ff14 and ff11 are 2 totally different games

You're an idiot if you think this game is ANYTHING like WoW. Ive played, was a server first on twintania. So any opinion that differs from yours is judgemental and negative? This is great and all, and i love the game as it is but can you guys PLEASSSSSEEEE put Dancer in the Game, i miss my main class from ff11 frown emoticon Possibly with the same skills or at least Drain Samba.

oh i know that but i want the new class to be Dancer haha. I'd much rather see geomancer and samurai myself. This game could do geomancer so well  FFXIV gil  . OMG Geomancer would be sick, and Samurai will come in when they inevitably make the players go to Doma, and if it's any indication from Yugiiri, it's essentially Japan over there. Although i feel Dancer could work too for that who knows. Very unlikely you'll see dancer or geomancer but they were talkin about samurai when drk was done they we're debatin on sam or drk so you'll probably see sam in the future also have to remember ff14 and ff11 are 2 totally different games and different development teams.And i call it a wow clone not as a derogatory remark but comparison as what wow did was a genius formula that sold and still sells. Like i was saying, I'm an old school 11 fan so many variants do look and feel like wow to me when comparing mechanics. He's right though. This game wouldn't be anything without wow. The whole mmo genre was made by wow.  Lemme rephrase. 

WoW was, and still sort of is, the most successful MMO out. I just wish SE had stayed true to their formula from 11 in many aspects. Well there are other ways to cap tomes. There are hunts, and there's also Alexander. I personally just do an expert roulette and a trials roulette a day and I'm capped.  I wish they would fix the item description pop to somewhere else on the hud when I'm skimming over items.. The box can be moved in HUD config. You can also have it show on one side only or mirror sides. This is in character config I believe.  I agree with emily if you were actually a proper monk it wasn't hard to output a ton of damage while keeping your stacks up  buy FFXIV gil. Hell while its phasing you can set yourself up in coeurl form so u can start off with a stack. As someone that loves playing Nin and Brd seeing the tp bar will be nice. Thank Heavens now I can see other TP bars and not have to guess if there out or not. if you have mudra lag then fix your connection or cast Fuma Shuriken instead of Raiton. Also a quick fix they could do would be to let us self cast Goad. 

EU constumer service

But we already have Sazhs guns hahaha. Did the rog/nin ever get anything from the event. No, the event was in the very start of the game. And for Rouge maybe Noel's weapons, I know it's would weird but is the one that comes to mind, cause his moves in ff13-2 resemble the NIN/ROG. Congratulations on your 14 hour anniversary.

 I hope there's an increase in inventory slot since the game expanded.. new items came in Q_Q. new mount that is a wolf please ;3 and another fun event. They have fenrir as s mount! Though it's pretty tough to save up for. adams amen to that. Gil spammers are freaking annoying.  I hope this is good place for complaining SE EU constumer service  buy FFXIV gil.

My rhetorical question is: what kind of SE EU constumer service who ask his / her constumer to stop complaining?. What a revolutionary solution if I may add. Pretty happy with the Live letter tbh. Hopefully the specialist recipes are at high ilvl and unique per craft. Fix AST, ban all bots and gil spammers, increase GC rank, EU datacenters release  FFXIV gil . i need the download link for it... Jennifer Clifton Sherman. A customizable return message would be a nice feature to add for us players that have /tell turned off. I turn mine off so I don't have to look at all the incoming gil spam but I kinda feel like a jerk because there could be legit players wanting to chat. I don't want them to think I'm ignoring them. unsure emoticon . hello....i have played every final fantasy except the online games...anyone can explain me how it works...it is a free game? a i have to create an sign a accont and pay for ir it? how can i play?

There is a free trial, but that only lasts so long. After that it is subscription based and I think it's about 15$ a month or so. You can play on PS3+4 and also on the PC. i tried to create a account some years ago...but i could not finish 'couse my adress. what i hate the most about the game is 1 thing only the super grind fest lvling ! lol


FFXIV Duty Finder

 I hit Bismark for the first time last night and didnt believe people that doing it through Duty Finder was Bad. Four failed duties later and I was convinced my DPS wasnt good enough. Boyfriend made me an over-melded gun and I updated all my gear and the next run went so fast that the tank I borrowed from another LS was surprised how fast it cleared. grin emoticon cheap FFXIV gil  ....

 I'm Thirsty for more difficult content. And people who dont jump off the edge on purpose at the start of the fight. >.> Yes, it is really difficult to do content on DF, not impossible but more difficult indeed, having an static always help because they most likely will help you figure out what you can work and improve if you're not pulling your weight. I kinda like bad parties the first few goes though, to see the "This is where NOT to stand" kind of thing. Majority of the time I'm actually the last one to die...

Probably because I used to play FFXI where everything was more dangerous and critical. After experiencing pre-nerf Dynam is FFXIV gil, a lot of these new challenges seem a little hand-holdy. Then again I couldnt get a Static to go past Turn 5 of Coil so I'll never get to see that dungeon at its peak of difficulty either. unsure emoticon. You wont have to worry about that, this will only be pre made party accessible, so you'll need a static. Yeah, I havnt really run into anything outside of no-echo Coil to be particularly challenging. I'd been hoping for more challenges like the old Promyvion runs, but maybe that kind of stuff is TOO hard for the causals. I always have to do everything via DF.... Every free company I join is always like "oh yeah, we love helping folks and doing runs" then...crickets every time I throw it out there. I don't get to play enough to keep up, so I am always begins everyone else. I feel like I am just a pain when I ask.

It would be my dream to actually make some good friends on FF14.


Heavensward play WoW

Lol says content is boring. Obviously hasn't played Heavensward. And if you have. I wanna see a link where you have all classes 60,even DoH and DoL. If not, then don't complain about being bored. I have played heavensward and have a 60 paladin. Leveling up alts to just get to the same boring endgame is not "fun" to me. Again, all personal opinion and I have better things to do. Doing Alexander for months also is not something I want to do as I find the raid extremely boring and stale. There's good reason why the population is slowly dwindling down. I am not saying the game is bad by any means I just wish they would add more content  FFXIV gil.

I don't think this is anything to get excited about...plus that thumbnail Miqo'te /sit pose is a recycled Au Ra /sit with different hand positioning... So other races are mentally challenged and don't know how to sit like it her races? I mean, if I cross my legs while I sit in real life, can you not do the same? Point is some people want the same poses as other races. I get it, but they stay so focused on new poses omg you can like totes ride mounts in housing buy FFXIV gil !

I just want more important things fixed/added. A mass Esuna would be nice, as an example. But no! Different poses! It's not quite the same. Au Ra ladies don't sit with their butts up that high or legs that close. some people just like to bitch and moan though, tis the world we live in.  the people handling the battle system are different from the people handling the poses. The development team isn't one guy sitting at his computer doing stuff, it's a rather sizable team with different skills and vision. It's why you're able to get a bunch of story quests when you get a new raid. Lol a mass esuna. You want the game to be easy, go play WoW. We don't need advantaged here. Content gets cleared just fine. Oh gosh I thought you were kidding XD

Of course it's not just one person. Different teams different projects. Means stuff can come out at random times. Like poses.  WoW actually isn't all that easy, if anything XIV is far more hand-holdy than WoW is, so that wasn't the best example to use for your argument.


The Aion Tiki Bar is back

The Tiki Bar is back! Pick up cocktails from our Bartenders and chip away Ice Blocks with Ice Picks. Ice Blocks and Ice Picks can be found in Bags of Ice dropped by instance bosses.

Follow the link for full event details: http://www.ssegold.com/news/aions-2015-summer-block-party-is-back.html

Aion Gold

Another cash shop event. All of the events now are designed to get people to spend money on the cash shop. Little to no effort is being put into doing anything to improve the game including banning hackers.  yea you just keep telling yourself that, and don't forget it snows in July in Mississippi also. It doesn't snow in July in Mississippi. Jesus, you didn't need to be a b*tch about it.  It's called sarcasm and yes I did. I am tired of people making false claims about the game. Aion's useless block party.

This update of Summer Block Party lasts till August 19, so don’t miss out! Buy enough Aion Kinah for good armors and items right now at ssegold as you can get one free from one, refer to Big promotion: Big promotion: Aion kinah US “Buy one get one free”!! Was there since beta. Last time I logged LFG was dead, except for the interns selling kinah, so apparently I'm not the only one. man i stopped playing this game in 2013.... i wonder what's changed.


FF14 Recruitment Code

Did you use the official refer a friend buy FFXIV Gil ? Or just told them to get the game? Cause they said its all retroactive. I would talk to support then if you did. there was no official program in 1.0 or the beginning of 2.0. I got everyone i know on a long long time ago. This emote is awesome! Not only is it a fist bump, but it's followed by your character bumping their chest. Awesome touch to the emote.

Joey Conroy bumps fists with Kevin Alexander Mantilla. Hey, have you tried FINAL FANTASY XIV?
It has a great story, amazing graphics, and the combat is fun and fast-paced.
We've been looking for a game we can play together, and I think this could be it!

Register a service account using the recruitment code below and when you pay for a subscription, you'll receive an exclusive in-game item reward cheap FFXIV Gil .
Recruitment Code: ZZVUCSZJ. my friends and i have been playing and subscribing since pre-release some of us since day one of 1.0. we spent months killing dodos in a hugely empty world with no content. we cant recruit a friend unless we pay for second accounts which is not something we should have to do. these items and emotes should be made available to us. we have been using our own fist bump macro since ff11. the fact that one is finally real and we cant get it is insulting to our loyalty. Just ask if someone wants to do the refer a friend thing on reddit or something. I am sure you have girlfriends or wife's that would do it for you. It's a reward for bringing someone into the game, not for game loyalty that is the veteran rewards.

Where's the dislike button.. Big no to all content obtainable through things outside of the actual game. This is obtained through bringing a friend into the game which In turn helps the game. Stop being butthurt because you can't get it. All MMOs do a recruiting campaign. FFXIV does it best cause they give you more stuff the longer your friend or in my case sister subscribes. I like to sofly punch people, but doing Kabedon is clever.