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New costumes and previews added to our recent Hongmoon Store update article!  The coloful autumn leaves costume pictued above is not showing up in the hongmoon store? They are a limited time costume replacing the winter holiday costumes. Specific dates can be found in the article. They are so nice! Good Job. I am also curious about costume from wardrobe called "Padded Coat", cause I falled in love with it. It's still winter, is there any chance or are any plans to put this one into available? Best Regards, Michal.

Blade & Soul Blade and Soul Gold What time exactly christmas costume will leave store ? ( like 10 pm pst ? ) Watch the latest Blade & Soul video from MMORPG.com: Playthrough with RipperX. Blade & Soul, you said you will add chat restriction for lvl 10 and below! How come faction chat is flooded with bot/gold spammers who are level 4! This is frustrating. Blade & Soul I would support the crap out of this game if there was an oceanic server for us Australians to play on. But i can't justify becoming a premium member when i can really only play 1 class effectively with such a bad ping.

Let them establish themselves first, right now I'd guess it is out of the question. Give them about 6 months to a year, if the game is successful they might be able to expand. We are on the same boat since I'm from Brazil. Lets just hope for the best (Hue hue hue?) not to menton its hard to do combos on US server from New Zealand, ;_; Hope they consider a Oceanic server!  The thing is, all servers are located in one location. Buy Blade and Soul Gold NA and EU servers are in one location. even if they make a SEA server, if still its located where the EU and NA are, then theres no difference about it.

Well, that's obvious Mark smile emoticon , but yes, an Oceanic server would have to be located in Australia/NZ. Don't think i've seen any NCsoft game with an oceanic or sea server which is sad. Alot more people would support the games if these people were thought of in the first place regarding server locations etc. They only care about the mass markets i guess.


Blade & Soul pvp outfits

Check out Diamond KFM & Destroyer player Radeyz as he streams his PvP action.can some one tell me how difficult is to get the Blight Sword i have done it about 20times that dongen i get all the other class is Blight only the Blade master that i didn't had fix this random and isn't luck fuckin hell even a cat blight sword i Had Fix it. i dont think so i had every blight weapon only the sword i dont have.  than is luck but at least if you do it about 20times you get it not noting.

There is so many gold farmers and bots... the faction chat is not usable anymore... cleared out my block list and added back any active ones... Blade and Soul Gold I was adding 3 new bots every 5 minutes till it maxed out again. I now only use local and party chat since at least those are not used by them...

Oh yeah could you make where you respawn and towns have a designated safe zone to prevent people from constantly holding down people from moving? I keep having to help people out to prevent high levels from camping the towns. um just remove the pvp outfits, are people really that stupid and not realize that you can do that.

 Ernestas Kacerauskas I mean like the towns that require you to wear them to start the quests which are where the merchants are in about 8 areas or more. Oh yeah and when your in combat or dead there are a few things that happen...you can't remove the outfit, you can't change channels or log out, Blade and Soul Buy Gold when you revive your able to be killed before the screen loads up and can be revived and rekilled by the attacker..

I'm finished with this game until they get the spam under control. Remove faction and region chat from all players who haven't spend at least $5 in the cash shop, how hard is that? Part of the scripts already exist with the mail system ffs. They won't put money on an account that's going to get banned anyway. Problem solved. Don't nerf any classes. Every class is fine. Lol just people bitching about losing in the arena cause they suck. i have problem at wheel prize it wont allow me to access frown emoticon i have all gem but doesn't allow me even i press F to bad.


Pregunta B&S tiene algun servidor en espa

Nefilim Nela a mi no me salen ninguno de los dos servidores que tu mencionas...:s estas jugando en NA? You know its funny ..I asked the Devs about this very issue..and of course got no response!! I've seen this before which is why I asked about queing and such..so glade I didn't buy into the early access hype train!! An?l U?ar Oh boy, Buy Blade and Soul Gold If we're having this issue being headstart founders...I would like to know what will happen on the 19th when all humans will try to get in at the same time, they will either need to expand the current servers capacity or create new ones for all the people that will join xDDDD.

To be honest i will pay this game sure after 19th .I thinking even get premium to but definitly after 19th.Server not ready for oficial opening write now they collection data etc .From founders .in 19th new patch will be come with and we will neter .Dont care servers capacity etc.Since i am pro TERA player smile emoticon i can handle such thinks.Because we gamers know lots of problem issue happen in founders pack statemant .You pay and you can not log in .so due to no need.

Sayuri Jamer pero es que ese server no lo tengo yo disponible, estais en na Blade and Soul Gold ? Pregunta B&S tiene algun servidor en espa?ol o uno en comun en donde se junte toda la gente de habla hispana?  Don't forget to still show interest if you want an oceanic server! Click the sign up button for the petition. If it hasnt even technically launched and its congested, surely it shows enough interest in the game to get us all off your US servers. This queue looks a bit fake,ok probably there are a lot of ppl inside the same server but i can't believe that the queue window dosen't have a real countdown of normal user,we can only see Premium and every 10 min the number of premium in queue dosen't change so much.If u are Premium u wait at last max 30 min,if you are not,6 hours.Im the only one who think that NcSoft West is trying to scared us and force ppl to buy premium to resolv this queue problem?


Blade & Soul would u suggest us player from Asia especially Malaysia

Doesn't work I can't log in , keep getting the begin screen of the game but then its keeps runbning with no menu. You may have a corrupt download. If you have the correct launcher, are set to EU, and have a Disciple or Master level Founder's Pack and are still getting an error, you may want to contact Support. "the game client encountered an error while running. shutting down the game client (4044)" this is what i get everytime i enter the game unsure emoticon i can't even get to the name part unsure emoticon What can i do?

 Blade & Soul i think i didnt apply my founder pack cuz i dont have it in my transaction history but i bought it. Jo?o Marques i had this, go into your BnS folder, then bin and delete the gameguard folder, now restart your machine then launch the client normally and it will reinstall gameguard and should work fine.

Blade & Soul would u suggest us player from Asia especially Malaysia..wich server r better for us. i cant log in Disconnedted (2000)(132,10054) why? Blade & Soul what is this blade and soul error! i cant log in im using MASTER PACK! Unable to download patch e02018 seems to be a routing issue to australia atm if you could possibly get this resolved, tested and able to vpn to the US and download patch but download is far to slow to achieve anything BNS Gold.

I took the name Old Man on Old Man Cho server lel. if ya have failed to connect then the servers a not up yet or ya not have apply the code in your account so may check it BUT if ya have a founders pack there should be no need for apply the code atm but this was for EU for NA could be diffren prob ya have cuz NA name save is later as ya could read.Blade & Soul is there a way to avoid/use another more usefull method or do something about the verification code for location due to ip always renewing or changing itself, every single time my router gets turned on ? i gotta always go to my email to put the verification code on the launcher EVERY SINGLE TIME AND ITS SO ANNOYINg im sorry but i already had it with it Blade & Soul Gold ... and i havent even been able to play the game yet ( currendtly downloading it) do please add a differnet method for verfication that will strictly stick with my computer or smething idk, isnt there another way?


Blade & Soul Summoner cat is awesome

True true. I would love to see just more than 2 elements fire and ice . FM should have water, wind, earth and lightning elements xD. Lol 2 elements are already hard enough to master. Good luck with more... Summoner cat is awesome! Can't wait! here you have ToS!!! jajajajajajaja goood for BnS! you deserv it! waiting from you since the first closed beta in corea. and now soon ill be able to play you! finaly! .congratulations BnS team!! and again..here you have Tos!

Peyton Motede i spelled as you must say in spanish sorry. The French version will be available in the America server ? For the Canadians, they always forget that we are a bilingual country BNS Gold... Too often, those who want to play French must go on the Europe server because that language it's not available in America server, even if the game is already translated in French.

 It was already there in The CBT 4 and 5, I personally felt the english localisation of better quality and will be using it over the french localisation. (I'm a french native speaker). The English version is always better, but some of my friends cannot read English. Same me, i help myself sometimes with google translate Blade & Soul Gold for some words i don't know.

 I wish there weren't so many servers because its going to be like Aion. They started out with a lot then two/three years later got condensed down to four servers and then they pulled the, "oh well whoever reserved the name first gets to keep it.." that's one of the reasons I went with the $75 one... Now I feel a few years later it would have been pointless.. but really... there's no need for THAT many servers.


Blade and Soul Summoner class was quite a letdown for me

Imo, forcemasters are fun to play but i understand everyone has their own opinion lol. Force masters are fun but I definitely agree there should have been more elements. Indeed, the Summoner class was quite a letdown for me too because I thought it would be a class that summoned parts of animals like a tiger's claw and such, using that to fight or at least that they would have more actual summon options. Tonyy Trann I bet they are, but still I think would be cooler if they could, say, cast electric attacks >:

Logan Charles Marble I don't speak korean, so I hope they can translate and address my sugestions to them : T Exactly!, and hey, if they gonna give summoners only a single summon, at least make it look awesome and badass!, not like such childish cat xD True true. I would love to see just more than 2 elements fire and ice . FM should have water, wind, earth and lightning elements xD :pp Lol 2 elements are already hard enough to master Blade and Soul Buy Gold . Good luck with more..

After all these years waiting for this game in NA it is nearly here thanks Blade & Soul. is there a way to change server after create character ? There are no character server transfers. Yes there is. But there is one requirement: having a Master's pack. You'll need two slots to pull this out: delete your character and use the 5 minutes before actual deletion to start recreating the character in the server you want to go to. As soon as the "(1)" [which refers to the number of characters you have in a given server] goes away, finish the creation and you're good to go.

Blade and soul vs Leage of legends . so I say that is stupid that the two games face. Blade & Soul,what is minimum system requirements for the game Blade and Soul Gold? ok,thanks. I use Win7, but with 2GB RAM (my old pc), will have problems, cuz for Win7 the game want 3GB RAM... I guess it will run pretty good if you lower the settings a bit. I knew it! Grats to all of u and Hyung-Tae Kim for his wonderful master piece art he make for us! Will there be a warlock class, please respond Blade & Soul.