FFXIV Dungeons/ new gear looks awesome

 I stopped because my backlog is way too long. Want to enjoy some other games in my series. Knocked out Far Cry 3 and working on MGSV before I abandon everything for hopefully a great game in Halo.  Agreed. Beat life is strange, alien isolation and next is Assassins creed syndicate, halo then Fallout and Tomb raider. A lot to play. PONY FARM MUST BECOME REAL PLZ I NEED KIRIN NOW! Oh boy, more dungeons we'll run once a day for our daily!

FF14 does not have raids. They are primal one hit wonder fights. If you want to experience an actual raid, Play world of warcraft, go back to WOTLK and do Ulduar and ICC FFXIV Gils.And another raid that we'll run once a week for a single piece of gear!Sweet damn, this must be what they call content.

You're not allowed to do this to me. You come and play WoW again and we'll play this. Done and done. Too late. I'll be roaming the wastelands of Boston, come nov Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil . 10th. finally more then neverreap and whatever the other one called i do not like neverreap and bloody expert what gives the most tomes like to thrown me in there hopeful with 2 new ones get a better chance of not getting it. haha i was just leveling an alt and discovered this location and went ooo new dungeon soon.

Honestly, the lack of any horizontal gear progression just makes this situation worse. Yay for something other than Neverrape (and one other dungeon) ! Wow, this is an impressive patch. Dungeons/ new gear looks awesome, love that Kirin and other mounts can now fly.. nice overall content! I'm glad someone's cool with them adding 2 dungeons (which only give Eso, which we've had since xpac)
A "raid" (that drops ilvl200 gear, which we've had since the xpac)
"Updated" Flying mounts (we've had since xpac)

But hey, at least we get that Afro we've always wanted.


Guild Wars 2 Arenanet

We're partnering with Alienware to give away thousands of Miniature Eggs this weekend! Check back this weekend for more giveaways. ~RB Guild Wars 2 Arenanet , please fixed the crasheeeed „frown“-Emoticon i dont can play Arenanet , please fixed the crasheeeed „frown“-Emoticon i dont can play Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.

Guild Wars 2 hi, i wanted to finish the story to start the new story from heart of thorns .... i was really excited about it... but now.. i can´t. the third tendrils with the soldier never show up.. so how i am suposed to finish the story? is it not possible anymore? thank you guys for an answer....

It's not overpriced your just broke man lol i could buy 5 of this expansion get a job mate. its not overpriced because of the cost but rather because of the cost versus the content inside of it. Francisco Betancourt let me guess, you are always the one who wants something for nothing. We call those people mooches.  I think people are really missing the point when it comes to the price of the expansion and the amount of content that is shown. I too thought it was overpriced and refused to buy it, until I looked back on the 3 amazing years I've had with GW2 so far. You're NOT just GW2 Gold buying an expansion. You're buying an expansion along with a subscription of 2-3 years worth of content and updates. Many MMO's traditionally offer expansions that leave you with the same content to grind over and over. GW2 and ANet offer to have an expansion that not only gives content but also gives you access to ongoing and future updates.

But why can;t they offer just the expansion, without the core game for a lower price?  It may be a bit much to pay in one chunk usually for me but GW2 and 1 for that matter have been quality games that never failed to impress me in story and in content.and look at what WOW does, it makes you pay monthly plus buy your expansions as well, The Old Republic gives you a free game but without the subscription you are missing out on quite alot.


HoT's release Heaven forbid

meh, i really want the ultimate edition, but i want a hard copy with it. William Goff, that is untrue. A physical copy will arrive in retail sometime after HoT's release. Physical copies are also available for pre-purchase on Amazon.

I get my Chest of Loyalty, my oldest character's third birthday, an alt's second birthday, and HoT all on the same day. Add Halloween to that, and I am going to be one very happy Scrapper! Hi! I won't be getting my check until Wednesday of next week. If I buy it the day before it releases, do i still get the pre-purchase bonuses? Buy GW2 Gold You should, yes! If you qualify for a veteran character slot, you won't get that until Friday, though.  Okay cool. Just wanted to make sure ^^ Getting this as a birthday present for a dear friend.
Guild Wars 2 Gold

Just so you know, i already got my sabbatical approved for a week off work. just for this game. You two just became my heroes! grin emoticon I'm going to do the same! grin emoticon And here is me moving out 4 days after the release and being unable to play due to no internet. I have from 23 October until 15 November. I also took the week following release off work! I also took a week off! Woo! They should make it possible to buy the game trough gold -> gems conversion. The game is free though. The expansion is the only paid thing, and it wouldn't make sense for them to do so. Before the game went F2P, you couldn't earn enough gold in game to buy it - because you had to own a copy of it to play it. That was the only thing that ever required you to buy in order to play. The expansion is that now. Wait for it to go on sale or buy it now; but don't ever expect to see it in the gem store. That just won't ever happen.

Or, you could just wait until the next expansion comes out and they make Heart of Thorns free for F2P'ers. Dunno how long it'll before that happens though.


I love the blue effect

I love the blue effects exactly as they are. They'll go great with my guardian's other skins! The base weapon and crows look awesome I agree. But that blue aura thing is rather off putting. Give us the option to dye the effect! So many other games allow that! This staff wasn't designed around just necromancers dude. By more in tune with Necromancers Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, I mean a darker theme. After all Anet did say that these new legendaries would be a step in the other direction from the current legendaries.  but its black ravens with blue glow.. now where have I seen that before.... ohyea, Reaper effects anyone?

 We want necromancer legendary staff. You got it. Look at that sexy sexy Raven Staff. Change the aura and then we can talk. Raven Staff looks like it came from GW1. If it had a green glow I would 100% get it for my necro. Raven staff looks a million times better than Bifrost for a necro weapon. Nevermore (the new staff) is definitely more necro fitting than Bifrost. Come one, when you use it, ravens circle above you....lots of them.  The crossing fits better for necros then this new staff. Sounds like I will continue life sans legendaries. unsure emoticon I really like the looks on these, but PvP is not the way I enjoy my gametime, when I play.

MAYBE I will change my mind for that staff... Yeah that's the only part that annoys me. I would just go to PvP to farm points and I would most likely just annoys people who play it regularly. That staff though. Love the name too. Maybe we need a legendary crafting guild where we organize to beat each other in PvP. Can always count on folks to have some GW2 Gold genius ideas to work through these hiccups!  They say that the mats from PvP will be tradeable. Then again, it's Anet so who knows. They said it's tradeable, so it'll be like Mystic Coins atm. Just buy 'em from the Trading post, easy. My guild has their own pvp lobby, mostly for dailies. 

The staff needs a dark aura instead of another shiny aura. Something more in tune with Necromancers. I think it looks good in necro cuz this light look like a phanton ghosty spectral aura. Looks much better than the Bifrost for a necro weapon imo, I'll certainly be crafting it. 


Heart of Thorns

 I wonder what your crafting would have to be to craft the batwings. Think it'll most likely be an achievements reward as it's a festival item they usually try to give everyone the same chance in getting it. Either that or rng out of a trick or treat bag or chest. yep that fine with old stuff but everybody want NEW stuff!!! wake up...

One more week until the Heart of Thorns. Oyes it's getting real now. Can I be a bunny for Halloween? Please. *puppy dog eyes*. All I wanted was the Phantom's hood for my tiny Asura Necro Guild Wars 2 Gold , the char is still jumping filled with joy. Will Halloween have new story events?
The first year was neat, and the 2nd year has a new story added to the events. But the 3rd year was the same as year 2.

Will we get a new Halloween quests Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, or will it be year 2 again? 2nd and third were about his son. It seems like this year it's mad king thorns move again. I think It will be "year 1 again". Maybe work on PvP? It rly sucks... especially matchmaking. Per Scara stfu I wasn't talking to you. Wait, did I miss the memo that the Germans won WW2? ._.  Oh look another ww2 joke funny. I bet its the only thing in your life thats funny. Clap. Clap. Stop crying, Birdy. Wait, your name is Birdy? What a horrible life you have, huh? :c  i know a good joke: birdy! hahahhaahhahahahahaha. Das Memo habe ich auch nicht bekommen. Danke für den Hinweis . Ignorant stupidass. Do you think they would post this if there was not a single German who played? Crawl back to the corner and sit down for a while. Dan Cort, Problem is that they have to post things like these, make German speaking servers etc etc, since Germans are often so ignorant to learn other languages like the rest of the world, Larsson Anders he means that governments beat other governments, but the soviets got to continue to kill more people than the nazis ever did with funding from the allies, most of the japanese war criminals lived long happy lives for giving the us their research on chem warfare, Nazi war criminals who were good with rockets got to live, while millions of civilians were bombed and executed. So yea, not gonna chalk that up to a win for humanity.