release their game to NA. When were always complaining what do u expect? watch how long they will take to release lost ark online here. it will be for the same reason. All mmorpg games are the same. if your still miserable after playing this,then clearly these games arnt for you.If your active and playing yehara or hajoon server send me a fb msg.

 well.. another 24 man. The hardest and probably the most painful to coordinate.I really have difficulty managing MSP raid as teamleader... ppl keep killing Green Yeti when they're not supposed to. and now this.. Yeah I know the feeling and with this new dungeon coming out you need at least 800ap to even do the first boss.  a new leg weapon path, ok that's good for those ppl who are already at baleful/seraph, it's so sad that im still at true breeze weap i need to grind more.... bcaz that's my whole life playing BnS -GRIND- lol. buddy have you ever played maplestory?..u have no idea what grinding is. alright fam. i want to explain but its too much. it is just the grindiest and most pay2win game in existence. look it up.


Blade & Soul Launcher

How i upgrade to 64 bits version ? :d i still have 32 bits . Greetings! You can change the client version from the Blade & Soul Launcher. Soooo 64-bit = major increase fps on crowded places??? My fps drops to 5-10 when crowded lol..hopefully 64bit helps a lot this time. Don't get too excited, it could end up being worse than what we have now, Buy Blade and Soul Gold and it'll be a while before we get it here anyhow. There have been tons of updates where things were fixed, only to break other things. what kind of grafic card are you using ?

Sames happens to me on a r9 280x... I mean, yeah, not the best graphic card, but you can't go from ~200 fps to 5 on the same game just because there are about 15 players on the same map.  Supposedly, B&S depends mainly on your CPU. It doesn't utilize the GPU all that much. (I know, it's weird, but MMO's tend to be more dependant on CPU rather than GPU)  Drawcall issues... that's something a platform change can't solve, since it is an issue with the system bus getting stalled each frame not the gpu. In short, nope, there won't be any noticeable increase of fps on crowded areas. They should move to other graphics API for that to improve  Drawcall issues... that's something a platform change can't solve, since it is an issue with the system bus getting stalled each frame not the gpu. In short, nope, there won't be any noticeable increase of fps on crowded areas. They should move to other graphics API for that to improve.

so we need to download all the game again? cheap Blade and Soul Gold My fx8350 doesn't even get to 50% on any of it's cores while playing, and I've seen top end builds run low fps on MMOs aswell, so, I believe the problem mainly is just how poorly optimized games are rather than the hardware itself. But I don't understand that's the client 64 somebody explain to me? On Top of that it's free, complain about the bad optimization! Bunch of mice. Don't get too excited, it could end up being worse than what we have now, and it'll be a while before we get it here anyhow. There have been tons of updates where things were fixed, only to break other things.

 the 64-bit client cannot run cuz Windows 7 SP 1 is not installed ( weird cuz im using sp1 ) please switch to the 32bit client from the launcher or install windows 7 sp1. (2004) i did install sp1 over and over but still getting this error any fix for this? Hope this will help the performance better. Last update i can play with max settings 30 fps and now i have to play with the settings medium but still 27 fps. I think update new things is good but keep the game in good performance is better, especially last 2 days game often lag . Thanks


ffxiv can't pay on XBOX

I'm totally going to try.Thanks for the input guy.  Any server suggestions? Fernando Silva look for some recruitment pages on FB; you can likely find some FC's (free companies, groups of players that domicile in-game together and complete content together) that would love to show a newbie around. Also, the mentor program will (hopefully) help you grasp some of the technical aspects of the game fast!! Best of luck. Cheap FFXIV Gil If you find a good FC that would have you, go to their server. I just started playing Final Fantasy 14 a few weeks ago,love the game,for the most part everybody is really helpfull but have met a few assholes,there in every mmo.

We can but I'm not fishing for fishes lol.  why it can be family bonding on sundays lmao. Well if we're all doing it. More recycled content. What is recycled exactly. Because i see new content,Cody is trolling. Can we have an ozma boss again? I love ozma so shiney OMG, they brought-in Doomgaze from VI!!   Im so excited aswell! Damn! The new monk pvp gear is dope! 17th for Part 1, March for Part 2, June expect possible Expansion Release, the 17th man thats to far away. 3,5 is now release?  17th for Part 1, March for Part 2, June expect possible Expansion Release, Any 1.0 players here? i found this on reddit, you should watch it xD brings back bad memories : Buy FFXIV Gil

Yeah I quit playing today. Having to many issues playing while paying. Its not the unfixable patch error its something else. So sorry to all my friends I play online with but today was the last day for me. Tired of paying money for issues that won't get fixed. Still having problems getting this to play on my Xbox One. Any solutions to this problem so many of us Xbone users seem to run into? You need to tape the ps4 disc to your xbox and put it in the microwave,  FFXIV is not on Xbox one lol his trying to be sarcastic at the FFXIV devs when it should be directed at Microsoft.

 Just upgrade it with a new mother board and several other part put it in case download windows 7 and bam your Xbox one plays it on steam,  I have everything in this shot besides the Mandragora plush because idgaf 'bout it I have problem with paysafe and ffxiv can't pay them, ^Student loans can't come fast enough. I want a GIANT mandragora minion for this lol. Like the one you fight in the Isles of Umbra I think it is. but only have Heavensward on PS4 (as I'm without a PC currently). If I were to get back onto the PC client, I know I would need both HW and Stormblood to continue playing the new content so my question is, when Stormblood comes out will there be a discounted bundle (if not included for free) that includes Heavensward with it? ^


FFXI red mage and ninja were fair

God I miss that rdm job! Also rdm JoL tank rdm low man dynamis puller and sleeper all in one. Sky puller. Avatar solo killer. So versatile so fun. Omar Robinson [Incoming attack!] [Kazham] [Zone] [Goblin Smithy] [Please use caution. 15 seconds later, see an entire party run by, followed by a horde of goblins... Good memories, Buy FFXIV Gil thanks for that. Lol, I loved that game, and you had always had one guy that tried to hide and they got caught when the gobbies headed back. FF11 still there you know? It's not close or something. =_= You can just back to play it if you like. FF11 is FF11 and FF14 is FF14. Different in combat system. If you choose to quit it, that mean you have to accept a new way for the balance in game.

Pulling the entire Korroloka tunnel so smns could burn it. That was the best way for a rdm to make gil there for awhile. I banked so hard off that... XI red mage and ninja were fair, even if ninja's best use was as a subjob.XI summoner was amazeballs compared to XIV. Don't get me wrong, XIV summoner is fun. Only caster class I enjoy. But XI's summoner had so much more depth and summoning options. I mean how can you NOT enjoy summoning Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Leviathan, Fenrir, Diabolos, Titan, Carbuncle, etc to join you? It was the only caster class I liked in XI as well.

Yes they are two separate games, with different play styles, but I'm sorry, Cheap FFXIV Gil XI was infinitely harder in its early years more than any MMORPG on the market currently. Unfortunately they tried changing XI so much to pander to whiners complaining it was too hard and make it easier and more like current RPGs and now it's just an empty shell of its former self. Thank goodness for private servers. Good thing they will never know. Now it's the most useless job ever on ffxi.I agree, 14 has become trash ever since 2.0 launched. And honestly I had so many hopes for 14 as it progresses.

I'm disappointed by the I rate farm for each new expansion. The glamour focus that devs offer us. The mount updates, how in the world has this become an MMO? And don't get me started on 14s so called endgame with dungeons requiring 8 man party max.  Huh?Dude redmage was the cat's meow in 11. You obviously couldn't hang with the big boys and girls in FF11s endgame.  What's even funnier is the fact that I see people talk about support in 14. There is no support type class. 14 offers 3 playable roles. RDM from FFXI is the main reason i'm good at running away from things.. in circles...while other people kill what's chasing me... xD Ff11 rdm (pre-lvl 99) was the most skillful and intricately played Job/class in the history of MMO. If you never had the pleasure, you missed on of the greatest things in video game history.