FFXIbreak my grip on ESO

Diabolos April 2004 ~ Sept. 2008, with a limited return in 2009.
Quit because it was growing impossible to get help with anything.
When I returned in 09, I was basically on my own, got bored, left buy FFXIV Gil.
Elvaan DRG from start to finish on my main and had another character that was THF and SAM.
I miss my wyvern. unsure.
and yeah, Sandy for life! Bastok smells, and Windy can burn!

EDIT: Side note to that... It was Elder Scrolls Oblivion that broke my grip (and I started playing single player games since)... After FFXI I vowed to never touch another MMO.... And then ESO was announced, and I said I'd never play it unless it was subscription free... ... ... What did I get on GMG last week while it was on sale? >.> ESO.
So the question is... Could  FFXI (if free to play) break my grip on ESO?!?
... one requires people to get anything done, the other I can solo all day. squint buy cheap FFXIV Gil .  Eh, you know I'd log in just to hug the hell out of my wyvern!

What theme does the photo have to hold? Sad to see you only plan to sell it in japan but again, not really surprised. I'll always remember. Even when the rest have turned to dust. problem, I bought the game on pc and can't get it to work. its all fine until I try and play it. it takes me to a direct play screen ans freezes on me everytime anyone else have this problem...thanks.


Aion is a empresa Fancy Game

Venho apresentar a vocês, a empresa Fancy Games. A Fancy Games é uma empresa privada, formada por uma equipe de administradores que abrirá um espaço para falar mais sobre o jogo Priston Tale (MMORPG).

Nos últimos anos Aion Gold, os servidores lançados se encontram numa situação precária relacionada à desenvolvimento e administração do jogo.

Na visão e conclusão final da Fancy Games, o Priston Tale tem muito potêncial de desenvolvimento e adaptação, iremos investir nele por ser um jogo divertido e atrativo.
Nossa intenção é tornar o Priston Tale muito mais divertido, atrativo e inovador.

No momento estamos em desenvolvimento de dois MMO que se chamam: Cabal Online e Priston Tale!
O primeiro a ser lançado será o Priston Tale.

 Brace yourselves, the "this game is pay to win/this game sucks now" comments are coming -- Concentrate you on issues in game before to think money.  plz remake your update cheap Aion Kinah , i stoped to play because elyos is evrywhere and i can lv up at lv 50 around ... If you're lvl 50 you should be able to use fast track server which doesn't have any elyos on it. It also depends on the area you're going to. lv58 i checked but its impossible to make quest. I feel your pain man, have been trying to collect 10 things yesterday, got killed 6 times, always attacking me in the back, collected 8, then made a new char cause I got so tired of it.

either way making +15s will be eassier on 4.9 and harder to make +20+ cause the enchanting benefits will increase. +20? u kidding me atm 15 is impossible too. why you canceled exp with mithril cash quests?  Back when Aion went free-to-play, they promised to never give anyone who pays real money anything that could give them an advantage, and yet they're selling boxes with endgame accessories. So much for promises...


how to store ffxiv shards and crystals into fc bank

At least I'm glad I transferred all my shards and crystals into fc bank shortly before this happened, so my fc can use those. So you goofed and didnt update your info before your product shipped FFXIV Gil, so now youre complaining because support wont help you? Interesting... have fun with WoW

 It shipped while in process of moving. Arrived after I left. Then it was down to give the new address if you knew you was moving, end of. Their support sucks but you just seem like you wanna bash on them by complaining.

Didn't have the new address was going to until after it was shipped, and there was the strong possibility I would have been staying in that place and not leaving. Why would they send disc to a house you cznt get access to?

Oh i see so you messed up and blamed someone else. Lol the support team are decent imo, someone hacked my account changed password username and email address they asked me to provide original password code from my cooy of the game and passport to prove name was matching the account,.

It's called life happens, and try to fix it, and cheap FFXIV Gil they won't assist. I look at it as saving me money. I'm out $40 immediate, but save future cost of per month subscription. Im sure they get plenty of rmts that tell them same story youve told them, just to get more game keys. Yeah it sucks, but most companies wouldnt send a customer another product because of the customer puting the wrong address. Being stolen or DoA is another matter. Depending on what time Saturday, I can assist. Is it just that no one is queing for that fight? Or is it that the groups you are getting suck? Garuda story is probably the most difficult due to lack of mechanics knowledge. If I had a character on midgardsormr, I'd help you out. Sorry. im isis steelflight on midgardsormr......i will be on around 7pm gmt if anyone fancys helping a noob out.

FF14 ultra-mega-super-alpha-beta-YXZ Mode

I thought it said "It brings a host of addictions and refinements" but it could very well be that... Love this game. 90002 errors, DX11 stopped working and crashing my game FFXIV Gil . . . I find the game suddenly unplayable after the patch. First I've heard of this, check all your updates, especially dx11 and gpu. Easiest fix if it's on your end.& buy FFXIV Gil; I checked both, updated both--issues are worse. my dx11 has never work. but not much difference between versions just play in dx9 and all fine.

Thank you for actually delivering. I had my doubts, but the first room in savage easily blocks out folks that want their hand held. I thought it'd be little more than the glorified CT that normal Alex was, but I'm happy to have been proven wrong. Now to wait until Thursday and see about getting Sav1 and Sav2 down, atleast.

yup stepped in sav 1 with 180 people for the tanks to get battered by faust and adds lol. and then you have people making 170groups in party finder fk knows how they think 170 will get past it when 170 barley got you past it on normal.

Brutal versions, so hard move, extreme mode, brutal mode, fatality mode, ultra-mega-super-alpha-beta-YXZ Mode on the patch 4. Man, sounds like you should just go back to WoW with their "everything is easy" mode if that's how you feel. this content is designed for people with high i level especially when top gear is i210 now.  Yoshi has allready told us his stance on the current state of MCH "lol git gud scrubs" MCH and BRD should be the lowest dps and should not be on par with BLM and SMN, there have been a lot of MCH parses over 800 which is perfectly acceptable for the support nature of the class, I think you might need to do a little bit more studying to help yourself improve, tanks should never out dps anyone. As far as DRGs go we only got a buff to our positional skills, which means when we are unable to hit a target from perfect flank and rear (example ravana during seeing moves) we dont lose too much dps now.


Gladiator defense skill

 My number 1 issue with this game is how simplistic combat is. There is no skill in this game at all. Makes me sad. And we just found out that Jacob Pope has not even gotten past lv30. Take elitism as a compliment. It is. I have no idea how that even became a derogatory term in the first place.

"If they can do it. So can you." Pssht, being elitist buy FFXIV Gil isn't a compliment, there is nothing cooler than a skilled player with a humble attitude. Normally the true good players don't brag about how good they are and also don't sell ^^ Guess they are skipping all the cs or they want to be the villains...just watch the example of our warrior of light and learn how to be a true hero smile. Bring me a flower or meal please =p Being able to beat stuff is reward enough smile. I don't care about silly titles lol Or getting real money...thought that was illegal. 

Weak and pathetic. This guys a simpleton. How much of a troll can you be? You care wayyy to mych how others want to play.. get a life. This comes off as. " I dont like how other people play the game I play, if I have loads of FFXIV Gils time n no life to devote to this game everyone else should to. And since I'm so great my opinion on how this game should be played is more important then filthy casuals." Stfu. Honestly stfu. I hate people like you. If their paying to play just like u they have every right to play their way just like you. Elitist jerks. All of it is good for me. I just started playing this game. 1 character at lvl 26. Have fun with the story.  I shall. Some people get mad that Idk how to properly tank though. I'm a gladiator. it will come tou you. make sure you have pala leveld up for cross class abilitys. Shield lob > flash > combo 1 > flash > combo 2 and combo 3 oe flash if need and rotate between mobs since some dps can hit multiple targets. Don't forget to use defense skill on heavy hitting stuff and you be good. Yeah they kept telling me to tank, and I'm like we'll I can use provoke and that's it lol dps doing more damage so enemies focus on them.

I always used to mark my mobs but sometimes people don't care and follow the numbers...just do 2 or 3 flashes and then focus on the mob the dps is hitting and keep an eye on hate list next to the names. U guys are a lot of help, thx. Can't wait to get further and play as dark knight. Gladiator is the hardest tank to level, but once you hit 40 and get shield oath it's GG to 60.

Keep the faith, don't let the assholes keep you down. Welcome to eorzea. Some people forget that not everyone has been playing since beta. however, nice class choice, I rolled glad/paladin as my first class too. Although now I play dragoon. Just keep at it and you'll be pro in no time .


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Photo of Antonio Francisco De Oliveira Filho Gravedigger.


FFXIV Free company

Bard actually used to put out damn good DPS at launch of 2.0 but people in coil started to complain because we were putting out damage on par with DRG while using utility and being able to move. This allegedly caused raid groups to take 4 BRD groups into coil and so melee DPS users complained and we got nerfed hard. But MCH is just terrible, we're under BRD in terms of DPS and sometimes are getting beaten out by WAR FFXIV gils 

 cant wait to see the PF parties tomorrow " Alexander farm, know fight or we kick".  You'd think so, but depending in the server unless you have friends to raid with you're already out of luck with learning parties for rav and bis ex. That's one thing that's been a problem with xiv. I've always been with an actual group but I've noticed unless you're at the near front of progression, it just gets harder and harder. The skill differences from casual to semi hardcore even is gigantic. Look at ramuh ex, if you were even a little late to buy FFXIV gil  learning that you may as well have not even tried. The pugs became next level awful.

After waiting for 2 freaking hours on chat support I get this?!?!?! "Average wait time 30 minutes" was promised.

"Status: Canceled
There are no agents available to chat with you right now. Please try again later. " "support" lol.

Hi. Any english speaking FC's in Ifrit that's recruiting new players? Well I'm sure he doesn't have all classes to 60 so he has plenty to do. is this game worth getting for the comp or ps4 looks really good and was thinking to start as dps to learn fights etc any thoughts thanks. It does, but voice chat is a very real thing in the raiding scene. PS4 performs just as well as the PC for raiding.  It all depends man. Do you want addons to measure your dps etc? If so get it for PC. Both PS4 and PC have voicechat. Its really all up to your preference. I use the on board PS4 party voice or I'll use mumble/ventrilo via my phone.

PC is probably easier to control what about classes/jobs any thoughts. Heavensward is soo much better!  I started playing this again today, after a year and a half... but then my wife found chores for me to do... maybe next year.


FFXIV Xbox exclusive games

If you are dying to play the game why did you buy a Xbox One??? Bit silly. PC is the way to go most of the Xbox exclusive games are starting to cross over so no need of it and you can use an Xbox controller to play it on your PC like I do! Yup MS realize xbox is a huge failure and always will. be so they are targeting pc gamers with these so called xbox games by letting them play on pc.. and this whole dx12 thing with xbox one has been explained cheap FFXIV gil by phil Spencer and he stated that it will not improve the x1 that much if atall. so why not port xbox games to pc with dx12 api's.

Please make a ruby one lol ! (I totally Pre-ordered emerald though!). only problem is emerald implies GREEN. this is clearly blue...so you should call it sapphire! Eeehhhhh.....

I really want them, but $40 a piece is pricey for a stuffy and an in-game minion that's all vanity. If the minions could interact with each other (I don't mean like the puppy and kitten buy FFXIV gil, I mean every minion interacts with all other minions) or could fight the price MIGHT be worth it.  too fucking expensive for as small as they are unless tataru is hand making each one. too fucking expensive for as small as they are unless tataru is hand making each one.

Please, someone else tell me the Topaz Carbuncle makes them think of Pikachu...  I think more of Fennekin. XD. Still crap that if you live anywhere outside of Europe or NA that you can't get these! Pull you finger out SE and start shipping internationally. Are we gonna have to wait another 8 months before these are shipped out like with the moogle? Omg I want both of them! They will go with my XI Carby plush! 40 dollars is a bit steep and when i say a bit i mean... fk that~ Lol chris you look about 12 man. Youll learn not to waste money no matter how much you have.


Female slayer

It doesn't matter, Jerry. You didn't make it in time but we still love you! Keep it up! Danjun - crack the whip! x).  he can do whatever he wants, i just want F slayer already I'll have good day sir. Awww, it's okay Jerry! We've all been there. Just forget about what happened before and always look towards the future. Oh and learn to forgive yourself, that really helps kiki. And it looks you've definitely made some progress, build any muscle?

EAT LESS LIFT MORE. I love this game but if you guys aren't getting sleep...i don't how to feel about that. He needs a personal trainer buy DFO Gold , doing it alone is hard! Go jerry, trying to get healthy. Right on! although i dun play as much now , but i hope you can stay healthy!! Whoa, that's really cool to see they've got an entire workout area inside of neople's offices. More importantly, let him know he's gonna make it as long as he keeps going. Someone tell Jerry to start lifting some in addition to his cardio. It will work wonders for his BF% and overall health. We don't care about the Cera discounts if it means risking your health. It is nice gesture of you guys but as long as Jerry doesn't give up his weight loss goal, it's all that matters. The Community is behind you Jerry! You can do it! Just do it!

D'aww, poor guys. It makes sense that you really wouldn't have time to do that, given all of the shit you guys recently had to go through DFO Gold .
But yeah, if anything, it proves that you seriously need more people working in the office. unsure. Your staff just isn't large enough to support all this T-T. It's okay we still love you no matter what! smile. We all are cheering for you!

Much love from dfo fan. they had time to make this ... Don't worry jerry! im current at 140kg.... and im working on myself too... it takes times and youre working hard so dont lose hope! Good luck with the training! Honestly your health is much more important than updates we already have quite a bit. He didn't lose weight because those extra pounds came from muscle. Just glad to see he's in better health.


both FFXIV and FFXI are wonderful to play

I stopped playing about 5 years ago. I do miss it from time to time but I can't pay for both FFXIV and FFXI at the same time. In both time and money. I would come back but i cant seem to solve a frame rate issue. This was by far the goat mmorpg. Miss it, spent a good decade plus of my life on it. Not one regret.^^ Me too Allan! Still LOVE this game! Miss the Old days of playing as well. I've tried so damn hard today to get an account to play on my 360 and i can't do crap,no idea how to get am account or anything. If someone could help out that would be greatly appreciated. XI is trying hard to bring back old players

. And we are coming back so happily xD.

I love that game ... Dude I need fixed or as long they accpet make ps4 when ps2 and x360 cut! I loved this game. I wish I could remember what my log-in info was. Make the game free to play and I'll be back, but I can't justify spending 12.95 a month on a game that's over 10 years old. Peak na hours 400 500 ppl who are half afk. No thanks. more like 600-700 and prime time on weekends its like 1200-1600. thats my server though


 I have played for 11 yrs and I got alot of cool stuff .. but now u going to take it from Playstation and Xbox why should I play anymore .... Because they physically can't develop or maintain for them anymore. The PS2 dev kits used to build all FFXI code are, at this point, breaking down and there is no way to replace them. (Yes, all FFXI code starts out on a PS2 devkit and is ported over- which is why new content effectively ends in November. They can't get new devkits.) Well so all the gils I made I lose and my roommate is mad because she got the game for Xbox now she can't Play it.. I think we should beale to put all are gils in to ff14 I know they can't do.items. Your dreams are already dead. It's going to stay subscription until they shut it down- just like FFXIV. Yall must love going out of your way to spread negativity . New gear...again...same old 119 junk until augmented...again...bored. Unsubscribe. Vana'diel needs your voice! Join the chorus of the ending song for Rhapsodies of Vana'diel!  Even, better, why not fly a giant airship overhead while we sing the ending song. I'll be there. I'll never get all the 360 achievements, but I can at least be there for XI's swan song. Awesomee guys !! They are not shutting down. They are just stopping new content production. Servers remain up indefinitely. They are probably never going to go f2p as f2p isn't popular in Japan, with 50% of the game's population being Japanese.