Hongmoon Store 12 Days of Wonder

Today is the last day of the Hongmoon Store #12DaysofWonder, and today’s pack includes a Sacred Oil! i can't even play dude, come on, i quit b&s for about 7 months, came back yesterday and same issues, getting disconnected in the middle of a dungeon or crashed randomly.  Greetings! Have you tried contacting our Support so they can try and go through what causes these issues for you? this has been happening for many people since the game launched, and yes, this wasn't ocurring during beta state, also tried on pc with proper specs and my laptop with terrible settings, lowered graphics, custom graphics, Blade and Soul Gold and nothing works.

stop playing this for awhile...and just re install and i some of the character have level drop.anyone facing this problem? or did i miss something. To those saying its pay2win its just 120-150 gold with currency exchange i dont see any p2w considering u can buy just one for that small price. Repair the server-side client problem. PvE (Client) and PvP (p2p?) ... understand? I quit the game because of PvE (Client-Server - High Ping). I love PvE. Pls, fix it! It's a great idea. To those saying its pay2win its just 120-150 gold with currency exchange i dont see any p2w considering u can buy just one for that small price Corey, what do those upgrades do for you in PvP?  Sure you can buy gold, but that doesn't make this game P2W if you understand the game and know how to progress. BnS is actually one of the more fair MMO's out there.

You mean....Buy Blade and Soul Gold i spend months to farm while...whale easily got all in one day ? Sure m8 Repair the server-side client problem. PvE (Client) and PvP (p2p?) ... understand? I quit the game because of PvE (Client-Server - High Ping). I love PvE. Pls, fix it! It's a great idea. where is my brazil server? its impossible play with 250-300ms all day  no jodan pss justo me acabo te tirar mis monedas en comprar moonstone agg fue pss. I want to send it as a gift but i cant =_= -> Failed to purchase. Why?

 I guess now I better figure out these packs. LOL!  I tried sending different bundles and still failure to purchase. Doesn't matter if that other person doesn't have it already :^) Does the person your sending it to have the bundle already? It is only allowed one per account, so if they purchased it or got it as a gift from someone else already, I think its counted as one. Advances the hongmoon soul.  how much? To get Awakened Hongomoon Soul you need x45 Sacred Oil. Yeah . P2W . full gems p2w. legend 9 have p2w. need moonstone ? yeah need pay ın ncshop :) good game. Julian plys tell me your ap and class. p2w - have bot- have hack- look ınfınıte tower fırst 300 in not have force master.


I appreciate you ESO

 I can get you into mine if you like we have master crafters of every trade and people who can help with your build if you need it. I noticed some Orc 'tapestries' (wall-hangings?) in the small Orc home, which then led me to wonder -- beyond wood furniture, can textiles (rugs, tapestries, etc) be player crafted to decorate a home?

Super happy about this. I've been waiting and glad to see we'll have it in a few months! I'd pay for homestead but even better they're giving it to us got free! I appreciate you ESO. Buy FFXIV Gil Better look to EQ2 for inspiration in that regard. I'm not a fan of the game any longer. But, the housing system is THE best in any MMO or game with housing in general, period. As a long time vet of both UO and EQ2 (10 years plus), I'd have to say that EQ2 has the best housing system ever, hands down. UO might be a close second.The best in any MMO or game? How would you know? You played all MMOs/Games? What a fucking joke, gtfo noob. It looks like you're the only one who's head this flew over Miko . Congrats on your classy response as well :-D (fixed just for you)

 I got my Coin all saved up for a large home.I can't wait been playing since Launch.And I love,Love the game.Its the best looking MMORPG out there in my opinion.What other MMORPG you know that gives us four Major updates a year?I hope they make a update soon for us magic users.Like the Psijic Order. Plus,add a new skill line would be cool as hell. You are close luv. Cheap FFXIV GilBut its Vivenne The Grand Enchanter. Im still waiting to hit up the Summer Set Isles!!! But yes, eso is fucking great! What your ID. Mines is @dundress add me.

 That's the thing I miss the most about eq2, exploring people beautiful houses and guild halls. Especially this time of year. Hi, i emailed the support yesterday about my eso plus account being deactivated and was wondering wondering how to fix it since so far iv revieved no response. I tried singing back up for it but it doesnt give me an option too. Any sugesttions? bout fucking time. too bad the game is literally dead now. I swear I got so hyped up for this game but when I beat the entire story line in like 4 days I was very disappointed.


Blade and Soul account login failure

I can not log in to my account, and I have not already sent you an email and nothing so far.I'm waiting for your reply.I thank you already.  I've been trying since the time I saw it.I would like to resolve this situation as soon as possible, since on the server that I am having pishing, one more reason to speak with you the quanato before.More I do not know which email address to contact you, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I have several questionnaires but I did not find a specific area for my problem. I'm keeping you. thanks for listening.
Greetings! If you are unable to submit a ticket through our Support website posted above, please send an email from the mail associated with your NCSOFT account to support@bladeandsoul.com. Please make sure you gather all relevant information beforehand as updating your ticket will set it back at the end of the queue and result in longer waiting times. Thank you! Ok ... I'm contacting the support email, I hope to solve this problem soon.Already believing in the copetencia and agility of you I am confident that all this will be solved soon.
Waiting for you to contact.Anxiously.

Flavio Marcell you're not only one with problems dude... it might take few days to answer. Hello dear Blade staff and Soul!
Thank you very much for the attention and care with which you took care of my case.In less than 24 hours I had my account back, I knew that they would get by the seriousness and care that they carry out their work.Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I hope they catch and punish those irresponsible who seek to take advantage of innocent players. And what I can do to help I will be at your disposal!Taking advantage and congratulate all of you for this fantastic game, with precise gameplay, beautiful graphics and totally immersive story.You're just too much.

No more thanks so much for everything, you guys are fantastic! I upgraded my weapon to legendary stage one day one just as soon as the servers came on. From then to now I did so many dungeons and face tanked soo much crap it's unreal....in all this time I seen the legendary skill reset once. Only once since update. It's crazy man. The resets are a lie D.