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This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to runit3 and his awesome project known as the "Philanthropy Station" which is designed to give new players and veteran players a way to connect Diablo 3 accounts.

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thats the barb the way he should look, not like he's 60 like in d3 lol
diablo 2 and 3 characters together buy where are the the one's from the first game. They were the best designsDoes that mean that we are playing the same characters as in the 2nd? the paladin , amazon , necromancer , they did not survive the great war ? or maybe they evolved into the witch doctor , demon hunter , and monk ? not sure diablo 3 account sale but i miss the daiblo 2 characters

  • Kyle Mosley I think he has a life. He's the deputy chief of operations at the continental Building Movers.

    Alex Jamilik Still, there's no reason to be complaining.

    Jordan Abra STFU Diablo 3 was a money scam from october to release.. then the RMAH.. Diablo 2 is still and always be bomb Diablo 3 account sell

  • 2013年5月27日星期一

    solve common SEO problems

    Baidu how to judge trading links

    Mainly through trading links with the normal behavior of the link's performance compared to identify abnormalities. My understanding is that different sites, different links, there must be a different mode, regardless of webmasters do more careful. Humans tend to focus only partial, not in the mind to build a complete picture, but the extraction of large amounts of data through the algorithm will show that we usually do not see the model law.

    Jianfei Zhu added that soft, messy blog, forum spam links and so are the signal, a site often do these things, the search engine will be able to roughly determine the link to this site do cheat.

    What kind of link is the ultimate safe?

    Google, Baidu now linked acceptance are tightened, some previously fairly effective link building methods, such as free templates, and now gradually losing, and sometimes even be considered cheating, then what kind of link is always safe ? Jianfei answer as expected, the natural link is the safest. Lee said he agrees, in this respect they are no different. Naturally, this is a seemingly simple, but great difficulty things.

    Jianfei also revealed that, soon to be a new version on-line Penguin great influence.

    Search engine engineers to do SEO, then how would you do?

    Jianfei Zhu mentioned, SEO is not an easy thing to do, he may not be able to do better. Even knowing algorithm, do not cheat, but also quickly reach a good ranking, but also very difficult. In addition to seriously do the content, but also creative. Equitable world could it be otherwise, must spend effort, put in some effort, no effort to get good results without such a thing.

    Ranked by garbage links may be short term to enhance a lot, but once they are detected, being punished, to get rid of these spam links are very, very troublesome. Even if it can clean up completely, the site still rely serious creativity to attract quality links to regain ranking, can not escape this step.

    Lee mentioned the beautiful saying, mushrooms Street website SEO to do well, there is no sale or exchange of links, it is recommended that you learn how to do them, do not just concern that some improper industries.

    On the common reference (Co-Citation)

    Co-citation was originally proposed by SEOMoz's Rand conjecture, then get a lot of people. Simple example, if site A on the page mentioned (note, not a link, just mention or reference) Site B and C, then the search engines may consider site B, and C are also relevant.

    Closely related to this is the co-occurrence (Co-Occurrence), refers to, for example, often a large number of words A and B appear together, the search engine will assume that A and B may be related to a keyword A to obtain a good page rank, also very likely to get keyword ranking B, even if the page is not optimized keyword B, may not even appear keyword B.

    On common references and co-occurrence, Lu Songsong have a translation of the blog post can reference.

    Jianfei Zhu and Lee are expressly disclaims common reference or collectively impact on rankings, but will not replace the links and anchor text. This is the first time I saw the search engine categorically denied this conjecture. When I committed to Runescape accounts for sale, I usually, need to submit bookmark. Sometimes, I will study some SEO tools to help me promote players to buy cheap rs gold and buy diablo 3 account. I found it is easy to make money from diablo 3 accounts for sale and runescape gold for sale.

    Wang scouring of this phenomenon actually has a good explanation, a website is much cited, indicating a relatively high authority, it may also have more links, and thus have a good ranking, but the ranking is because the linker, instead of references, links and references are merely basic proportional.

    I also add that a bit, which is more typical phenomenon associated with the causal difference. Rooster crowing and the sun rose the morning there is a link, always together successively occurring phenomenon, but it can not explain the rooster crowing causes the sun rises.

    Search engine engineers can do their own site?

    Baidu: There are strict limits need to be reported to the Internal Audit Department, made privately, without filing website, once discovered on the expulsion. But in fact people inside the search engines are often not good at doing site.

    Google: just do it. Engineers can often do their own websites to promote Algorithm. Google encourages them to do the site, but a site for not so easy.

    Competitors can buy through the links to my site against me?

    Buy links, mass link will result in punishment, then if competitors buy links to my site, mass link, intentions against me, can succeed? Google's official statement before this possibility is very small, the owners do not have to worry too much. I asked Jianfei Zhu, the so-called small possibility, in the end how much smaller? Whether there are still chances of success. Jianfei Zhu clear answer, so far, have not found such a negative impact on competitors SEO success stories. This is the first time I heard Google on this issue so clear view. Of course, this possibility can not be ruled out 100%, but so far found no examples of success.

    If you suspect that some links may bring SEO penalties can and Baidu in Google Webmaster Tool Webmaster Tools reject these links, indicating that these links do not own, make these links invalid.

    Baidu steering handle for 301 Why so slow?

    This is about Baidu's technology system. Baidu This system is divided into many small pieces, by different groups responsible for policy changes and 301 blocks need to involve a lot of changes, so the more difficult. Baidu recently tested a joint project of processing 301 faster, away no major impact on other functions, most recently may be a tool for webmaster platform with on-line. I guess, it may be preferred domain setting function.

    Baidu original content will be improved when the judgment

    Lee introduced, Baidu is doing an original identification project, the first phase has been on the line, but only a few percent of the problem solved. Original recognition is relatively lengthy process that needs the hope within a year or two can be completely resolved.

    Related to this trend is the Baidu 2013 website mentioned in the report of the original Spark Program, referring to Baidu through algorithms and artificial elect some original content sites, in order to verify that Baidu's ranking algorithm, the algorithm also provides some of the material . I originally thought it was a SEO Spark Program can enroll Union and the like, it seems misunderstood.


    runescape music

    Depends on your style of audio editing, but there's a few free programs you could give a try.

    Audacity is a rather well known free audio editor, great for cleaning up your recordings and lots of other things rs gold for sale.

    MuseScore is nice if you want to compose some MIDI music and you're familiar with traditional music notation and how to get the best out of it.

    Anvil Studio can also be used to compose MIDI's and has an alternate "piano roll" interface if you're not so keen on traditional notation. It also can work with samples and other audio files, but you need to pay for upgrades to really do anything with them. The free version is still useful Runescape accounts for sale however.

    Or if you're familiar with the old Tracker style of composing, you might want to check out OpenMPT, and search around for some free instruments to download for it. Renoise has a free version as well buy rs accounts.

    Of course there are plenty of other free programs, and if you're prepared to spend some cash there's myriad other options. Two that have been mentioned on this thread already are Fruity Loop Studio and Sibelius, never used them myself but they have plenty of supporters runescape money.

    Many of these programs have some great Youtube tutorials to get you started too.

    Hope this helps! And remember, only download anything from a source you can trust, never blindly trust advice on this forum that something is safe to download, even from me ;)


    DPS making guide for DH

    No DH with decent enough gear says they can't do MP10. They complain about not being effective enough at higher MPs.So what you're saying is that we should be happy we can run low MP's more effectively than... Barbs? Cause that's basically the only class that can't run low MP's as effectively as DH's, however, they can probably do MP5 as effectively as we do MP1-2.

    So if that's your logic, then you believe its right for the Demon Hunter to be a class which can't benefit as other classes do to ALL of the new game content. Farming keys on higher MP's so that it can actually drop once in a while, uber bosses (Most DH's arent invited to parties because of the eDPS problem they have), and basically all the new things Blizzard selling Diablo 3 account is introducing with the next patch that modifies gameplay experience, like the % boost on Exp and Magic find which is obviously more effective on higher MP's.

    That's just like saying its fair that a class exists in a game just to get to lvl 20 when all other classes get to level 100.

    Also, I think this game has been on the market long enough for people to still think paper DPS is important, it's not, and the DH is the perfect example, you can have 250k DPS and a Monk, Barb, or any other class basically with half of that will do things faster and more effectively than you, just because your class was made to suck and we just got to "accept" it. Paper DPS only matters if you have the skills to back it up, otherwise its just a nice big number on a sheet that does nothing for you. DPS might be a good reference on other classes, but that's only because their skills do the damage needed for it to be relevant, Id rather have 150k DPS and a 800%+ skill like the Monks Bell for example, than have a huge amount of DPS on paper but a skill that does 1/4 of the damage their's does, or 1/2 of the damage but 3 times the resources diablo 3 accounts for sale.

    I'm not saying the other classes are OP in Diablo III accounts, balance exists in this game, it just doesnt include the DH, and no, that's not right, and not one person that likes the DH class should just accept things when people know there's a problem, if you are gonna have 5 classes and one of them limited to low MP's then why have it at all? Blizzarrd is aiming to make the game funner for everyone, aiming to encourage people to play higher MP's, but what they need to do first is adapt this class for higher MP's before releasing content which doesn't affect us, or in fact, just drags us farther from where we should be, along with the other classes being able to do what they do, people that roll a DH dont pay less for the game, so why limit them to half of its content?


    Blizzard Music section

    Stay awhile and listen. We’ve updated the Blizzard Music section of our site with #Diablo’s 15-year Anniversary album!

     It's the same company that made world of warcraft. They have a team of people that make 100k plus a year and their job is to make time trap games. Maybe i'm just too old. I found it is easy to make money from diablo 3 accounts for sale and runescape gold for sale.

     A game is terrible when you hit 200 hours?

    I guess after my first 200 hours in Diablo 2 I wasn't actually enjoying the thousand or more I logged after that, I must have been secretly hating it.

    Diablo games aren't games that you play 60 hours, finish the story line and throw away. I don't even consider Diablo 3 a Diablo game because there is no essence of Diablo 1 or Diablo 2 left in it, at all.

     Lawl, You think 200 hours and you automatically stop enjoying something? Your attention span must be terrible. I can think of many games i have logged well over 1500 hours on, Including D2 / LOD.

    Derik is completely correct, D3 is an abomination to the series. Just as mists is an abomination to wow.

    Blizard logic
    Step one: Make a game as easy as possible for the *new* generation whos been fed a steady diet of crappy American television to complete.

    Step two:???

    Step three: Profit.


    SEO Web2.0 technology

    With the establishment of the station and the development of marketing concepts, technologies and update, the the SEO technology research must advance with the times. Regardless WEB2.O what to interpret, but we must admit, the WEB2.0 of some of the ideas and concepts have been extensively applied to the construction of various websites to go. As for the impact and challenges of Web 2.0 sites, applications seo, studied not enough.

    Personally think about web2.0 with seo some research, you can start from several angles:

    1. Various Web 2.0 sites SEO improvements

           This has been reflected in several aspects the, seo blog system, for example. Although this aspect of knowledge and information is relatively more and more well-known blog system has a certain SEO foundation. However, from the point of view of professional seo, many blog the BSP service providers provide there are the seo defects, a little or even hindered the search engine crawling and ranking of the site.

    2. Blog content contribution and SEO

          This focuses on a site is not necessary to set up the blog and the role played upon the creation of the blog site content strategy. Blog greatly facilitate the update of site content increases, should be helpful for SEO. But the specific use of the blog to enhance the site-specific implementation and strategy still needs a lot of practice, lessons learned. I want to make my site which is mainly to provides diablo 3 accounts for sale and Diablo 3 account sell get traffic.

    3. The blog External links contribution

    The stone had written text involving this regard that the carrier of the blog, very conducive to attracting active link to other sites. Blog site-specific settings, writing and reprint should have the attention of those places, better access to high-quality external links; and blog absorb external link search performance and ranking, also need to be further explored.

    4. Of blog Reviews and Trackback

    On this point, more people think of spam and spam comments. Then we need to analyze, how to properly use some of the features of the comment and trackback. There have been a lot of blog comments bulk and specialized Trackback tools. For the impact of these tools to the search engine, the unfavorable factors need to pay attention to.

    5. Rss subscriptions and polymerization of

    Obviously RSS Subscribe and aggregation functions, in addition to increasing the amount of access to the site, but also may increase the site's external links. But most of the owners also did not see the rss the important influence of the external links, the lack of initiative to improve awareness Site external link Subscribe by RSS aggregation function. On the other hand, rss Subscribe included site for search engines to better understand how much effect it? Reference article: RSS Subscribe to good performance on your site search?

    6. Rss optimization

    Rss how to optimize, to attract each other after polymerization, more likely to click on your article, while in others through the RSS reference summary, reasonably embedded link?

    7. Web2.0 site optimization

    web2.0 concept, sending a large number of so-called 2.0 sites, such as video sharing and SNS site. These sites often edit the participation contribution to the fall in the ratio enhanced user-contributed content. For these sites, how to ensure that the final content of the site, Keywords deployment is a new challenge. And some sites, such as the current hot video station, the site mainly to video and user reviews, and less real as opposed to text, seo content strategy with some difficulties. Need to find out the response.

    Of course, there is more of a web2.0 technology, the specific application of the concept, are likely to bring a new scope of the study. SEO need to focus on is the new technology in these new site search engine friendly, and how to use them to improve search engine friendly. Looking forward to more people to strengthen this aspect of observation and analysis.

    facebook helps you get traffic

    My facebook account has been blocked

    I am using Face book for promoting my website. So regularly I used to invite 5-6 friends. But now I am unable to send friend request. It is saying that for 7 days i wont b able to send friend request, but its 10 days gone now. And still I cant invite friends. Have you went through such situation? If yes then suggest me some solutions.

    How to Create Seperate Business Account on Facebook

    I want to make my site which is mainly to provides diablo 3 accounts for sale and Diablo 3 account sell get traffic.

    If you currently have a personal account on Facebook and like to use that for your business, you cant really hide many of your personal stuffs.

    From a Facebook Business Account you would be able to manage your advertising as well as your Facebook page.

    To create a business account on Facebook seperately, you can do one of these two below:
    - Create a Facebook ad campaign. http://www.facebook.com/ads/create/
    - Create a Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
    While you do that make sure to select "I do not have a Facebook account", and enter you new login for your business account.
    Thats pretty much it.


    it's time for another edition of the Community Round Up!

    Stop polishing that Torva, it's time for another edition of the Community Round Up!

     I have a problem with farming.... i see this max guy cutting down trees 247 why does he get shorter times on his trees??

    Sabre, I'm your friend on Runescape, no stranger.  You should come to my 99 Fletching Celebration, or to my Quest Cape celebration. Hopefully getting Fletching in less than a week(xp waste). Pop by your fc whenever you can, I should be on. Are you talking bout the patch in Varrock? Cause that might be Max, the Npc that is selling the Max Cape. Maxed players don't have a faster planting time..